Disciple – Chapter 130

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 Chapter 130: What does That have to do with Me?

That’s right, Zhu Yao, as the number one fan of Star Wars, created a light saber. And, within it, she added a combination of formations and mystic arts of the five elements, creating an enhanced version. Before, all she had been thinking about was how she could separate the shadow from Mu Meiyan’s body. Then, she thought of the modern plasma cutting technology. After all, what could be more effective than plasma lasers?

However, who would have thought that she managed to land a lucky hit, as that shadow was actually a Devil. The Devils were a race birthed from darkness, and light was the only weapon that could suppress them, let alone lasers that had been enhanced by her.

Zhu Yao tried to explain the theory behind lasers to her master, however, unfortunately, the generation gap between people of two different worlds were simply too deep to fill up. The more she tried to explain, the more things began to develop in a strange direction.

Until Yu Luo came to look for her.

“Master, someone wishes to seek your audience…” Little radish’s voice was a little strange, and carried a hint of hesitation as well.

Zhu Yao threw a glance at her own master, until his figure slowly disappeared. After keeping the jade pendant on the table, she then opened the door with a wave of her hand. “Come in.”

Yu Luo walked in with a complicated expression, and a man was following behind her. Wearing a light blue long robe, his handsome complexion seemed to be carrying a little hesitation, and looked a little dispirited as well. He was actually Wu Song whom they had seen not too long ago. Zhu Yao suddenly understood Yu Luo’s abnormal behaviour.

“Greetings to Sovereign.” Wu Song gave Zhu Yao a customary bow, and was being even more respectful than any moment in the past.

Zhu Yao’s brows twitched. There was an indescribable feeling in her heart. Other than Yu Luo, Wu Song could be considered to be the child she paid the most attention to, yet, he was also the person whom she was the most disappointed with. “I wonder what matters Sect Master Wu has come to my Jade Forest Peak for?”

Wu Song blanked, and instantly, his expression paled a little. He could naturally hear the sarcasm carried in the words “Sect Master”. However, recalling the current plight of Azureflight, he had no choice but to grit his teeth, and continued. “This disciple is here to invite Sect Master to return to the mountain.”

“Return to the mountain?” Zhu Yao laughed. “Return to which mountain?”

Wu Song became even more ashamed to the point that he wished he could die, however, once again, he had no choice but to shamelessly finish his words. “Azureflight is currently being excluded and suppressed by the rest of the sects. All the disciples in the sect are in fear for their own lives. I’m here to request Sect Master to return to take control of the overall situation.”

Zhu Yao suddenly felt that it was a little laughable. Just where did he get the confidence that she would follow him back to clear up the mess of his broken stall? Back then, when she just returned, Azureflight was like the Sun in the sky, and he did not request for her return. Now that he was unable to hold on any longer, he finally thought of her. He really treated her as though she actually owed them in their previous lives.

“I have long since returned the Sect Master Tablet to your esteemed sect. Currently, I do not have hold any relations with Azureflight. What’s there to discuss about returning?”

Seeing that she completely did not have the slightest intention to let go, Wu Song became a little anxious. “As long as Sovereign returns, this disciple is willing to let go of the Sect Master’s position.”

“Let go?” This time, Zhu Yao really laughed. “Wu Song, do you think I actually want it?”

Wu Song’s face instantly paled, as though he had never thought that she would answer this way. After mumbling for a long while, he finally managed to voice out some words. “Sovereign, Azureflight was established with your own hands. Everyone has always respected you. Could it be that you are willing to see the sect destroyed?”

“Yep.” Zhu Yao nodded without a shred of doubt.

Wu Song was instantly dumbfounded.

Zhu Yao stood up and walked around. Flames of anger suddenly surged from within her heart. “Sect Master Wu was even willing to have my one and only disciple chased out of Azureflight, and had her land in the hands of a heretic practitioner. So why won’t I be able to bear it as well?”

“Heretic practitioner?” Wu Song blanked, as he looked at Yu Luo at the side with an astonished expression. “What heretic practitioner?”

“Could it be that Sect Master Wu was unaware that there have always been heretic practitioners loitering around the vicinity of Azureflight Sect? Or was it… You clearly knew about it, yet, you still chased Yu Luo out of Azureflight?”

