Disciple – Chapter 116

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Chapter 116: Hello, Master

Momma’s egg. She finally understood why those crowd of demonic beasts did not come chasing after them. There basically wasn’t an exit here at all.

This scenery which was pitch-black from top to bottom, was not something which she had only seen for the first time either. This was clearly the ‘Severed Lands’. It was the place where she was forcefully reincarnated at Tasyoluk back then.

In other words, this place was the end of this particular world.

Her heart squeezed!

“Mistress?” Sesame was dumbfounded as well.

Zhu Yao sighed deeply. “Let’s return for now.” They had no choice but to find another exit.

With the feelings of wanting to cry, Zhu Yao turned around and flew back in the direction she came from. However, she suddenly felt an immense pressure assaulting them, and the three of them were instantly pressed downwards from the sky.

“The hell!”

Zhu Yao had only managed to curse out that particular line, before she was deeply pressed against the ground. That black screen which was behaving quietly earlier, as though it had suddenly opened its huge mouth, began to close in at a crazy speed. All objects that came in contact with it, were swallowed by the black screen, and they then disappeared into the darkness.

The trees, the ground, and even the air, were currently disappearing bit by bit.

The three of them were basically unable to avoid in time. They were simply too close to it, and the pressure was simply too powerful. They were unable to resist at all. This could not be described as pressure produced merely by might itself. The Severed Lands were the ends of worlds. They were composed of the Heavenly Dao, and as long as one was in this place, that person would definitely experience its suppression.

The black screen was just about to stretch towards the tip of her tail. Sesame was puking out blood from the pressure, and Yue Ying had already fainted.

This could not go on. She was able to keep Sesame in her divine sense, however, Yue Ying was human, and was merely a five-year-old child as well. The reason why he was here, was because of her. If he were to be swallowed by the darkness, he would definitely die.

He had just arrived into this world, and did not know anything. She had yet to even teach him how to speak either. He was as blank as a piece of paper, so how could he just die here like this?

Zhu Yao gripped her claws, and once again reverted into her human form. She was not clear if it was because her size had reduced, the pressure she felt instantly decreased by a huge margin.

However, she was still unable to stand up, and could only crawl over slowly, to carry Yue Ying who was on the ground.

“Sesame… Revert to your human form.”

Sesame was startled for a moment, before it reverted to that baby-faced youth, and sat next to her.

The black screen had already begun to crawl onto her body. Zhu Yao gritted her teeth. Right now, there was nothing else she could do, but struggle with all her might.

In an instant, she released all of her divine sense, forming a translucent light ward. The light ward enveloped the three of them, and kept them safe inside.

That black screen had already swallowed them entirely, and she could feel the pain of her own divine sense being torn apart. It felt as though her own soul was hurting and that she could collapse at any moment. However, no matter how painful and how unbearable she felt, she did not dare to dismiss the light ward.

In her heart, she could only silently tell herself. I can’t give up. I can’t give up.

The pain grew and deepened. Slowly, she began to feel numb, and even her consciousness was beginning to blur.

Not knowing how long had passed, she sank into the depths of chaos.

Zhu Yao smelled the scent of flowers. The clear and light smell was especially refreshing. She instantly opened her eyes, only to realize that she was currently lying on a simple wooden bed. This looked like a small house, and the bed was the only furniture in it. Her body was covered with a light silver-coloured veil.

Touching it with her hand, it felt as gentle and slippery as water.

Zhu Yao was dumbfounded for two seconds. She looked down at the new shining new clothes she was wearing, and it was actually tender pink in colour. It looked a little familiar. It had already been many years since she last wore clothes of this colour.

She sighed deeply, yet, she didn’t feel any discomfort. Spiritual energy even seemed to be faintly stored in her Dantian.

Zhu Yao got out of the bed, and walked out of the house. She discovered that a boundless peach blossom garden was right in front of her. The scent she smelled earlier was from the peach blossoms, it seemed.

Coinciding with the blossoming season, her eyes were filled with the pink of peaches. And when the wind blew, the sky was enveloped with pink flower petals.

Zhu Yao could not help but walk into that peach forest. When she had only walked a few steps into the place, a figure appeared.

With his straight back facing her, his clothes were as white as snow, and not a single speck of dirt could be seen. One of his hands was placed on his back, and with slender fingers and long nails, it looked like a fine jade, which made her feel like playing with it.

As though he had sensed the movements behind him, he slowly turned around. The face that entered her view was as though it was a perfect piece of heavenly art. Every feature of his face was carefully drawn. It would be over-the-top with another stroke, and something would feel out of place with a missing stroke as well. His expression was clear and light, and his lips were thin. Even if he did not say a single word, people would still feel they had to dedicate everything they had to him.

This was the first time Zhu Yao found out that someone could be as beautiful as this.

Her heart began to beat furiously, and she could not control the slight rise in the corner of her lips. She must make conversation with a perfect-looking man like this.

“Oh hero, do you still need something to hang by your thigh?”

The man slightly frowned, and as his expression turned a little cold, he spoke sternly. “Speak clearly!”

“I want to hug your thigh.”

He was startled for a moment, and seemed to hesitate for a moment. And then, he slowly… stretched out his leg. Come, hug it!

Zhu Yao: “…”

Alright, there’s only ever a single person who was this cute and silly in this world. He was definitely her master alright.


