Disciple – Chapter 131

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Chapter 131: The Divine Residence Above the Sea

Recently, Yu Luo was very busy. She seemed to rarely return to Jade Forest Peak, as she spent her entire time in Main Peak dealing with a few sect affairs. Zi Mo had already gone into life-death closed-door training. He only had a short amount of lifespan left, and if he did not make a breakthrough into a Demigod this time, he would most likely fall as a Nascent Soul practitioner. Most of the matters in Ancient Hill Sect had mostly been handed to the various Peak Lords and Yu Luo.

Only Zhu Yao and Yue Ying remained in Jade Forest Peak. Zhu Yao was busy looking for Mu Meiyan as well, so she would often head out. Only Yue Ying was really staying on Jade Forest Peak. Yue Ying was a child who lacked a sense of presence, adding that he did not speak often, if not because he would often like to follow her by her side, Zhu Yao would have subconsciously forgotten about him. Though, he was very serious with his cultivation. It could be seen from how he was able to form his Azoth Core so quickly with his aptitude as a holder of the penta spirit veins.

Zhu Yao could not help but feel a little guilty towards him. Back then, she made the decision to bring him out. However, for so many years, he had basically been placed in someone else’s care. Even the matters related to his cultivation were taught by Yu Luo. She had basically not laid her hands in anything.

Turning around, she looked at Yue Ying who had been staring at her with a wooden expression. Though, his eyes were crystal clear. Other than her figure being printed in them, there was nothing else. Forget about resentment, it was as though it was enough for him to simply look at her like this.

Zhu Yao felt even worse than before, as she felt that she had really neglected her duty. Taking the opportunity that there was such a nice sky today, she thought of giving him some pointers regarding his cultivation. Just when she was about to speak, suddenly, the earth shook. On the surface of the sea which was calm earlier, a pillar of light suddenly appeared, firing straight to the clouds. Auspicious signs surfaced everywhere, as the rainbow-colored light scattered down, filling the entire sky with colourful clouds. Rows of flowers around Ancient Hill Sect bloomed one after another, and in an instant, the scent of flowers suffused in the air.

“This is…” The hell was this?

“A unique artifact has surfaced from the sea.” Feng Yi flew over with her sword, hinted for Zhu Yao to follow her, before flying towards the pillar of light.

Zhu Yao faintly sensed that this matter wasn’t that simple either. “Be obedient, stay here and wait for my return.”

After instructing Yue Ying, she flew her sword and chased after her. In but an instant, they had already flown close to the pillar of light. They were not the first ones to arrive, as a few people had already begun to crowd the nearby area. However, all of them were Demigod Sovereigns of the other sects, and Qi Han was one of them. Most probably, they had all sensed the unusual movements, and rushed over here.

That pillar of light was very huge, with an estimate of ten meters in diameter. It seemed to be formed completely by spiritual energy, and it was so dense, it looked as though it was about to solidify. Everyone did not move, and simply stared at it intensely. However, the onlookers began to increase, and seemingly all of them were practitioners above the Nascent Soul stage. When a unique artifact emerged, there would be a phenomenal sign produced by the heaven and earth. Adding that this sign was so obvious as well, it could be seen how valuable the treasures inside would be. There might even be divine artifacts.

A moment later, within the pillar of light, something long suddenly rose, and everyone waited with bated breaths. Yet, they could not help but begin to size up the surrounding crowd. A treasure without a master, naturally belonged to the person who first lay his hands on it. There was never absolute peace in the cultivation world, let alone in front of personal benefits. The atmosphere instantly became a little tense.

A few months ago, due to the re-emergence of the Devil, it created a scene where everyone was united in one go. Now that this trend was about to collapse, Zhu Yao suddenly felt a little powerless.

That pillar of light slowly faded, and the thing inside slowly revealed itself as well. Unexpectedly, it was not a divine pellet or a divine artifact, but a gigantic door. With an incomparably huge structure, its entire surface was purely white, and it looked extremely ancient.

And, red coloured words, the size of a human body, were written at the very top of that door.

