Disciple – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Meeting the Little Turnip Again

The reason why Zi Lin came up to the mountain this time, was to look for Zhu Yao, in order to have her undergo the sect’s entry procedures and receive her own identity jade tablet. Every new disciple of Ancient Hill Sect had to undergo lectures about the sect for a month, something that was similar to an induction programme. Then, the various Peaks would select a couple of people with good potentials as inner sect disciples. Those who were not selected, would enter the outer sect, and only after they built their Foundation, would they enter the inner sect. However, these people might not be taken in as disciples by the Peak Lord. Initially, Zhu Yao had to undergo the same process as well, but, her spirit vein was too unique. Hence, she did not have to undergo the same process, and was immediately taken in as a disciple, a personal succeeding disciple at that.

Zi Lin looked at the divine imprint on Zhu Yao’s forehead, which could only belong to personal succeeding disciples, and could not help but feel envious in his heart. Usually, practitioners would only have a single personal succeeding disciple, and unless the disciple were to die, there would be no other successors. However, how could he blame her for being a lightning spirit vein holder?

As Zhu Yao did not know how to use a flying sword, Zi Lin had no choice but to take out that giant piece of leaf he used back then, and carried her to Main Peak.

“Grand-martial aunt, please, this way.” Zi Lin guided Zhu Yao into the hall, his manner was so respectful, she was starting to feel a little embarrassed.

“It’s fine if you just call me Zhu Yao.” It kind of felt strange being called grand-martial uncle by someone of about the same age.

Zi Lin simply smiled, he did not reject it, nor did he dare to directly accept her request, and simply said a few words to someone who seemed to be the manager of this hall. The expression of that aged uncle instantly tensed up. He wobbly walked over to her, gave her a huge bow, and called out, “Ancestral Grand-martial aunt!”

Zhu Yao: “……”

“Grand-martial aunt, you do not need to care about it too much. In the cultivation world, one’s superiority is dependent on one’s level of cultivation. Since you’re Sovereign Yu Yan’s disciple, this sort of situation will be a usual occurrence in the future.” Zi Lin gave some consoling words and guided her to a chair at the side. He then had the uncle leave to do his own work, and continued to explain to her. “Jade Forest Peak’s identity jade tablet will require some time to finish, so I have to humbly ask Grand-martial aunt to wait here for a short moment.”

Zhu Yao nodded. Sitting on the chair, she curiously looked at her surroundings. This place should be a junction specialized in dealing with matters regarding the sect, and there were not many people. Occasionally, there would be one or two people charging towards Zi Lin to greet him, and then, they would head to the place at the center that looked similar to a counter. Sometimes, they would take out something, hand it over to the person at the counter, and leave after that.

“This is the place where missions are managed in our sect.” Seeing that she was interested, Zi Lin pointed to the tablets hanged around the room, and explained. “Our sect frequently issue out missions, and, as long as you have the ability, you can accept them. After you have completed your mission, you can receive contribution points from the sect, and use them to exchange for goods.”

So it’s an exchange market. Zhu Yao had a sudden realization, and once again, saw people entering the place and charging towards Zi Lin, greeting him. There were people calling him senior martial-uncle, and there were people calling him ancestral senior martial-uncle. After they finished greeting him, they would also curiously look at Zhu Yao who was beside him, but they did not inquire about her.

It was good that Zi Lin did not explain her identity to those people, otherwise, she would have to look at a bunch of people, both young and old, calling her ancestor. She simply would not be able to accept it. But Zi Lin’s status seems to be pretty high as well. I wonder which Reverend his master is. It would be best if he’s not from the Medicine Peak. As someone who is blacklisted, I can’t happily play around with people from the Medicine Peak. (--)!

“Senior-martial uncle Li!” While she was in her own thoughts, someone suddenly charged over. His steps were a little hasty, and seemed to have been rushing throughout his entire journey. He glanced at Zhu Yao, and then, whispered a few words into Zi Lin’s ear. Zi Lin who was still gentle and calm earlier, became heavily tensed.

