Disciple – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Network Delaying Auntie

In less than ten minutes, on the stone table in front of the thatched cottage, five dishes comprising of four plates of vegetables and a bowl of soup, were neatly placed. Their aroma floated in the air. Throughout the entire process, Zhu Yao’s mouth was wide open, and had yet to recover from that state as she looked at that certain non-deity-like person in front of her.

“Eat!” Yu Yan indifferently said a single word. Sitting right across her, he passed her a bowl of white rice, and signalled her to start eating.

Zhu Yao mechanically took the bowl, a bunch of exclamation marks were still crazily scrolling through her mind. “Master, you know how to cook?”

Yu Yan passed her a pair of chopsticks, paused for a moment, and then said. “Your grandmaster once taught me.”

Oh, so it’s a skill inheritance. Silently, she began eating. After finishing three bowls of rice, she was finally full, and she put down her bowl and chopsticks. I’m stuffed. She felt as though she was resurrected from the dead.

Throughout the entire process, Yu Yan simply sat across her, watching her eat. When she finally placed down her chopsticks, he began to clear the bowls and plates on the table. Before Zhu Yao could even stop him, he had already finished cleaning them in the kitchen. Along the way, he even took the rest of the vegetables piled up outside the doorway and placed them neatly in the kitchen.

Zhu Yao simply looked on with sparkling eyes, and had almost wanted to write the two words “Virtuous House-husband” on her master’s forehead.

Her master was actually capable of doing anything!

Yu Yan looked at Zhu Yao’s expression, and knew that she had yet to take in any spiritual energy. Yet, he did not press her, and simply gave her some encouraging words, telling her not to rush her cultivation and things like that. The more Zhu Yao heard those words, the more moved she was. She felt that she had really struck a pot of gold, as she had actually encountered a master with such all-round capabilities.

Her will to cultivate was filled with even more vigour, and she confidently returned to the house to sense spiritual energy.

Unfortunately, even though she had the motivation, reality was cruel. Zhu Yao meditated for an entire night, although she did not fall asleep this time around, she still could not feel a hint of spiritual energy. Looking at the sun which had already risen, Zhu Yao felt a deep sense of powerlessness.

The last time she went out, she had already found out that, the little turnips who had followed her to the sect, had all sensed spiritual energy, hence, they were able to receive their identity jade tablets. Because things like jade tablets, could only be opened after inserting spiritual energy into them. And that little fatty, had even cultivated to the first level of Essence. As for Little Wang, he had even reached the second level of Essence. This was also why the rest of the little turnips treated him as their leader. As for Zhu Yao, she did not even possess the ability to open her own identity tablet.

So embarrassing. Where’s the promised cheat of a lightning spirit vein holder?

Zhu Yao let out a long sigh. She felt that she had to find her master next door and talked to him about life, so as to console her broken heart. Just when she got up, a familiar flow of warmth rushed out from her lower body. As though thousands of horses were galloping across her, it was aggressive and endless.

Zhu Yao’s expression paled, and felt like crying. Before she could even greet her auntie¹ she had not seen for a long time, an excruciating pain came from her lower abdomen, robbing her consciousness. Momma’s egg², why the hell does it hurt so much!

She had always had a bad defect, her period would always hurt, and it was even the very excruciating type. Every month, in the few days before her auntie arrived, she would always make sure not to take any cold drinks, and only then could she calmly let it past. As long as she took in a sip of cold water, she would have to definitely be sent to the hospital and be jabbed with painkillers.

But, in the couple of months after she arrived at this world, her auntie mysteriously disappeared. She had even slightly rejoiced about it once, thinking that there might not be such a cruel creature such as an auntie in this world. How would she have known that she was simply un-acclimatized to this world, which caused a network delay? A few months’ worth of aunties were just waiting for her!

Including the entire night of cold breeze she endured when she climbed the mountain a few days ago, it seemed like the excruciating pain she was suffering this time around, would not end anytime soon.

