Disciple – Chapter 114

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Chapter 114: Changing Maps to Fight Mobs

As it was about to turn around, Sesame’s eyes shone, and they were filled with suspicious tears. “Mistress, I knew all along that you still love me.”

“… On second thought, you can go as well.”

“Meoow~” Sesame had already hugged her thigh with an excited look. After being kicked away, it still came forward to hug it again. Only when it no longer saw the three people who left, did he cry out. “Mistress, how can you be so ruthless, and so unfair… How can you keep other beasts other than Sesame?”

“Who did I keep?”

“Eh? Didn’t you take in that tenth rank beast?”

I took in your sister. How could he express it in the way such that she had taken in a mistress?

“Then, Mistress, why did you bring it back here?”

Zhu Yao actually had her own plans for bringing Chen Ning here. It was not easy to raise a Sect, especially for someone like her who was especially affluent yet penniless at the same time. Although Chen Ning was a demonic beast, it was after all, rich. Building a good relationship to pull in some sponsorship, was a pretty good choice as well.

So, ultimately, the reason was. “Because we’re poor!”

Sesame: “…”

“Get up, I have some matters to ask you about.” This thigh-hugging habit, just when could Sesame get rid of it?

Zhu Yao firstly cast a Deep Sleep Incantation on Yue Ying, before casting a shielding formation on the Main Hall with hand seals.

“Sesame, do you know what kind of mystic arts, or mystic artifacts, can exist as a shadow?” She wasn’t even able to find a single clue regarding that shadow in Equality Pavilion. Most probably, even if she were to return to Ancient Hill Sect, it would be impossible for her to obtain results with her investigation. Although Sesame was a demonic beast, after all, it had descended from the Higher Realm, so the things it knew were more profound than most.

“Shadow?” Sesame was startled for a moment. “What kind of shadow?”

“It’s able to latch onto a human’s body, and on first glance, it looks similar to a ghost.” Zhu recalled the appearance of that shadow. “Though, it does not have the features of a ghost, it’s like… a human shadow, and has a figure corresponding to that of a human’s.”

Sesame sensed the seriousness in her words, and pondered with its head lowered. “I have never heard of a shadow with those features, and I have never heard of a mystic art like that. A regular long-term active mystic art usually prioritizes latency, if it has a materialized form, then that mystic art is considered an irregularity.”

“What if the user is unable to see it?” That shadow often crawled up to Mu Meiyan’s ears, and seemed to be conversing with her. However, usually, when one spoke, it was a human’s instinctive behaviour to turn to look at the party who was speaking. However, Mu Meiyan did not.

It seemed like even Mu Meiyan herself was unable to see that black shadow. Other people did not react differently either, except her.

“Is it possible for it to be related to a possession-type mystic art? Furthermore, that shadow is extremely vigilant. It’s even capable of sensing a Demigod easily. That shadow seems to be emitting… a power that makes me feel uncomfortable.”

Theoretically speaking, she was already that cautious back then. Even late stage Demigods would not have been able to sense her, yet, that shadow managed to do so. Not to mention, she suffered injuries just by its single glance.

“…” Sesame suddenly widened his eyes, and his expression was a little pale. “In that case, unless it had already ascended…”

Zhu Yao was startled. “You’re saying, someone had descended upon the Lower Realm?”

Sesame nodded, just when he was about to add on.

Suddenly, a gust of wind swept past, and Zhu Yao felt a chill running down her spine. Reflexively, she instantly summoned a defensive barrier, however, she was forced back by a few dozen meters by a gigantic force.

Zhu Yao simply felt a rumbling in her chest. A strong smell of blood surged up, and she only managed to suppress it down after using all her might.

A strange laughter suddenly sounded within the room. It felt sinister and dark, and even the temperature had instantly dropped quite a bit.

“Who is it?”

Sesame instantly reverted to its original form, filling half of the entire hall. Yet, no matter what it did, he could not find the source of that sudden outburst of energy.

Sesame was unable to see it, however, Zhu Yao could. A person was currently standing right at the center of the hall.

No, that couldn’t be considered as a human, rather, it was just a shadow. That shadow was like a water wave, shaking about. Yet, the aura emitted by its surroundings was especially chilling. Even though she was separated so far away from it, she could still faintly sense a chilling intent that was currently piercing into her bones.

This was definitely the shadow that had been following Mu Meiyan around. But, why did it make an appearance here? Not to mention, the moment it came, it went straight for the kill.

Sesame was still tumbling randomly around the hall, as though it was trying to find its target of attack.

That shadow slightly tilted its head upwards. Although Zhu Yao was unable to see its expression, she was still able to sense that it was definitely carrying a mocking expression.

Zhu Yao did not hesitate in the slightest, and instantly summoned her own sword intent. Circulating all of the spiritual energy in her body, she charged straight towards the shadow in the center of the hall. The lightning phoenix that was summoned carried the might of a Demigod, as it flew speedily towards the shadow.

She was unable to discern the strength of this shadow, so, she could only hope for a one-hit kill.

The entire hall instantly tilted. The path that the phoenix had taken, slashed out a huge spatial rift as the phoenix instantly penetrated through that shadow.

Zhu Yao was dumbfounded. She did not experience even the slightest of feedback that signified that she had struck accurately. That shadow… did not have a physical form!

What was going on?

“Hohohoho…” That strange laughter, once again sounded out. At the place where the shadow disappeared earlier, a black substance was currently being gathered, instantly restoring the figure of the black shadow.

The hell, just what the hell is this?

Before Zhu Yao could even recall her sword intent, with a gentle wave of its body, that shadow had actually appeared right in front of her.

