Disciple – Chapter 133

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Chapter 133: The So-Called ‘Deity’

“Who… in the world are you people?” Zi Dan looked towards the two people and asked.

One of the deities lightly glanced to this side, and Zi Dan simply felt the pressure on his body had once again increased a little.

“Hmph.” That person coldly snorted, and looked at the surrounding crowd with a disdainful look. “As mere ants, what’s the use even if I tell you?”

“Two honourable deities, were you sent down here by Emperor Qi?” Qi Han suddenly stood out from the crowd, and bowed towards the two people.

Only then did the deity on the left shift his line of sight over. Lightly raising his brows, he said. “You’re someone of the Yue Family?”

Qi Han was startled for a moment, before replying. “I’m not someone from the Yue Family. However, the Yue family had met a crisis. Before the family head of the Yue Family died, he handed Hanxin to me. In these past years, as Hanxin’s master, I was safeguarding her in place of Yue Family.”

“Master? Someone like you is worthy?” The deity’s expression turned cold.

Qi Han hurriedly explained. “It’s just a title. This lowly one doesn’t dare to be Concubine Yue’s master.”

Only then did that person’s expression turn a little better. He sized Qi Han up for a moment, and then, suddenly gave an eloquent smile. “Well, you’re clever at the very least. Fine then! To a certain extent, you have some merits in protecting the mistress. We will bring you up to the Higher Realm later, and inform his majesty.”

Excitement instantly flashed past Qi Han’s face, as he hurriedly expressed his gratitude. The moment that person raised his hand, the pressure falling on Qi Han completely disappeared. He then flew his sword next to the two people, and stood obediently by their side.

To this sight, everyone was shocked. They had never expected that Yue Hanxin of Celestial Indus Sect was actually someone from the Higher Realm as well. Zhu Yao however, had faintly guessed it. Back then, during that precognitive dream, Yue Hanxin was indeed the reincarnation of a female deity. Though, she had never expected that she was the concubine of that Emperor Qi or whatever. It was no wonder that in Mu Meiyan’s former life, even though Yue Hanxin had so many men following her, she stayed ambiguous throughout. In the end, she did not even choose a single person, and instead, ascended. So she actually had an owner in the first place. Not to mention, Qi Han seemed to know all about this as well. It was no wonder that back then, her treatment towards Yue Hanxin was so different.

“Since we have found the person, then…” The deity on the left turned his head over. He coldly swept his eyes at the people present, and said with a smile. “It’s also time, to begin cleansing this world.”

“What do you mean?” Everyone’s face instantly paled.

That man took out a purple gold talisman. “The Devil cannot be resurrected. If he re-emerges, the Three Realms will be destroyed. We have received orders to help purify and renew this world.”

When these words fell, everyone was dumbfounded.

“Purify and renew this world, what honourable deity is meaning to say is… You’re going to kill all of the living beings in this world?” Although they had guessed that these two people were not here to help, they had never expected that, the goal of these two people wasn’t actually to exterminate the Devil, but to exterminate the world.

“Then what will happen to us? What will happen to the people if this world?”

“Why? In order to seal the Devil, why do we have to die?”

“That’s right, what did we do wrong? To have us killed in the process as well.”

“Aren’t you two deities from the Higher Realm? Aren’t you two here to save us?”

“Shut up!” That person’s eyes sharpened, and an even larger pressure came pressing down. Those few people who spoke up to argue earlier, instantly puked out fresh blood from the pressure, and their cultivation regressed as well. “Save you? That sure is hilarious. Why do we have to save you? Wasn’t the Devil released by your own hands? You people have brought this upon yourselves.”

His manner of speaking was definitely arrogant. However, it had dumbfounded everyone present. A bone-piercing chill rose from the depths of their hearts. Earlier, they even believed that they could see hope, yet, in an instant, they had once again fallen into deeper despair.

That deity’s expression turned even colder, as though the ‘world extermination’ he spoke of, was a task as simple as flipping a page of a book. “This is to prevent the Devil from re-emerging in the world, a great cause that takes all lives of the Three Realms into consideration. If you want to blame someone, then blame yourselves for being unlucky. Among the three thousand worlds, this Devil just had to choose your world to re-emerge.”

