Disciple – Chapter 129

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Chapter 129: The Sharpest Weapon in the World

With such a tyrannical ruckus caused by the shadow, everyone present was completely stunned, and that included Zhu Yao herself. She was barely able to hold onto the weapon in her hands as well. Thump. Thump. Her heart beat wildly, as she finally began to feel afraid.

Actually, ever since her master descended upon the Lower Realm to find her, she had a faint guess that the shadow wasn’t that simple. Even if it wasn’t a deity of the Higher Realm, it was still definitely an overpowered mighty power. However, no matter how she racked her brains, she wouldn’t have guessed that it would be one of the legendary Devils.

Zhu Yao instantly felt like crying, and had the impulse to close down her store to go on a strike. Momma’s egg. That’s a Devil, you know! A race, which spread death all around their surroundings, that had only existed in the Ancient Era of legends and had fought against the Gods to the death! If they were to fight against it with just their physical mortal body, they would either be courting death, or was tired of living in the first place! They were basically not on the same level, alright?

Could it be because she had accidentally activated the route of a God, which led to the appearance of a Devil to balance everything out?

Momma’s egg. Other than having a dragon’s body, she basically did not possess this so-called power of a God, alright? She did not even receive the most basic form of inheritance from a dragon, otherwise, how would she simply possess the cultivation of a Demigod?

“Sovereign. In your opinion, what do you think we should do?” Probably because the scene earlier was too frightening, one Nascent Soul practitioner turned around, and looked towards Zhu Yao who was still standing still at where she was.

The moment his words fell, everyone, who was still deep in shock at the fact that the Devil race had once again appeared in the world earlier, as though they had only regained their senses at that moment, turned to look towards her one after another. That’s right, earlier, Sovereign Zhu Yao was the only person who was able to go against the Devil. They still had hope.

Zhu Yao felt a chill from the staring eyes, which were filled with the piteous cry for food- ah pui, which were filled with hope, and reflexively took a step back. If she were to say that she didn’t know what to do as well, would she be beaten to death?

“Everyone, do not panic.” Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and suppressed her fear. “I see that the Devil has yet to mature. At the very least, it has yet to completely resurrect itself, otherwise, it wouldn’t have to borrow a practitioner’s body. Furthermore, I have just forcefully tried to expel it from its host, so it’s definitely gravely injured. In light of this, we can only take the opportunity while its energy has yet to recover, to completely exterminate it.” In any case, they had to take its life while its sick- ah, no, that’s not it. It’s to chase after it while they still had the upper hand.

When everyone heard this, their eyes which were filled with despair earlier, finally had a hint of light. She’s right, the outcome of that battle earlier, was indeed a victory.

“This matter is of great urgency.” Zhu Yao instructed with a stern expression. “We must definitely find that Devil before its energy is fully recovered. Otherwise, the consequences will be severe.”

Everyone’s expression became serious. In the face of a great matter that concerned the survival of the cultivation world, the various clans and sects demonstrated unprecedented unity. Every one of them began to chip in by sending out all of their disciples, to undergo a large-scale search operation, excluding Celestial Indus Sect and Azureflight Sect.

As the culprits for hiding a Devil, although they were actually victims as well, they had completely lost everyone’s trust. In an instant, these two sects received everyone’s hostility.

It was initially an emperor abdication drama, however, because of the re-appearance of the Devil Race, it turned into a multi-racial warring campaign. And Ancient Hill Sect, which was initially being forced to give up the right to host the Great Inter-Sect Tournament, was once again logically standing at the unshakable leading position. Most likely, no one would have ever thought of this dramatic turn in events.

As for the news regarding the re-appearance of the Devil Race, under Zhu Yao’s behest, it was spread throughout the entire cultivation world extremely quickly. Seemingly every single practitioner, and even the heretic practitioners, had begun to spontaneously search for the traces of the Devil. Mu Meiyan’s name had resounded through the entire cultivation world.