White Rabbt Divine Palace.

“It’s actually a residence of a deity from the Higher Realm!” Someone exclaimed. In an instant, the entire crowd was completely excited. That was, after all, a divine palace, a residence which belonged to someone who had already ascended and turned into a deity. Any random object inside would be divine artifacts that the Lower Realm could only dream of having.

Earlier, because of the fact that there was Demigods present, the people who felt that they did not have any hope of obtaining the treasure, instantly became excited. How could someone who was called a deity only possess a single divine artifact? As long as they were able to enter the place, then there would be hope of obtaining one. Many people had already unconsciously summoned their weapons, and took a stance as though they could prepare to fight at any moment.

“Sovereign, do you think there’s any link between this divine palace and that Devil?” In the end, there were still person who understood, and this understanding person was even someone familiar – Peak Lord of Beast-Taming Peak, Zi Dan. That’s right. It’s that pig-riding fatty.

His fat figure squeezed forward, and the two, man and pig, instantly pushed away several people. Rushing all the way in front of her, he asked respectfully.

“There’s a possibility.” Zhu Yao answered ambiguously.

At that moment, the battle spirit of the crowd of people who were filled with eagerness earlier, instantly died down, as they looked at that door with fear.

How could there be such a coincidence? The Devil had only just emerged, and a divine palace from the Higher Realm appeared right after. There was definitely a need to get to the bottom of this.

“Whether there’s a connection or not, we will know once we break into it.” It was unknown who shouted that out, as suddenly, a gigantic ice shard attacked towards that white door. However, at the moment it struck the door, the ice shard disappeared, as though it had been devoured.

Before the crowd could even react in time, a ray of light flashed past from the door. The ice shard which had disappeared earlier, suddenly resurfaced and flew out. This time, however, it struck towards the direction where the ice shard was shot out from earlier.

One Nascent Soul practitioner could not dodge in time, and was struck head-on. If not because he was able to put up a barrier at the very last moment, most probably, he would have already been penetrated by the ice shard.

“This door, has a reflection mystic art placed on it.”

Everyone was stunned, as they began to try firing out a few attacks. Without an exception, all of them were shot back towards where they came from. Even Demigod Sovereigns had attacked as well, however, the door still did not have even the slightest trace of opening.

“Strange. Clearly, there’s no energy wave being produced by a formation. So why?” The people present could not help but feel an itch in their hearts. Even though the treasure was right in front of them, they could not find the key to open the door.

“There seems to be some words on the door.” Someone reminded, and only then did everyone’s attacks stopped. One after another, they looked towards it, yet, there were only foggy clouds in their minds.

Several grids faintly began to surface on the door, and several wordings seemed to be written sporadically inside the grids. And these wordings, were all regular numbers. Zhu Yao’s face instantly stiffened, as she instantly sensed the malice of the entire world.

“T-T-This… This is!” Though, Zi Dan was the one who carried a shocked face, and even Feng Yi had widened her eyes.

“Daoist Zi Dan, do you recognize this?” Someone excitedly asked.

“This is an ancient mechanism.” Zi Dan gave it away in an instant.

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened even more. That’s right. The ancient mechanism – Magical Squares. I dare you people to come and complete it.

“Daoist recognizes this formation!” That person continued excitedly. “Then, are you able to dispel it?”

Zi Dan shook his head, and took a deep breath. As though he recalled a sad past, he felt a little depressed.

“Daoist Zi Dan, are you really unable to dispel it?” That person thought that he wasn’t willing to do it instead, as he constantly urged him. “This matter is of grave importance. That Devil might be hiding inside.”

“It’s not that I’m unwilling. I really do not have the power to do so.” Zi Dan said. “This ancient mechanism is extremely complicated, and the method to dispel it has long been lost. I have once seen junior-martial brother Soi dispel it.”

Zhu Yao, who was previously the aforementioned junior-martial brother Soi: Your sister’s complicated! Her current feelings were really complicated.

“I wonder where this junior-martial brother with the surname Soi is? Are you able to call for him?”