Even a sandman had temper of its own, let alone her. When she handed Yu Luo over to her that day, just what did he promised? But, in the end, what was the outcome? If back then, she did not sense that mountain cave, and if she were to leave from that scroll any later than that, she did not want to imagine what would happen…

When she recalled that scene back then, she had the urge to smack him to the point where his mother would not even be able to recognize him.

“No, I did not!” Wu Song anxiously explained. Back then, when he faced Yu Luo, and expressed that the person he loved was actually Yan’er, it wasn’t that he did not expect her to be sad. However, he had never expected that she would return to the Ancient Hill Sect on her own. Could it be that, during that time, she encountered a heretic practitioner? “This matter… I really didn’t know about it.”

“Then, you don’t know that Yu Luo has a water heavenly spirit vein either?”

Wu Song instantly became silent.

What did the water heavenly spirit vein mean? Was he dumb, or was grass simply growing in his brain? To think he would let her go off alone. Back then, the reason why she allowed Yu Luo to head over to Azureflight Sect, was simply to have someone protect her when she was not around. However, she never expected that, the place where she thought was the absolute safest, would be the place where she would be wounded so deeply as well.

Wu Song lowered his head, and was nearly about to sink in the guilt that filled his heart, to the point where he did not even have the courage to raised his head to look at her. But, when he recalled the current plight which Azureflight was in, he had no choice but to continue begging. “This matter is a mistake made by me alone. But, Sovereign, please do not be angry at the rest of the sect disciples. Currently, Azureflight is being excluded by the rest of the Sects, and often, several heretic practitioners, who do not harbour any good intentions, would come harass us. Adding that the Great Mountain Barrier Formation had been withdrawn, the sect disciples have lost their protection, and would often result in injuries. Everyone in the sect are all people without any homes to return to. Sovereign, please, for the sake of our past relationship, provide us some assistance.”

Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and looked towards Yu Luo. “Little radish, what do you say?” She was the one who brought him here, and the one who was wounded the deepest was her as well. She did not know what kind of thoughts Yu Luo had as well. As the saying goes, one only learns from one’s mistakes. She did not wish for Yu Luo to experience everything all over again. If she still could not forget about Wu Song, then there’s nothing Zhu Yao could say about it either.

Yu Luo stayed silent for a moment, and when she raised her head, her expression was unexpectedly clear. “Master, Yu Luo can inform this to the Sect Master of Ancient Hill Sect. If Sect Master Wu is willing, his disciples can be taken into our Ancient Hill Sect.”

“What?” Wu Song was a little dumbfounded, as though he never thought that Yu Luo would make such a suggestion. Being taken into the Ancient Hill Sect, that was equal to the disappearance of Azureflight Sect from the world. What’s the difference between this and the extermination of the sect then?

Zhu Yao could not help but feel like laughing, and the depths of her heart finally calmed down. It seemed like Yu Luo really did not have thoughts about Wu Song any longer. This proposal, however, was really ruthless as well. Without even breaking a single sweat, they would be able to receive so many elite disciples. As expected of that old man Zi Mo’s daughter, they were both sly and crafty.

“Yu Luo, do you really want to exterminate Azureflight Sect?” Wu Song seemed as though he wanted to plead, however, he was interrupted by Yu Luo.

“Sect Master Wu, both you and I know that this is the best method. Currently, among the various sects, other than our Ancient Hill Sect, who would dare to take in your esteemed sect’s disciples?”

Wu Song was speechless. Indeed, because of his relationship with Mu Meiyan, currently, the various sects were shunning away from Azureflight due to intense fear. If they were to dare accept the disciples of their sect, they were afraid that another Devil would mix in. And only Ancient Hill Sect which had exposed the Devil’s plot, had the power to take them in.

Wu Song revealed a helpless look, and did not respond to Yu Luo’s suggestion in a positive manner. However, they knew that, he would agree sooner or later. The foundation of Azureflight Sect was frail in the first place. When she established the Sect back then, she had brought up that they should try their best to stay low. They sure were brilliant. Putting aside the fact that they had taken the limelight while they had yet to hold a stable footing, they had even openly welcomed Mu Meiyan to the Sect, admitting that they were once Azure Melancholy Sect. No matter the reason why Azure Melancholy Clan was exterminated back then, now that they had realized that so many remnants were still alive, how could those heretic practitioners let them go? Furthermore, they were in such a frail state currently.