That’s right. Not Ru Lu, but Mu Meiyan.

When Ru Lu was expelled from Celestial Indus Sect, she had changed her name to Mu Meiyan when she fled to Azureflight Sect. Hence, everyone believed that Mu Meiyan was this Devil’s real name.

Zhu Yao had believed that with so many people involved in the search, she would be able to obtain news regarding Mu Meiyan before long. However, never did she expect that even after three months had passed, forget about Mu Meiyan, there wasn’t even any news on Yue Hanxin whom she had swiped away.

Seemingly every plausible lead that was made known to her, she would immediately rush over. However, there wasn’t even a single trace of the Devil’s hair. Mu Meiyan and Yue Hanxin, this pair who loved to kill each other, seemed as though they had dissipated from the world, completely disappearing into thin air.

Zhu Yao could not help but feel a little anxious.

“Yu Yao.” Yu Yan sighed. This stupid disciple in front of him, had already repeated walked back and forth more than a hundred times, and even he was about to get a headache from it. His disciple, who was usually like a firecracker, was currently unexpectedly quiet. He had already appeared for such a long time, yet, she did not even have the slightest of reaction. Mn, he wasn’t happy at all.

“Master?” Zhu Yao seemed to have only realized that a figure had suddenly popped out from the jade pendant. After being startled for a moment, she once again frowned, and continued to walk back and forth. “I have something that I can’t figure out.”

“What is it?”

“Just where did that Devil pop out from?” Just how did it appear? And how did Mu Meiyan obtain him? Ever since she saw the reincarnated Mu Meiyan for the first time, it had been by her side. Then evidently, that shadow had existed since the very beginning, and it might even be possible that Mu Meiyan’s reincarnation and body-takeover were all the doings of the Devil. Otherwise, when she was trying to take over the little radish, how did Mu Meiyan’s soul appear directly in little radish’s divine sense region without being sensed by anyone else? And, that black hole, which she escaped into after the takeover failed was very strange as well. It did not seem to be any sort of mystic arts.

That Devil definitely wasn’t simply linked with Mu Meiyan just by a blood contract alone. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have used all of its strength to help Mu Meiyan. Devils did not have any human morals to speak of, after all. For it to do something like this, it definitely had some sort of purpose, or had made an agreement with Mu Meiyan.

Then, could she make a guess that, ever since the beginning, Mu Meiyan wasn’t actually some sort of bug, the real bug was actually the Devil inside her body? Probably, ever since the beginning, her methods were incorrect. What she should defend against was actually that Devil, and not Mu Meiyan.

Yu Yan slightly frowned, and a moment later, replied. “Devils are born to kill, and had existed in the world all this while. However… during the Ancient Era, all of them had been sealed by the Gods.”

“There aren’t any which escaped?”

“If there was, why would there be the current cultivation world?”

“So Master means…” Zhu Yao’s eyes shone. “That thing isn’t an actual Devil.”

Yu Yan frowned, and shook his head. “Yes, and no.”

“Ah?” What do you mean? Can you speak human words?

“Have you realized the irregularity of that Devil?” Yu Yan continued.

“Irregularity?” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Does being irregularly powerful count?”

Yu Yan swept a scornful look at her, sighed, and gave an ‘as expected, she’s stupid’ expression. “Other than that, when the others attacked that Devil, were they effective?”

“Effective? What effectiveness? The rest basically did not manage to land a hit…” Zhu Yao stopped there, and suddenly widened her eyes. “It doesn’t have a physical form?”

Yu Yan lightly nodded. His disciple’s stupidity seemed to be salvable.

“The physical body of that Devil had already been destroyed?” Zhu Yao instantly became a little excited. Every living being in this world contained a soul, and only a physical body could harbour a soul. No matter was it a demonic beast, or a human, they were both the same. Other than the Reincarnation Path which could temporarily accommodate souls, all souls which had lost their physical bodies could not last more than seven days in the living world. After seven days, the souls would dissipate away.