A reason like this was simply unbelievable. Who would have thought that the so-called Deities, those Deities that lived high above, Deities that they could only hope to chase after, were actually life-taking savages. In an instant, everyone became incomparably furious.

“You people should feel honoured to die under this World Purification Sacred Talisman, an artifact from Lightning Divine Palace.” That honourable deity threw the purple gold talisman in his hands, up towards the sky. In an instant, a purple-coloured radiance began to fill up the entire sky. “To die for the sake of preventing the Devil from re-emerging, in a way, it can be said that you people will die worthy deaths.”

“Honourable deities, nice story you came up with.” This time, Zhu Yao had really gotten furious. This lady has risked my life to fix this bug, and patch up this loophole, all in order to save this world. Where did these two idiots pop out from? You’re going to go destroy all of my hard work with a single word? What right do you have to do that!?

“I dare ask, regarding the existence of this world, when has the Higher Realm ever held the right to decide it? Regarding the endless cycle of reincarnation of the lives in this world, it had always belonged to the Heavenly Dao. When has the Higher Realm begun to possess the strength to bypass the Heavenly Dao?” You’re going to destroy it just by your words alone? Have you asked the owner of the world yet?

“Impudent child, like you know anything.” That deity frowned. “Hmph. If not because you stupid mortals have awakened this Devil, how would this crisis even happen?”

“We?” Zhu Yao replied with another question. “I dare ask, honourable deity, is this Devil really awakened by the people of the Lower Realm?”

That person’s expression changed. Glaring at her, he said. “What do you know?”

Zhu Yao smiled coldly. “The Devil Race has been sealed by the God Race during the Ancient Era. The place where the Devils are sealed at is located in the depths of the Devil Realm. As mere practitioners from the Lower Realm, no matter how strong we are, we will never have the ability to cross realms. I dare ask then, honourable deity, just how did this Devil release the seal, and just how did it make its way here to this Lower Realm?”

“This… How would I know that!?” A hint of fluster flashed past his face.

Zhu Yao, however, continued. “If honourable deity doesn’t know, then this “Concubine Yue”, who is in your honourable deity’s hands, should be clearly aware of these events, right?”

“Presumptuous.” That person loudly roared, as he sent an even larger pressure towards Zhu Yao. Unfortunately, she was immune to it, and her figure did not even move the slightest bit. “How is this possible?” This was pressure that he had released with all his strength, yet, she actually wasn’t affected in the slightest.

“What’s the rush, honourable deity? Let me continue with my conjecture.” Zhu Yao continued. “I believe that it was this precious Concubine Yue of yours, who have released something that shouldn’t be released, and hence, she was sentenced to the Lower Realm for punishment. The Devil she had summoned, had then followed after her, escaping to the Lower Realm as well.” In that precognitive dream back then, other than stating that Yue Hanxin was once a deity, it had even stated that her former incarnation had once sealed a Heavenly Devil. All this while, she couldn’t understand why that devil was called the Heavenly Devil? However, after meeting these two people from the Higher Realm today, she understood it completely. This so-called Heavenly Devil, didn’t it simply mean that it was a Devil who came from the heavens? Basically, she did not seal the Heavenly Devil, rather, she released the Devil.

“Honourable deity, your logic sure has been greatly honed. Putting aside the fact that the Higher Realm had quietly released a Devil to the Lower Realm, now, you are even using this as an excuse to exterminate the world. And you have even said that we will die worthy deaths. Could this be the style of how the deities from the Higher Realm work?”

“You!” Now that the truth had been exposed, the so-called honourable deity’s face could no longer maintain the calm that belonged to the high and mighty. He ruthlessly glared at Zhu Yao, and this sinister look of his, did not like a deity in the slightest at all.

“So what if it’s true?” However, the other honourable deity at the side, who had not been speaking much, finally spoke out. With sharp, cold eyes, he looked towards her. “You’re nothing but a mere ant, yet you still arrogantly wish to argue with the heavens. Even if the Devil did come from the Higher Realm, what can you ants do anything to stop us from exterminating the world today?”