“Sesame.” She suddenly recalled something.

“Mistress, did you call for me?” Sesame cheap voice resounded. “Mistress, did you miss little beastie?”

Zhu Yao swept a glance at Sesame who popped his head out of the back of tree. “What are you standing so far away for?”

“Heheh.” Sesame laughed. Naturally, it’s because it was afraid of being hit. When Wu Song came to look for her, it knew that his mistress would definitely find out it was all its doing. Hence, hiding a little further away was much safer. Mn. It was a very clever beastie.

“Let me ask you. Were you the one who dismantled the Great Mountain Barrier Formation?”

Sesame scratched the trunk of the tree in front of it, and said with an innocent expression. “Beastie only wished to vent off some steam for little radish.”

“Then, what about Chen Ning?”

“That really has nothing to do with me, he’s the one who wanted to leave. I didn’t even see his face.” Although it had chased Sesame for quite a while, in the end, Sesame managed to throw Chen Ning off its tracks. Mn. It was definitely a very clear beastie.

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. It was no wonder Wu Song would seek for help so anxiously. The front door was open, and their backyard was even burning. It would be strange for Azureflight Sect to even hold on. Although she was a little frustrated that Sesame took action on its own accord, but, it was something they deserved. If one did not court death, death would not come after all. They themselves were the ones who brought Mu Meiyan into the sect.

“Haah. Forget it. Help me get Chen Ning over here.”

“Mistress…” Sesame’s voice instantly turned completely dejected, and its face revealed a pitiful look, as though it was miserably abandoned.

“Now, immediately!” Zhu Yao did not bother about its thoughts. Seeing that it still did not move after several urges, she said. “If you don’t go, I’ll go.”

“This little beastie is going right now.” Only then did its figure disappeared with a swoosh. Are you kidding me? How could I allow other demonic beasts to stay alone with mistress? I’m her actual contracted beastie.

Sesame moved very quickly, well, it was because Chen Ning had been loitering nearby Ancient Hill Sect all this while as well. But, because of Ancient Hill Sect’s Great Mountain Barrier Formation, it could not enter. In but an instant, Chen Ning had been brought into Jade Forest Peak.

“Lord…” Chen Ning called out, as it stared straight at Zhu Yao. It was still white-clothed and elegant-looking, as it cupped his fist and gave her a proper bow. “This subordinate greets lord.”

Just by its action, it was behaving much better than that cheap Sesame, however, its eyes were blazing hot, as though it was about to light up a fire. Momma’s egg, why the hell are you drooling!?

“Kuh kuh…” Zhu Yao faked out a cough. No matter who it was, if that person were to be looked at by this fanatic’s eyes, that person would definitely feel uncomfortable as well. She really could not understand just how strong a dragon bloodline’s suppression ability was. “Chen Ning, there’s something I wish to seek your help for.”

“This subordinate will definitely do it even if it results to my death.” Chen Ning immediately expressed its loyalty.

“It’s not that serious.” Zhu Yao suddenly felt a slight headache. “I simply wish for you to produce a bunch of mystic artifacts as fast as possible.”

Zhu Yao’s idea was very simple. Since the weakness of the Devil Race was light, then she just had to make a few more light sabers. That way, even if that shadow were to appear again, she wouldn’t have to challenge it on her own. However, with just her refining the weapons alone, it definitely wasn’t realistic. Chen Ning was a merchant, so it definitely had a bunch of blacksmithing resources in its hands. It was the most suitable person to look for. And, as a merchant, she believed that it had his own ways of keeping confidentiality. This way, she could also prevent technology that did not belong to this world from leaking out.

Of course, it was not going to do all this work for nothing. After dealing with this Devil bug, it could retrieve all these weapons back, and it would be up to its decision on how to deal with them in the future.

Chen Ning was a very reliable worker. In just a span of few days, it had already made a bunch of them. Although their powers were weaker than the one in her hands, they were still considerably good. She then distributed these weapons to the various sects.

Their efficiency in searching for the Devil had, as expected, increased quite a bit. At the very least, less unreliable news were heard.

A month later, however, an unexpected event suddenly occurred.

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