“But… That Devil clearly could separate from Mu Meiyan’s body.” Back then when she was at Azureflight Sect, that shadow had cone alone, and Mu Meiyan was not in the vicinity. “And that Devil had clearly existed before Mu Meiyan attempted a body-takeover.” When Ru Lu was being devoured, that Devil could have completely accomplished it itself, so why did it have to bring along Mu Meiyan? And, they were so lovey-dovey like family, coexisting for such a long time. It was basically illogical. Even if a Devil’s soul could dwell in anything… Wait a minute, anything? Could it be… “That Devil isn’t possessing Ru Lu’s body, but is actually dwelling in Mu Meiyan’s soul?”

Yu Yan deeply frowned, and nodded. That was indeed a possibility.

In an instant, Zhu Yao was a little speechless. That Devil sure was unlucky. It could have found anything to dwell into, but it just had to find a soul to dwell in. It was no wonder it would help her with the take-over, and act as her guardian the entire time.

“This Devil… Is it stupid?” Zhu Yao could only explain it this way.

“Most probably, when its former body was being destroyed, it basically could not find any suitable physical body. Hence, it could only dwell into the soul of a human practitioner, whose physical body had similarly been lost.”

Zhu Yao wiped her sweat. Why did a soul have to make things difficult for another soul?

No, wait. They were already family who loved each other.

Zhu Yao took out the mirror-like mystic artifact she had refined on her own, and muttered. “In other words, what I struck back then, was not the link between a blood contract, but the link between their two souls?”


Zhu Yao’s face darkened. She had a bad premonition.

“In other words, that strike had instead helped it, allowing that Devil to gain the ability to enter another physical body.”


“Crap.” Zhu Yao suddenly had the impulse to chop off her hand. Look at what you did for being overly eager!

“But…” Yu Yan continued. “That strike of yours had injured the soul. Injuries done to a soul cannot be restored by anyone. Even if the Devil tries to perform a body-takeover again, it might not succeed.”

“In other words, temporarily, it won’t be looking for a new physical body?”


Phew… That scared the hell out of her. Why couldn’t he say everything in one go?

Yu Yan looked towards the mystic artifact in her hands as well. This was a part which he couldn’t figure out completely as well. Theoretically speaking, souls were enigmatic objects, while his disciple was actually able to cut it apart. He was a little suspicious as to what mystic artifact his own disciple had managed to refine.

Zhu Yao’s line of sight landed on her the mystic artifact in her hands as well. Truthfully speaking, she herself was shocked, alright? Back then, she only thought of refining the sharpest weapon ever, while the mirror in her hands was indeed a genuine tenth rank mystic artifact.


Zhu Yao grabbed onto the handle of the mirror, and twisted it. In an instant, the face of the mirror and the handle were separated. The mystic artifact which was emitting spiritual energy all around earlier, was suddenly split into two extremes. The handle’s spiritual energy was even denser than before. The regular tenth rank mystic artifact earlier, was currently filled with the aura of a penultimate grade mystic artifact. While the other half, the face of the mirror, had instantly lost its luster, turning into a regular copper mirror. It couldn’t even be considered as a mystic artifact.

However, what actually harmed the Devil, was not the tenth rank penultimate grade handle, but this regular copper mirror.

“Just what kind of object did you refine?” When his disciple was refining, Yu Yan had watched the entire process. Yet, he was still completely unable to figure it out. Clearly, it was a very normal object.

Zhu Yao smiled. “Back then, I simply thought of making the sharpest thing. But, after thinking about it, that thing has always been by my side.”

“Not the Profound Deep Metal?” That was the most special piece among the materials he had left for his disciple. If it was used carefully, it could even be used to create a divine artifact.

Zhu Yao shook her head. Pointing to the sky, she said. “It’s light!”

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