Disciple – Chapter 113

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Chapter 113: World Singularity Record

Zhu Yao curiously picked up a blue coloured leather book, and written on it was these dynamic words ‘World Singularity Record’. Zhu Yao’s eyes shone, and hurriedly opened it. ‘Shuaaa.’ What revealed itself was a vivid diagram of a human body, and her face instantly darkened.

“Are you certain?”

“Of course.” Chen Ning became even more gleeful as he touched the leather of those books. “These are all treasures among treasures.”

“This book as well?” Zhu Yao waved the ‘World Singularity Record’ about.

Momma’s egg. Do you think this old lady here isn’t able to see that it’s a porno after switching into a different avatar?

Chen Ning was startled. The gleeful expression it had before, instantly exploded into a ripe tomato.

“That… That book… I didn’t place it there.” Chen Ning swiped away the book in her hands, and tried to cover up for itself. “Who… Who placed this here? That person simply lacks morals! Such shameful texts! This is too outrageous!’

How outrageous is it? If you dare, don’t embrace it so tightly! Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at it. She then turned her head around and continued to look at the other books.

She then spotted a pitch-black scroll. A part of the written words was completely blurred, and she could faintly see the word ‘Chronology’.

“What’s this?” Zhu Yao curiously picked it up. The book and scrolls here were mostly white or blue coloured, only this particular scroll was black.

Chen Ning patted the ‘World Singularity Record’ on its chest. After confirming that it had placed it well and nicely, it then looked at the scroll in her hands. “That scroll is an ancient chronicle. It doesn’t really have any use, as it’s simply a record of the events that happened long ago. Though, that scroll is made of Tinkling Jade Thread, so it’s very precious.”

Zhu Yao opened the scroll, only to realize that what was recorded was not ancient words, but various pictures. From carefully inspecting it, a part of it was made up of celestial mountains and blessed lands, though, there were various types as well. There were never-seen-before demonic beasts, and there were demonic beasts which were as large as mountains, while there were ones that were as small as worms as well. Most of them had strange and unique figures. The further one read, the uglier the demonic beasts became. Zhu Yao harboured the thought of ‘just how ugly could the last one be’, and continued reading, only to realize that the last one was stained black by a huge patch of ink.

The hell, this feeling where the ending was in sight, only to realize that the author had rage-quit, was simply too frustrating!

At that moment, Zhu Yao was even in the mood to tear this scroll apart! Unfortunately, the scroll was too hard, and seemed to be reinforced by some formations as well, as it could not even be torn.

Zhu Yao felt a knot in the depths of her heart, when suddenly, the hem of her robe was tugged.

When she lowered her head to look, Yue Ying who had been obediently following by her side, was slowly nodding up and down. It seemed like he was tired.

Zhu Yao squatted down, and spread open her arms in front of him.

Yue Yin paused for a moment. His little face was still as emotionless as ever, yet, he reacted extremely quickly. Taking a big step to the front, he hugged onto her neck.

Zhu Yao then hugged him up, and stroked his little head. “Sleep then.”

Only then did the little figure relax, and calmly went into deep sleep.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh. This child, Yue Ying, was a little too obedient. He was not neither noisy nor talkative. Sometimes, when he became quiet, his existence could even be subconsciously forgotten.

“Lord, do you wish to look at these as well?” Chen Ning suddenly popped in, hugging a large pile of ancient scrolls and books in its hands with a flattering expression. “These are all my precious collection.”

Zhu Yao glanced at the big bulk that it was holding in front of its chest. When it came to its precious collection, she really did not have that much an interest in them.

“No need, I have to go now.”

Chen Ning’s expression instantly sank, and it looked at her with a disappointed look. “Do you really not wish to take even a single one?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, and had no choice but to pick up that black scroll out of goodwill.

“Then, I will take this?”

Chen Ning’s eyes instantly shone, and hurriedly nodded.

“I still have matters to attend to, so I will be leaving.” It wasn’t good for a demonic beast to be too enthusiastic. Zhu Yao hugged Yue Ying tightly, and left Equality Pavilion. Flying on her sword, she flew towards Azureflight.

A few minutes later.

“Why are you following me?” Zhu Yao looked at the figure behind her, and her head began to ache.

Chen Ning resoundingly replied. “This subordinate pledges his life to serve lord!”

Serve your sister! This old lady doesn’t want a follower at all. Honestly, you imprinted onto me, haven’t you?

Zhu Yao really wondered just how effective was the so-called dragon bloodline towards demonic beasts. Why was it that, as long as she released her dragon’s aura, she would be chased by such demonic beasts that would pester her to no end? It wouldn’t go away after a beating, nor would it move from being scolded.

No matter how horrible her words were, he would still reply with a smile. “As long as lord wills it!”

Then, roll on the ground!

And in the end, it really rolled about on the ground, before it continued to follow her.

Zhu Yao ran out of ideas, so she was left with no choice but to allow Chen Ning to follow her all the way back to Azureflight.

In just a few short years, Azureflight had already adopted a whole new look. The ruined grounds that had been razed and destroyed by the heretic practitioners back then, had already changed into a different sight. Although the traces of repairs could still be seen everywhere, the place was filled with vitality.

Unsure if it was because Sesame had sensed her presence, when Zhu Yao arrived on the mountain peak, all eighty-three little radishes, including Yu Luo and Sesame, had already stood neatly on the plaza in front of the main hall, waiting for her arrival.

“Greetings to Sect Master.” A resounding and collective voice rang, as all of them bowed towards her together.

“Good boys and girls.” Zhu Yao waved her hand.