A while later, Zhu Yao had already curled up into a ball due to the pain, yet, she was still unable to lighten the sense of pain. And, the bed had also been stained with countless red dots of blood. And just when she felt she was about die from the pain, the door banged open. A white figure appeared in front of her bed.

On his cold expression, his two brows deeply creased, he looked strangely at her rolling figure, and Yu Yan was really startled by the smell of blood suddenly permeating into the air. “You’re wounded?” Who was it? Who dared to harm my disciple who was under my supervision?

“Master!” Zhu Yao silently pulled over her blanket to cover her two legs. There was nothing more embarrassing than having her period seen.

“Who wounded you?” Yu Yan reached out his hand, grabbed her wrist, and started to check her pulse. A large amount of blood loss, it seemed like she was injured very severely.

“No… It’s not that!” Zhu Yao embarrassingly pulled her hand back. He could not have not noticed it was just her period, right? “Master, take your leave first. I will be fine in just a moment. Oh right, if it’s not inconvenient for you, do you mind boiling me a bowl of brown sugar water?”

Brown sugar water? What’s that? Yu Yan was entirely clueless. Looking at her hesitant expression, he could not help but guess that, did she perhaps have a reason for not telling him? Or did the person who harmed her threatened her with something? A certain master was enraged. There was actually someone in this world capable of threatening his disciple.

“You do not have to be afraid, tell master what’s the matter. I will personally help you do justice.”

“…” How the hell was she going to explain about her auntie? “Master, I’m really alright?”

Yu Yan frowned even deeper. Seeing that she was determined to not voice out about it, he had no choice but to take the next best option. “Let your master see your wound.”

“Eh!?” Are you serious? I don’t have a wound though?

However, Yu Yan had already pulled her blanket away, and looked over to her legs. Because of that earlier action, her auntie’s blood splurged out even more, and in just a moment later, streams of blood had already flowed down her thighs, staining her entire pants. In Yu Yan’s eyes however, her injuries seemed to have worsened, because the smell of fresh blood was even more dense that before. He reached out his hand to take off his disciple’s pants, wanting to investigate her wound.

Zhu Yao suddenly reacted, pressing on his hand, her entire face had already paled from his attempted action.

“Master, I’m really alright. This is normal.”

Yu Yan still had the same serious expression as he looked at her. With reproachful eyes, he pulled her hand away. “You’re injured to this extent, how is this normal? Release my hand, let your master have a look.”

“No!” Zhu Yao was so frightened, she even forgot about the pain. She instantly leaped up, and hid to the corner of the bed. Ever since she was young, this was the first time her pants was being righteously stripped off by someone, who the hell could be calm about it?

Yu Yan’s face momentarily darkened. His expression which did not possess any warmth in the first place, had turned even colder. “Come over here!”

Zhu Yao shook her head furiously. If she were to go over, her chastity and virginity would disappear, alright!?

Yu Yan waved his hand, and Zhu Yao simply felt her body stiffening. As though she had lost control of her body, she flew to the front, and landed nicely in Yu Yan’s embrace. With a simple pull, Zhu Yao’s pants were pulled down, revealing a white **** which was stained red with blood.

Zhu Yao simply felt a chill on her lower body, and momentarily, embarrassment, awkwardness, astonishment, humiliation, different types of feelings burst out from her heart. A shriek which she could not suppress rang throughout the clouds, and then, out of reflex, with her right hand, she gave a tight slap into the face of the person beside her.

“Ah—————— ****!”

¹ ‘Auntie’: A Chinese internet slang for a girl’s period. As to how this term came about… ahem, it seems they derived it from English. From what I understand, it went like this: When a girl hits puberty, she will have to wait until it comes every month. Unti sounds like Auntie. Hence, female netizens would always say ‘My auntie has come.’ when their period arrives. Yeah, Chinese people are weird. There are funny variations as to how the term came about as well. If you guys are interested, I will post them up when I have the time.

² ‘Momma’s egg’: Another variation of ‘what the hell’ or any other curses. I could have simply changed it to one of the English variations, but I decided to keep it this way, ’cause of some wordplays in the future.

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