“Grand-martial aunt, a small matter seemed to have come up at the Sword Peak, if possible…”

“Go, I will wait here.” Zhu Yao waved her hand.

Zi Lin hesitated for a moment, called out to a disciple in the hall, and only after telling him to have the manager send her back after the tablet was finished, did he finally bring along the youth, who just entered, and leave.

Zhu Yao waited for about half an hour, and the manager had yet to appear. It seemed like it indeed require a long time to finish her identity jade tablet. Just when she was about to take a stroll, the moment she went out of the entrance, a bunch of familiar little turnips came walking over. Especially that little wimp with the round face who was walking right at the front with a lowered head, was he not Doctor Wang’s son?

“It’s you!” The little kid Wang Xuzhi saw Zhu Yao as well, momentarily, his eyes sparkled, and he charged straight over like a cannonball. Zhu Yao spread out her arms and was planning to embrace him, however, at the critical moment, the little turnip actually stepped on the brakes. Glaring at her, he pursed his lips, and began to furiously lecture her. “Where did you run off to? I… I looked for you everywhere. Let me tell you this, if you’re lost, I… I won’t come looking for you, alright!? Hmph!”

Uh… Why is this kid’s words so contradictory? First, you said you looked for me everywhere, and then later, you said you’re not going to look for me. Zhu Yao awkwardly put down her empty arms, and stroked Little Wang’s head. Looks like little wimp is rather worried about me, huh.

Looking at his inflated little face that was about to burst out of anger, and his eyes that looked like it could tear up at any moment, Zhu Yao’s heart momentarily softened. Squatting down, she rubbed his cute little cheeks. “What are you crying for? Look, didn’t I come back? Were you so worried about me?”

Wang Xuzhi startled for a moment, and then, in an instant, like a lighted up firecracker, he huffed. “Who’s worried about you? If not for the fact that you’re going to be married to me in the future, I wouldn’t care the least bit about you! My dad once told me, you suddenly disappearing like that, is called a wife not doing her duty.”

Zhu Yao’s hands stopped, and then, began to pinch his cheeks. Your sister’s not doing her wifely duties! As I thought, he’s a spoiled brat, a day without a beating and he will scale the roof to strip the tiles.

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts…” Little wimp kept trying to pull her hands off, but unfortunately, he did not succeed.

Only after Zhu Yao was satisfied with her pinching, did she release her hands from his reddened little cheeks. Pointing to the little turnips queueing in front of the counter behind him, she asked. “What are you guys doing here?”

Little Wang placed his two hands on his little cheeks, rubbed them, and said with an irritated expression. “Senior-martial brother Qin brought us here to receive our identity jade tablets.”

He pointed to the youth who was currently leading the group of children.

So they’re here to receive their identity jade tablets as well. Zhu Yao was about to ask about what they did for the last two days, but she suddenly saw a commotion among the little turnips. A familiar-looking little turnip was pushed onto the ground.

While a little kid which was a little fat was currently sitting on the little turnip’s body, waving his fists about, another little girl was actually crying at the side. The other little kids simply looked on anxiously, none of them took a step forward to stop them. Even the youth who had brought them here, simply looked away, as though it was not his problem.

“What are you guys doing!” Before Zhu Yao could make clear of the situation, Little Wang beside her had already called out to them, and had successfully stopped the little fatty who was giving the kid on the floor a beating.

Little Wang angrily walked over, pointed at the little fatty, and asked. “Little fatty Zhao, why did you beat him?”

The little fatty looked a little unsatisfied, but he still got up from the little kid who he beat up. He pointed at the little kid on the ground who was already completely stained with dirt, and said. “This kid dared to cut into my queue. I was simply teaching him a lesson!”

“No… It’s not like that…” The little girl who was crying hurriedly shook her head. “Little fatty said he wanted to be the first to receive his identity jade tablet, and stopped me from receiving mine. Big brother Xiao Yi stood out to help me.”

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