The sadness being emitted out from Zi Dan became even more evident. Only after a moment later did he choke out. “That junior-martial of mine has long fallen a thousand years ago.”

That person went silent, and only a moment later did he let out a deep sigh.

Even Feng Yi, who was at the side, seemed to have recalled some sad past events as well. With a dazed look, a moment later, she muttered to herself. “Brother Soi.”

Zhu Yao simply felt her legs go limp for a moment, and had almost fallen into the sea. Version 3.0 was definitely her dark history.

“Could it be that there really isn’t anyone capable of dispelling this formation?” Everyone present quietened down in an instant, as they revealed out slightly helpless looks.

“Umm…” Zhu Yao weakly raised her hand. “Why don’t I try?”

Instantly, dozens of eyes, concentrated on her one after another.

Even Feng Yi’s and Zi Dan’s eyes had instantly shone as well.

“You know how to dispel this!?” Feng Yi suddenly took a step forward, and looked straight at her. In her eyes, various emotions were flashing, circulating back and forth, as though something was about to light up. “You…”

“My master has once taught me.” Zhu Yao took out the multi-purpose excuse.

As expected, in an instant, the light in Feng Yi’s eyes was extinguished immediately. However, everyone revealed understanding looks one after another.

Sovereign Yu Yan was after all, someone who had ascended. He had lived for more than ten thousand years, and his abilities were unfathomable. And, he specialized in formations, so knowing about ancient mechanisms like this was very normal as well.

The crowd of people who were still squeezing together earlier, instantly opened up an empty path, as they excitedly looked at Zhu Yao as she was dispelling the formation.

More than a hundred Nascent Soul practitioners, and adding a few Demigod practitioners, were staring at her while she was playing Magic Squares. This scene was simply too beautiful. She did not dare to look at all.

Zhu Yao embarrassingly walked over, and began her additions and subtractions starting from the ten-digit numbers. Currently, she was deeply regretting that she did not manage to teach Feng Yi the Magic Squares in time back then. This totally wasn’t something difficult, yet everyone was looking at her with such revering eyes. The pressure on her was similar to a mountain pressing down on her, alright?

There wasn’t much difference between this Magic Square and the ones she dispelled before. It was just a little more complicated. However, even if it was more complicated, it wasn’t even a matter that would take her more than half an hour. Zhu Yao hesitated a little as she looked at the final grid. For a moment, she was a little uncertain if she wanted to open this door.

The appearance of this divine palace was indeed really strange. In the vicinity around this sea, other than Ancient Hill Sect, there were several other deity sects as well. If a divine palace was hidden here, theoretically speaking, someone should have found it after so many years. Why did it not emerge for so long, and only made a sudden appearance now?

Was that Devil really hiding inside? The Devil was also a remnant from the Ancient Era, so it knowing this Magic Square would be very normal too. However, with the Devil’s means, since it had already set down a Magic Square to prevent people from entering, why did it want to allow the divine palace to emerge as well? Wasn’t it simply seeking a beating?

“Sovereign?” Seeing that she had suddenly stopped moving, the people at the side anxiously reminded.

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth. Forget it, counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir. She wouldn’t know the outcome if she did not head in to take a look. Hence, she made her decision and wrote down the last formation rune in the grid.

Zhu Yao hurriedly retreated a few steps back. The entire white door suddenly emitted out a red glow. The door which white was still snow-white earlier, was instantly enveloped completely with a red glow. At the slit of the once tightly shut door, a ray of green light emerged, and then, the door slowly opened.

The door gradually opened, and not even a moment later, the opened space was already enough to allow a single person to enter.

Suddenly, a black light fiercely surged from the surface of the sea, and poured straight towards the door, while carrying a familiar sharp howling, as though countless of ghosts were screaming at the same time. As everyone did not make any preparations beforehand, every single one of their souls shook, and they spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. The sky instantly darkened.

“Devil… The Devil…”

Furthermore, some of their Nascent Souls were even close to being shaken out of their body.

“Heheheh. I really have to thank you people for helping me open this divine palace.” A sinister and cold female voice resounded.

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