She then began to size up the crowd of little radishes. No, they could no longer be called little radishes. Evidently, every single of them had grown by a single head, and the youngest among them was already ten years old.

“Master.” Yu Luo was undoubtedly the happiest, as she hurriedly walked over.

Only to be intersected along the way. A white figure flashed, and he pounced straight towards Zhu Yao. “Mistress, meow~~”

Zhu Yao stepped to the side.

Bam! Sesame’s face made contact with the ground.

However, without a mind, it crawled up, and hugged her leg. “Mistress, little beastie really missed you.”

“Scram!” Zhu Yao wanted to pull out her leg with all her might, however, no matter what she did, she was unable to. The hell, Sesame. Do you have to be this shameless every single time you appear!?

Just when Zhu Yao was about to adopt a more forceful approach, Yue Ying, who was in her arms, suddenly woke up, as he rubbed his eyes.

His legs moved, as though he wanted to get down. Hence, Zhu Yao instinctively released her hand.

And thus, with his little feet, he stepped straight on Sesame’s face.

Sesame instantly released his hands, and began to cry at the corner while holding onto its face which was printed with two footmarks.

Good job! Zhu Yao gave little Yue Ying a thumbs-up. However, he simply looked blankly at her, before he spontaneously pulled onto the hems of her robe.

“Master, these two people are?” Yu Luo looked at the two people behind her, and simply ignored Sesame’s shameless action. That’s right, she was already used to it.

“I will speak of this matter later.” Zhu Yao greeted the little radishes, and at the same time, began to examine their homework.

Probably because she was present this time, the little radishes worked especially hard in their practice matches. In actual fact, Zhu Yao’s trip to Celestial Indus Sect this time, did not even make up a total of ten days. Including Wu Song, among them, there were already five people who had built their Foundation. And, there were even ten who were at the tenth level of Essence. It seemed like, in another two years, half of the little radishes here would have built their Foundation.

The method of training in a group was really effective, it seemed. Not only was it effective in actual battles, it was extremely good in raising one’s cultivation level as well. Although everyone had differences in their cultivation speed, the difference among those in the same team was not significant.

After Zhu Yao was done examining their homework, she casually pointed out a few amendments, and the sky had already begun to darken. Thus, she scattered everyone, and had Wu Song and Yu Luo enter the main hall.

She gave Yue Ying and Chen Ning some simple introductions. She didn’t expose Chen Ning’s identity as a demonic beast, and simply brought up its matters as a merchant. However, naturally, this matter could not be hidden from Sesame. After all, Sesame was a demonic beast itself, and had long seen through its real identity with a single glance. Adding that it was a tenth rank demonic beast as well, all the more did it see Chen Ning as an eyesore.

Ever since they were at the plaza earlier, the two of them had been staring at each other for a long time. Zhu Yao could even faintly see the sparks that were flying between their eyes, though there basically weren’t any gay feelings going on.

Zhu Yao sighed. Compared to that pair, Wu Song and Yu Luo could be said to have feelings that had lasted for a long time. Especially the eye contacts they made every once in a while, where one of them would gaze at the other lovingly while the other would look on shyly, could basically blind the eyes of a single loner.

Zhu Yao, who was that single loner, silently lowered her head and looked at Yue Ying who had already fallen asleep in her embrace. Alright then, she could barely be considered as one of a pair.

I really miss master!

“You two should be tired as well, go on then.” Stop harming this single loner whose crush was in a different place. “Yu Luo, pack up, we will be returning to Ancient Hill Sect tomorrow.”

Yu Luo was startled. The reddened face she had earlier instantly paled a little.

Wu Song exchanged glances with her, before stepping out. “Sect Master, this disciple still has some uncertainties with his cultivation, and require senior-martial sister to provide more pointers. If possible…”

“If possible?” Zhu Yao chuckled. “If possible what?”

Wu Song seemed to be a little afraid of looking at her expression, and only stutter out a moment later. “If possible… Have her… Have her stay here for a few more days, so as to guide… this disci-, no, the disciples.”

Zhu Yao looked at him. Oh? Trying to take my disciple away from me? How can it be this easy? “Azureflight had only been established recently, and there are many matters to attend to. I only have this one precious disciple of mine, how can I bear to have her stay here to suffer?”

“Master, I’m not afraid of suffering.” Yu Luo hurriedly expressed.

“I will take good care of senior-martial sister.” Wu Song immediately spoke up as well.

“How are you going to take care of her? And for how long?” Zhu Yao continued with her questions.

“Naturally, the longer senior-martial sister is willing to stay, the longer I will take care of her.”

“Never to betray her?”


“Good!” Zhu Yao patted heavily on his shoulders. “I will then hand my disciple to you then. I’m watching you, alright? Oh, right. You best prepare a bigger dowry.”

“…” Wu Song was startled, only a moment later did he understand what she meant. Instantly, his face flushed. He slowly looked towards Yu Luo, and after seeing that her face was even redder than his, he revealed a silly smile.

“Master…” Yu Luo acted as though as she was furious, and glared towards her.

Yo, you actually became embarrassed at a time like this? If you have the ability, don’t laugh.

“I’m only speaking the truth. The person Wu Song wishes to marry is the daughter of the Ancient Hill Sect Master, you know? He must show some sincerity, right?”

“Master!” The little radish erupted.

“Alright, we can speak of this matter again in the future.” Zhu Yao curled her lips. She must still give Wu Song some time to save up money, right? She wondered just how Zi Mo would react if he were to know of this piece of news. Thinking about this, she really looked forward to it!

After that, she instructed them on the Sect’s matters that would accumulate in these upcoming days, before having them head out to arrange a residence for Chen Ning.

“Sesame, stay behind!”

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