Disciple – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Master’s New Skill

The little fatty’s actual intentions were exposed in front of everyone, yet, he became even more complacent. “I have already reached the first level of Essence, while you lot have yet to start cultivating at all. Naturally, I should be the first one in queue.”

Everything was clear now. It was actually a case brought about by the matters regarding the queueing for identity jade tablets. Zhu Yao was about to step forward, but, her sleeves was suddenly tugged. She was stopped by the white-clothed disciple beside her, and he was exactly the disciple who brought the little turnips to receive their tablets. Little Wang seemed to refer to him as senior-martial brother Qin.

“This junior-martial sister, it’s best not to step into matters like this.” The disciple surnamed Qin gave her an eye, pointed to that little fatty, and said with a low voice. “He’s the son of the first disciple of the Artifact-Refining Peak. He possesses the Water and Wood Duo spirit veins, and is destined to enter the Inner Sect. It’s best to step aside, and prevent yourself from getting into trouble.”

So it’s actually a matter of status, huh. It’s no wonder no one is intervening. Just that, is it really alright to not teach him a lesson after he just beat up someone? They’re kids, after all. As she thought of this, the Little Wang over there had already finished dealing with the matter, by settling the queue order according to height, with the shortest standing at the front. It was evident that Little Wang was held in high esteem among this bunch of kids, as the little turnips seemed to have taken him as their leader figure.

In the end, little fatty was queued second from the back, and as Wang Xuzhi was the tallest, he was queued right at the back. Although the little fatty was a little unsatisfied, he did not directly express it out.

“Hey, hey, wife, you stand here.” After Wang Xuzhi got into his position, he pointed to his back, and beckoned Zhu Yao to come over.

He succeeded in causing the corner of her lips to twitch. Looking at the surrounding strange eyes directed at her, she suddenly had the impulse to pinch him to death. Wang Xuzhi looked at her unmoving figure, thinking that she was unsatisfied with being right at the back, he gritted his teeth, painfully took a step back, and pointed to the now open position in front of him. “If not, I can permit you to stand in front of me as well!”

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened even more. However, seeing his serious expression, she had no choice but to walk over. She then scooped Little Wang up, and strongly spanked his buttocks a few times.

Little Wang took in deep breaths due to the pain, yet, strangely, he did not yell out. He looked at Zhu Yao with a mysterious expression, and then slowly turned his head to the side.

Hey, hey, what is a youngster like you blushing red for?

Not understanding the spoiled brat’s thoughts, she decided to ignore it, however, she suddenly felt being bumped by someone. Looking forward, standing in front of her was little fatty, and coincidentally, the child who was beat up, was queued just right in front of him. Little fatty took the opportunity when no one was looking, and with a squeeze of his buttocks, he successfully squeezed into the third position from the back. He even turned his head back and made a face at the kid behind him.

That child called Xiao Yi, did not get a good footing, and almost fell again. Barely holding up, he looked at the little fatty in front of him with a face filled with hatred. Tightly gripping the tiny fists in front of him, he lightly muttered out something. His voice was soft, it was not loud enough for anyone else to hear, but, Zhu Yao, who was standing right behind him, was able to hear him very clearly.

“One day, I will have everyone in this world crawl beneath my feet.”

Zhu Yao suddenly felt a familiar yet strange feeling. She was unable to describe what it was, she simply felt something was wrong. When she looked at the child in front of her carefully, she finally recognized him. Was he not the little beggar with duo spirit veins back at the city? Back then, his calmness and seriousness which were different compared to the rest of the children were even highly evaluated by Zi Lin. Zhu Yao wondered which master would he be taken in by?

But why did she feel strange when she was looking at him? Just what was wrong with him?

Zhu Yao sank deep into her thoughts, however, no matter how much she thought of the matter, she was unable to find a single reason. Her thoughts were then interrupted by the manager, who respectfully handed her tablet onto her hands.

She then simply explained a few things to Little Wang, telling him she was under a different master from him, and would often come over to see him. As he gave her a “you’re not going to do your wifely duties again” expression, following the manager, Zhu Yao returned to Jade Forest Peak.

The life of cultivating was extremely dull. Ever since the morning her master taught her how to take in spiritual energy into her body, he had never appeared again. Just where did he go? Zhu Yao tried to sense spiritual energy in the house for an entire day, and was finally unable to sit still any longer. If she was going to continue sitting like this, forget about spiritual energy, she was about to starve to death.

Zhu Yao had searched the entire house, yet, she did not find anything that was edible. She had even searched her master’s house as well, forget about food, even he had disappeared. At how things were going, she was definitely going to starve to death. Master could not have forgotten that she needed to eat, right?

She looked at the lush forest of trees at the base of the mountain, and considered relying on herself to look for food. But, someone like her who could even forget to pour water into the electronic rice cooker, even if she were to go out for a hunt, she would not be able to cook, right? Furthermore, she did not have any hunting skills either.

Master… Hurry and come home, your disciple is about to starve to death.

Hence, when a certain master returned from his closed-door meditation three days later, he once again obtained another collapsed body in front of his house. Yu Yan frowned. Did his disciple perhaps possess an eccentric personality, and like to lie on the ground at random moments?

Silently casting the Dirt Removal Art on his disciple, and also inserting some spiritual energy inside her body, the fallen body on the ground finally got up.

Seeing Yu Yan, Zhu Yao could not help but burst into tears, and she instantly hugged onto his legs. “Master!”

Yu Yan stiffened. He was really not used to being hugged like this. However, when he thought that the one hugging onto his leg was the disciple he had finally longed for, he suppressed his feelings of flinging her away. His little disciple seemed to like him quite a lot, she was actually this moved after leaving for only a few days.

“You’re finally back, I was about to starve to death.” Zhu Yao began her accusations while she was still in tears. If not for that final line that still lied in her heart, she would have already gone to bite on the tree barks. As someone who had never starved since young, she was really not used to it. “I want to eat!”

Yu Yan instantly rejected her request. “As a practitioner, one must not savour on food. There are too many impurities in the food of the mortal realm which will easily influence your cultivation.”

“But Master, if I don’t eat now, I will really starve to death!” How the hell was she going to cultivate if she died?

Yu Yan was startled, only now did he recall that his disciple had yet to even learn how to take in spiritual energy into her body. It seemed like… it would not do if she did not eat. Yu Yan went into a moment of silence, and looked at his crying disciple who was clinging onto his leg, his face was filled with melancholy, as though it was saying “Why is my disciple so weak?” He sighed, and then, his figure disappeared in a flash. Zhu Yao was left alone on the grass field, and a gentle breeze blew past her.

So hungry…

Just when she thought that her master had decided not to care about her any longer, in a blur, her master who had just left, returned with a big bag of stuffs. With a shake of his hand, a large number of fresh cabbages, carrots and other vegetables fell out. So he went to look for food for her, but… how was she going to eat them raw?

Just as she was skeptical about this, her master picked up a carrot and a few other vegetables, opened the kitchen’s door, pulled up his sleeves and began to cook.

Zhu Yao stared blankly at the white-clothed man. With a hand holding onto the carrot, and with a knife on the other, he began to slice the vegetables, making ‘dong dong dong’ sounds on the chopping board. He was actually performing this daily life scene with such overflowing divinity. Master, when did you put skill points into your life skills?

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