Disciple – Chapter 115

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Chapter 115: The Great Escape

But that wasn’t the end of them. After luring in a second one, naturally, there would also be a third, fourth and fifth. Various types of demonic beasts came gathering over from every direction. Staring at the shadow as though it was a lump of meat, they began to throw waves after waves of attacks. Some of them attacked the shadow, while some began to slaughter each other.

Zhu Yao suddenly imagined as though demonic beasts were raiding a city. She had never seen a single one of these demonic beasts before, and she was able to guarantee that not a single person in the entire cultivation world had ever seen such demonic beasts before either. Not to mention, she was unable to discern just what ranks the demonic beasts possessed. Although they clearly did not possess a single hint of any tyrannical aura, their strength was a little terrifying.

If any one of these were to descend into the cultivation world, it would simply become an existence which could kill anything with a single blow.

Even something as strong as that shadow, was clearly unable to beat a crowd of such demonic beasts. Dodging seemed to become tough for it as well, as its figure was becoming fainter from all the chewing. Yet, more and more demonic beasts continued to flood in.

In the beginning, Zhu Yao was hiding and finding places to flee to with all her might. Yet, no matter how she retreated, she was still unable to leave the battlefield. When she finally managed to leave far enough, she bumped face-to-face with a demonic beast that had just been lured over.

That beast was as sturdy as a mountain. Its entire body was covered with boulders, looking like a beast made of stone. Its pair of glowing red eyes was currently staring right at her.

At that moment, Zhu Yao had a bad premonition.

Even that shadow was unable to beat these demonic beasts, she was definitely a mere trash in this situation.

“Mistress, hurry, hurry, release your aura.” Turning around, Sesame reminded.

Oh right, she was dragon, demonic beasts instinctively feared her. Zhu Yao did not hesitate. Supressing the intense pain in her chest, she released her dragon’s aura with all her might, and even expanded it to its limits.

In an instant, the place seemed to have quietened down for a moment. Not even a single noise could be heard. Even the demonic beasts which were fighting in a heated battle with the shadow at the other side, had strangely stopped as well. Zhu Yao simply felt a chill running down her spine, as though she had just heard a congratulatory firecracker going off.

There’s something off… with this reaction.


Resounding roars encompassed the heaven and earth. The demonic beasts which were crowding around the shadow earlier suddenly switched their target, and came attacking towards her.

The hell, what happened to the promised suppression of bloodlines!

Zhu Yao leapt onto Sesame’s back and shouted loudly. “Run!”

What happened to the most basic form of trust between humans and beasts?

Release your sister’s dragon’s might, dammit.

With a flap of his wings, like a curving arrow, Sesame flew up with all his might. Blurs filled the surroundings.

The crowd of demonic beasts reacted as well, as they let out various roaring sounds. Throwing aside the shadow which they were fighting over earlier, they began to chase after Zhu Yao like silly ducks.

Taking this opportunity, the shadow’s figure flashed, and instantly disappeared like mist.

“Mistress, what are we going to do?” Sesame was about to cry. Just what the hell were these beasts behind them? He had been a beast for such a long time, yet, he had never seen beasts which looked like them. And their abilities were absolutely perverse.

“Continue flying, use all of your spiritual energy.” Zhu Yao replied. Placing Yue Ying by her side, she then began to adjust herself. The blow from the shadow simply came too suddenly, and she did not prepare any defenses beforehand. Her Dantian had already been completely shattered, and the spiritual energy in her body was moving about haphazardly inside. Though several meridians in her body had already been ruptured, she still tried to guide the spiritual energy out of her body. However, it was completely ineffective, and it instead worsened her injuries. As though it could not be contained, blood continuously flowed out from the corner of her lips.

“Mistress, they’re about to catch up.” The ranks of the demonic beasts behind him were evidently much higher than his, and being caught up was a problem that was bound to happen.

“Keep at it for a while more.” In times like this, she could only make a desperate struggle. Zhu Yao gritted her teeth, and retracted her aura. Using all of her willpower to envelop the spiritual energy in her body, she tried to form a formation.

As expected, it was slightly effective, as not even a moment later, a red formation was formed beneath her.

Her Dantian had shattered, and adding that she had lost control of her spiritual energy, Zhu Yao’s body was basically in spasm from the pain. She could feel her own meridians being ruptured open inch by inch from the haphazard spiritual energy, yet, she did not stop. The moment she were to stop, they would completely lose their lease of life, and would be swallowed alive by the demonic beasts behind them.

Even though it was a mere instant, it felt as long as an entire century.

Finally, the formation was completed.

At that moment, a flying bone-beast had already caught up, and with its mouth opened wide, it pounced towards them.

Gathering spiritual energy within her index finger, she wrote an inscription on the formation. Then, with a single hand, she pressed onto the inscription. “Void, activate!”

In an instant, a black hole seemed to have appeared from the formation itself. It instantly swallowed the beast and the two people into it, and disappeared in the air. While that bone-beast had crunched onto empty air, and as it furiously moved about its wings, it let out a howling roar.

What Zhu Yao cast was Void Teleportation Formation. With a teleportation formation as a support, she cut through the void in space. It could instantly send the user a thousand kilometres away, and because it was a single-use formation, the gate would close the instant the teleportation was complete.

This teleportation formation, however, had a certain amount of backlash. If it was in the past, she basically wouldn’t mind about such a small backlash. But right now, she was injured in the first place, yet, she still forcefully activated the formation. That backlash instantly amplified by numerous times, and she felt as though her organs had been sliced apart. Like an opened tap, she puked out several mouthfuls of blood. Even her divine sense had begun to ache with a piercing pain.