“Heh…” Zhu Yao laughed out of anger. “We’re ants, but you people are worse than ants. Don’t use the lives of the Three Realms as an excuse. People like you disregard lives, only think of your own benefits, and do not have the slightest bit of compassion in their hearts. Even though you have made the mistake on your own, you aren’t repentant in the least. Furthermore, you even intend to bring down the entire Lower Realm with you, so what’s the difference between you and the Devil then? You people aren’t worthy of being deities.”

When these words fell, everyone present was influenced as well, as they begun to curse out at the top of their lungs one after another.

“Presumptuous.” That person knitted his brows tightly. Seeing that the place was about to go out of control, he said with a cold voice. “A mere Demigod practitioner dares to spout out such arrogant words. Whether we’re deities or not, how could it be judged by you people? If you want to blame, then blame your own selves for being too weak. You people basically do not have the right to resist.”

“If the Higher Realm is filled with people like you who aren’t able to distinguish right or wrong, selfish and only think of their own benefits, then I rather not become a deity forever.”

An unknown flame of anger burst out of her chest, and she no longer cared if the people in front of her were honourable deities or whatever. In an instant, she expanded her aura entirely, summoned her Sword Intent, and attacked towards one of the deities. A ‘ting’ sound rang in her mind, as though something had been activated, everything became clear in an instant.

“Hmph.” That person basically did not put her resistance in his eyes. With a wave of his hand, aiming at her sword intent, he once again released his pressure as a Gold Deity. However, he realized it was reflected back. Not just her, the pressure that was falling onto the rest of the people earlier, had disappeared as well.

Everyone who could not resist in the slightest earlier, had all regained their composure as well.

“This is?”

“What did you do?” The expression of that deity turned cold, as he stared towards Zhu Yao at the center.

Zhu Yao blanked as well. She simply recalled that she released something at the fit of anger earlier?

After carefully sensing it, it was actually the dragon’s might?

It seemed the dragon’s might had such a benefit as well, being able to dispel the pressure which belonged to the level of a Higher Realm’s deity. After taking a closer look, not only was the pressure gone, the rain of petals caused by the two people descending to the Lower Realm, had disappeared completely without a trace as well. Even the heavenly light enveloping their bodies were beginning to tremble.

“In any case, we’re going to die anyway. Might as well fight them to the death!”

It was unclear who shouted that out, as a lone human figure charged out. The rest of the people first blanked for a moment, and an instant later, they summoned out their weapons one after another as well, and charged out without any regards to their lives.

“Hmph. You people are overestimating your abilities.” That honourable deity coldly snorted. Evidently, he did not put these practitioners from the Lower Realm in his eyes, as he formed a hand seal with a single hand. In an instant, a gigantic formation was completed in the sky. Blazing fire balls endlessly appeared from the formation, striking towards the crowd.

The flames were extremely hot, the moment a bit of the flames made contact with the bodies, the entire corpse disintegrated without a trace. Even after entering the sea, the flames did not extinguish. In an instant, a sea of flames burned.

One person after another fell into the depths of the sea. The difference in strength was too large, they were basically not their match at all. However, they were after all, just two people. As an army of ants was able to kill an elephant, there would be a moment where the two people would not be able to hold out.

Slight irritation began to surface on their expressions, however, because they still had to protect the unconscious Yue Hanxin in their hands, and the heavily wounded Qi Han, there would always be a slight inconvenience. And, the people present were even fighting without any regards to their lives. Furthermore, there were a few people who chose to self-destruct to attack them. Even with their divine bodies, they had no choice but to retreat. And, the activation of the World Purification Sacred Talisman would still take another fifteen minutes. If they did not return to the Higher Realm now, they would be dragged in as well.

The heavenly radiance from the Higher Realm used to guide them, was already becoming dimmer. If they did not return now, it would completely disappear. The two of them looked at each other in the eyes, and then, released attacks with their full strength to both the left and the right. The people surrounding them were blown away, and taking this opportunity, they flew towards the end of the heavenly radiance, while bringing along Yue Hanxin and Qi Han.

Just as they were about to enter the heavenly gate, suddenly, a loud roar sounded. Like a curtain covering the sky, a green light came pouring towards the heavenly gate, instantly dispersing the heavenly radiance completely.

Ka. Ka. The sounds of something cracking could be heard.

“Not good. The Devil has re-emerged earlier than expected.” The expressions of the two people instantly turned as white as snow.

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