Zhu Yao could only once again bring up a defensive barrier, however, she was unable to completely block its attack. And then, because she even had Yue Ying in her arms, she had no choice but to turn her body around to protect Yue Ying, and was struck right in the back by the shadow.

The spiritual energy in her Dantian was instantly scattered, and it could no longer be gathered together.

Yue Ying woke up at this moment as well. As though he had sensed the current situation, his little face was filled with horror. His little hands touched Zhu Yao’s pale face. “Ah… Ah~” He was still incapable of speech.


Sesame reacted as well. After guessing the opponent’s position, it immediately attacked a few inches away from Zhu Yao, only to be immediately sent flying away with a wave of the shadow’s hand.

The shadow still emitted out that strange chilling laughter. As though it was curious, it stretched forward, and sized Zhu Yao up. “As I thought, you can see me, can’t you? Heheheheh… I can’t let you live then.”

Zhu Yao wanted to get up, however, because her Dantian was shattered, she could not even gather the slightest bit of her mystical powers, and could only watch on as that shadow raised its hand.

Zhu Yao even felt like cursing out now. The hell. Just what sort of enmity do we have? Why did you have to kill her just because she was able to see you?

No longer able to suppress the rumbling blood in her chest, she spat out a huge mouthful of blood.

Momma’s egg, even if I have to renew myself to version 5.0, this old lady here still wants to spit on you in the face before I disconnect.

Zhu Yao believed she definitely wouldn’t survive after taking this one hit. She was not afraid of death, she was just uncertain if the shadow was here especially to kill her, or if this matter would implicate the rest of the Azureflight disciples as well. If the eighty odd little radishes were to be hurt because of this matter, she would not be able to feel at ease for her entire lifetime.

Just when that shadow was about to close in, at that moment when it was about to make contact with her. Suddenly, a glaring golden light emitted out from her chest, forcing the shadow back a few steps.

“What is that?” That shadow seemed to be frightened.

Yet, that light became even brighter, and instantly enveloped the entire collapsing hall. Even that shadow was engulfed by the light as well. Zhu Yao could not help but close her eyes from the eye-piercing light, but for an instant, she lowered her head and squinted her eyes at that thing that was shining in chest.

It was that black scroll she received from Chen Ning!

Under the radiance of the strong light, Zhu Yao had to shut her eyes, and she only recovered after a good while.

Slowly, she opened her eyes.

Only to realize, that they had actually switched maps and arrived at a foreign place.

This seemed to be the depths of a mountain, as there were many humongous trees that shot through the clouds which she had never seen before.

“Sesame!” Zhu Yao looked around, only to realize it was currently lying somewhere not far from her. It was currently adapting to the light, and slowly, it stood up.

“A teleportation formation, is it?” A cold and sinister voice rang.

The hell, it’s that shadow again. Why does it appear everywhere?

“You can’t escape, you must die today!” That shadow once again floated over. The few parts of its body that had been scattered from the rays of light earlier, were currently being regenerated at a slow pace. As though it was taking in the spiritual energy from the surroundings, its body became firmer as time went by. Raising one of its hands, a faint purple light gathered in the palm of its hand.

Sesame flipped up and leapt over as well. Although it was unable to see the shadow, with such an obvious killing intent, it could still make a rough estimate of its position.

Zhu Yao could sense the pressure being emitted out by the purple light, and she had completely no strength to resist it at all. Even after changing maps, she still couldn’t escape the fate of being killed, was that it? If she had known, she would have sent Yue Ying away.

For the first time, Zhu Yao felt that her speed of cultivation was too slow, to the point where she had completely no strength to resist.

Just when that purple light was about to strike her, suddenly, a sharp and shrilling noise rang in their ears. That noise was extremely loud, as though it could penetrate their eardrums. Zhu Yao’s ears trembled from the loud noise.

A snake-shaped demonic beast suddenly popped out of nowhere. Opening its huge mouth filled with sharp razor-like teeth, it bit towards that shadow. Its speed was extremely quick, to the point where it was impossible to be caught.

The shadow seemed to not have expected that a demonic beast would be present in this place. It hurriedly dodged a few meters away, but a part of its body was still scattered by that demonic beast. The purple light in the shadow’s hand was incidentally thrown to that snake.

Before that purple light could even land on the snake-shaped demonic beast, that demonic beast suddenly opened its mouth wide, and swallowed that powerful looking ball of light.

And then… it burped.

Zhu Yao and her little companions were all dumbfounded.

Even that shadow was stunned, as though the words “this is impossible” had appeared on its face.

The hell, just what kind of demonic beast was this!?


The snake beast once again emitted out a long cry. As though it had gotten addicted to eating that purple, it began to chase after the shadow attack it. The shadow thus could only continue to dodge, as its mystic arts seemed to be completely ineffective against that demonic beast.

It continued to be chased up and down, and all over the place. Zhu Yao silently felt that, it was time for her to retreat for a moment.

Carrying Yue Ying, just when she planned on leaving, suddenly, she once again heard another loud roar.

Suddenly, another demonic beast came flying from the sky. This demonic beast was terrifyingly huge, and that wing it had was actually nothing but a piece of thick white skeletal bone, yet, it was still able to fly stably. Most probably, it was attracted here by the noises of the battle, as it charged straight towards the direction of the snake beast and the shadow.

The battle that unfolded could be said to be blazingly catastrophic.

Zhu Yao and the two others, the pond fish that were affected, could only dodge the gigantic trees they brought down and the flying stones that scattered about from their battle.

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