“Ah… Ah…” Yue Ying crawled next to her, and anxiously tugged onto the hems of her clothes.

“Mistress…” Sesame returned to its human form as well, as it squatted down and held onto her.

Zhu Yao took in many deep breaths, before she was able to regain her senses. Reaching out her hand, she stroked Yue Ying’s head, and gave him a consoling gaze.

“Where are we right now?”

Sesame inspected their surroundings. “I can no longer feel the presence of those demonic beasts. Most probably, we have been sent somewhere very far away.”

“Sesame, about those… demonic beasts, do you recognize them?”

Sesame shook his head. “Sesame has never seen such demonic beasts, and has never heard of them either. Just what in the world is this place?”

Even she wanted to know what this place was. Why were they here the moment that golden light shone? Oh right, she seemed to have noticed that the light was emitted from that black scroll earlier.

Zhu Yao subconsciously touched her chest, only to realize that the scroll had long disappeared without a trace.

Could it be…

“We seemed to have entered the world of that picture scroll.” Chen Ning had once said that it was a scroll which came from the Ancient Era, and the demonic beasts drawn on it had all gone extinct very far in the past. In the beginning, she had even thought that the scroll was similar to a regular encyclopaedia about animals, just that it was an ancient version. However, evidently, that scroll had only shone after her blood stained it. They were then transferred into it.

In that case, that basically wasn’t an encyclopaedia, but most likely, a sealing scroll. And those demonic beasts were exactly the ones which had been sealed into this world.

Zhu Yao then gave Sesame a rough explanation about the scroll.

“Seems like the seal of this scroll is extremely strong.” Earlier, that formation of hers was capable of cutting through the void in space, yet, they were currently still in this world. It seemed like shattering the void in space was not a viable method to return to their former world either.

Sesame frowned as well. “Then how are we going to leave this place?”

Zhu Yao lowered her head and pondered. Suddenly, she recalled the black inked smudge that was close to the end of the scroll. “Let’s head to the deepest part of this world. We might have another strand of hope to survive.”

“I will start moving right now.” This place was simply too dangerous. Any one of the demonic beasts here was able to swallow them up whole.

Sesame nodded, and returned to his former shape. After hiding his own presence, he signalled Zhu Yao and Yue Ying to climb up.

At the moment he was about to fly, suddenly, a shrilling roar which could make one’s hair to stand sounded.

The hell, it’s coming again!

Chasing behind them was a huge bird which was enveloped entirely in black flames. Its figure was extremely big. Sesame’s true form could already be said to be humongous, yet, this bird was actually more than ten times its size. With a glance, it looked as though it was about to cover half of the entire sky.

And the noise that bird made was very unique. Every single voice it let out felt as though countless of sharp knives were piercing straight towards her. Even Zhu Yao herself was barely able to hold on, and she could only seal Yue Ying’s five senses, preventing him from receiving any injuries from its quaking roars.

The bird wasn’t exactly flying very quickly, but because its figure was too huge, with a flap of its wings, it could bring about a huge turbulence in the air. Although they were running at the front, they would still be affected by the airflow, causing their speed to decrease.

“Sesame, use your spiritual energy to envelop your surroundings, it will prevent you from being affected by the airflow.”

When Sesame heard this, it immediately acted accordingly. As expected, after isolating the airflow in the surroundings, it was no longer affected by the gigantic bird. Its speed was much faster than before, as it moved further and further away from the gigantic bird. The demonic beast seemed to have realized this point as well, as its roar became even more anxious.

Suddenly, it opened that large mouth it had, only to see a flash of lightning inside it. A mass of white coloured lightning began to grow within its mouth.

“It’s lightning…” Sesame became anxious as well. Who would have thought that this bird was actually lightning type? Other than lightning beasts, there were actually lightning type demonic beasts in this world. This was illogical.

Demonic beasts were innately weak against lightning. No matter how tough Sesame’s body was, he would still be unable to block against a lightning attack from this demonic beast which was ranked higher than him. Even his voice had begun to tremble.

That bird had already spat out that ball of lightning, and it was shot right towards them.


In this intense situation, Zhu Yao could only immediately take on her dragon form and hook onto Sesame with her tail. Then, with her fastest speed, she desperately flew up. This was definitely a subconscious action of hers, yet, Zhu Yao did not expect that her dragon form was actually capable of flying this fast.

In a blink of an eye, she had already thrown the huge bird off.

When there’s gains, there would naturally be losses. After restoring to her dragon form, her dragon’s aura could no longer be concealed, as it arrogantly announced her existence.

Hence… All the demonic beasts felt it.

And thus… The number of demonic beasts chasing after them increased.

Momma’s egg!

“Sesame, protect Yue Ying well.” Zhu Yao gritted her teeth. Right now, she could only desperately flee. Hopefully, before she was caught up, she could fly out of this place in time.

This was Zhu Yao’s first time flying with her dragon form, and she could feel an indescribable invigorating feeling rising in her body. It was something that came along with her bloodline, and even her injuries seemed to have soothed a little. Her speed gradually increased, and only blurs could be seen from the surrounding scenery.

It was as though she was born to fly in the clouds. Not knowing how long it had been, the constant roars behind her seemed to have begun to decrease.

Zhu Yao felt a little excited in the depths of her heart. It was actually this effective? It seemed like not long later, she would be able to escape from those crowd of demonic beasts.

As expected, as long as one persevered, there will always be a way…

My ass!

Zhu Yao stopped at the side of a pitched black screen. She instantly had the impulse to ruthlessly slam the heavens onto the ground.

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