Only then did Yu Yan’s expression soothe a little, as he responded lightly. “Mn.”

Glancing at the distance of about five steps between the two of them, as though he had confirmed that she was not going to come any closer, he walked over on his own.

A gentle breeze blew, causing the fluttering peach blossom petals to descend one after another. Seeing that person who was walking over in the midst of the falling petals, his beauty was breath-taking, and it seemed as though a deity had descended upon the Lower Realm.

Alright, a deity had indeed descended upon the Lower Realm.

When Zhu Yao regained her senses, she had already been embraced in Yu Yan’s arms. She once again smelled that familiar clear and cool scent, and only right then did she finally believed everything that had just happened.

Reaching out her hands, she hugged him back. “Am I actually seeing you again?”


Yu Yan’s response for simple. He pulled her even closer to her, to the point where his disciple was completely in his embrace. That piece of emptiness in the depths of his heart that he had ever since his ascension, was finally completely covered up.

The two of them did not speak, and simply hugged each other quietly.


Zhu Yao’s arms had gotten sore.

Mn. Although it was indeed very romantic to have reunion in a peach blossom forest, she was unable to bear standing there for a few hours, alright? And whenever she moved, her master was like an overprotective mother hen, as he instantly pressed her back into his embrace.



“It has already been eight hours.”


“If we’re going to continue hugging like this, my arms will break.”

Yu Yan lowered his head, and looked at her with a nonsensical look. “You possess Demigod stage cultivation.”

A Demigod’s arms would still feel sore, alright!?

“Alright then.” Zhu Yao sighed. “Although I have the time, other than hugging, can’t you do something else?”

Yu Yan was startled for a moment. As though he thought of something, a hint of blush flashed past his face. His ears began to redden at an unnatural speed, and his eyes brightened up by a few degrees. And then, he slowly lowered his head.

Oh oh oh… Zhu Yao was a little excited. The ten-thousand-year wooden log had finally been enlightened.

As expected, once again, Yu Yan focused on her lips, and forcefully smooched it at lightning speed. After the kissing, as though he wanted to taste it once more, he pursed his lips.

And then, Zhu Yao’s teeth fell.


– Flips table – Who the hell would kiss while using spiritual energy?

This lady here wants to break up with you!

At the moment she woke up, Zhu Yao really felt that she had logged into Version 5.0. According to her usual reincarnation trend, her cultivation had most probably been raised by another stage. And after the Demigod stage was naturally Ascension. Adding that she had woken up in such a peach blossom garden, it really suited the settings of a realm of deities as well.

Unfortunately, a certain master had mercilessly struck a blow to her self-confidence.

“This time, I descended upon the Lower Realm.”

What? Master, you don’t have to console me. In any case, I’m already used to dying. I can handle it.

Recalling the after-effects of reincarnation, Zhu Yao circulated her own spiritual energy. She realized, although it wasn’t really abundant, there was still spiritual energy present. She didn’t die!

“Then, where’s Sesame and Yue Ying?”

Yu Yan frowned, as though he wasn’t really happy that she was anxious about others. He glanced at the straw cottage at the other side. Zhu Yao used her divine sense to inspect the place, and as expected, Sesame and Yue Ying were currently lying on the bed inside the house, and they seemed to have entered a deep slumber. She instantly heaved a sigh of relief.

“Master, how did you find me?”

Yu Yan took out a black scroll, and lightly explained. “You have my divine imprint on you. After I descended upon the Lower Realm, I realized you were sealed in this item, so I casually pulled you out.” The seal of that scroll was extremely strong, and he even used a bit of effort to pull her out of there. However, he had never expected that he would see her in a state where she was merely left with a single breath.

Initially, he had believed that with her cultivation as a Demigod, no one in the Lower Realm would be able to harm her. Hence, he was able to ascend with a peace of mind. However, this stupid disciple of his would court death whenever he was not looking. He felt that he needed to watch her even more closely.

“The reason I came down this time, is to bring you to the Higher Realm.” Yu Yan spoke out his plans.

“Eh?” Zhu Yao was startled. “But I’m merely at the early levels of Demigod…” Was it possible for her to ascend now?”

“You’re aware that you’re still a Demigod?” Yu Yan’s eyes narrowed, and gave out a scornful look. “Initially, I had thought that with your aptitude, at the very most, you would only require two thousand years to ascend. Yet, even after more than a thousand years have passed, you’re still at the early levels of Demigod.” He had been worrying up in the heavens, and had bitterly waited for such a long time as he was afraid that this stupid disciple of his had done something stupid again. As a last resort, he came down to the Lower Realm, only to find out that she basically had no intentions to ascend at all.

“Wait a minute!” Chotto matte. “A thousand years? How is that possible?” Her Mathematics wasn’t taught incorrectly, right? Clearly, it had only been about twenty years, or thirty years at most, since her master’s ascension. So where did the concept of a thousand years come from?

“One thousand, three hundred and seventy-six years.” Five months, and three days. He had already kindly taken out the hours and minutes.

For a moment, Zhu Yao was in a mess. Theoretically speaking, even if she suffered heavy injuries, she wouldn’t need that much time to recover. Unless…

Zhu Yao lowered her head and looked towards the scroll in Yu Yan’s hands. Unless the flow of time in that scroll, was different compared to the outside.

“Master, are you able to identify what kind of seal is placed on the scroll?”

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