Monohito Chapter 22

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Monohito Chapter 22 – A Teacher’s Agony

“Dammit! Who’s that guy!”


All members of the attack department throw abusive words in the hallway when Riheed left.

“What’ll you do, Vahks?”

“It’s settled isn’t it, I’ll beat him viciously after school in the first practice ground…!”

The one called Vahks, the boy who quarreled with Riheed stares down the hallway where Riheed left with eyes full of fighting spirit.

“That’s so.”

“Yeah, let’s gather our colleagues! Go call our senpais!”

Because of Vahks’ motivated appearance, the surrounding students are also in high spirits.

“That’s unnecessary! I by myself is enough for such a guy! Why are you putting out your hands!?”

“U-understood, Vahks.”

The students who thought they would surround with many people flinch from Vahks’ angry shout.

Vahks is mindful of the duel that Riheed said.

For a general department to pick a fight particularly the superior himself in the first year attack department, moreover it’s a duel which in reality Vahks doesn’t like.

And a transfer student with an intimidating air has come, furthermore their magic power surpassed the measuring instrument and a private measuring instrument was used, the fact that their magic power is much higher that himself is pointed out putting Vahks in a bad mood.

Since the transfer student’s origins might cause disorder if unskillfully revealed it is being concealed.

Therefore, Vahks is thinking about himself losing to some guy from who knows where.

Among the transfer students, a magician truly from nobody knows where has mixed in.

“Damn, so that’s how it is! I’ll show you hell…!”

Vahks’ intense anger was absorbed by the hallway Riheed left through.

“Riheed, you said you helped that attack department group, what did you mean?”

“I’m also interested. You say it like it’s mutual, it looked to me like the attack department was using violence one-sidedly.”

On the way returning to the classroom, Mikene and Litris question Riheed about what was on their mind.

“Hmm, that’s simple. That guy from the special department who was pushed down, he was going to fully answer back. With magic.”

“Eh? I didn’t have such a feeling.”

“There wasn’t any sign attack magic was going to be used.”

Mikene and Litris’ questions grow further from Riheed’s reply.

“Fuhaha, you still got some way to go. Attack magic isn’t the only way to attack. It seems he was about to use a curse.”


Because the special magic department is too mixed, the teachers who understand everything as well as the students are few.

Among that mixed types are ones related to curses.

“Umu. It was considerably well used, those attack department guys who were near didn’t notice, isn’t it sad?”

“Haa. I understand that, is it alright to declare a duel?”

While Riheed is shaking his head as if it’s really sad, perceiving a somewhat enjoyable atmosphere Mikene asks while sighing.

“Fuhaha! Do you think I’ll lose? You who were near but didn’t know magic was being used have a big attitude, before long it might advance into something that can’t be undone, I should educate you firmly!”

“I understand the thought for the time being. Can you go easy?”

Though Mikene more or less displays assent to Riheed’s reason, the confirmation of the largest pending question isn’t neglected.

“Leave it to me! It’s a chance to learn and practice various magic! I’ll be sure to do it carefully!”

“That’s the true motive…”

Riheed’s true motive is revealed with a fine smile, Litris points it out in tiredly.

“Ooh, it’s the classroom already, well then I’ll see you again afterschool!”

“He ran away!?”

“Haa, it can’t be helped, it’s Riheed.”

The two who passed through the classroom door promptly pursued Riheed who ran away.

“Well, may I hear why the three of you who left earlier are slower than me?”

Having met the three who return to the classroom, with a kind smiling face like usual, however there was some pressure which couldn’t be named behind the figure of Kyrie saying those words from the platform.

“100% Riheed’s fault.”

“Kyrie-sensei’s scary.”

“Fuhahaha! Kyrie-sensei still has some way to go!”

Unable to bear Kyrie’s implied pressure, the three narrate the events from the end of the measurements until returning to the classroom.

Finished hearing the three’s story, Kyrie unusually frowns saying it’s not good to settle with violence, particularly Riheed was cautioned.

However, in the end Riheed gave instruction for the duel before witnesses.

After Riheed obtained the uniform of Rhonks, when free time was found he would read books in the school library.

Among them, even those school staff seldom read, is a bulky book containing the rules of Rhonks magic school.

Riheed who read through that book knew that duels were permitted as a method to solve problems between students.

Due to the attendance of a teacher being a must, Riheed aimed at Kyrie from the outset.

In the garden of Mikene’s house, because Hyph becomes teary eyed when excessively powerful magic is used, Riheed restrains himself. Being able to use magic with all his effort, and additionally having an opponent who can use magic makes Riheed full of motivation.

A troublesome student read a troublesome book, Kyrie is troubled.

Most aren’t aware of it, and even those students who are aware don’t really use this rule, that’s why when Kyrie made complete review of the school’s regulations the rule was left as is.

And now, because of the exchange by the classroom, not only the attack magic department, but also the general magic department have been reached by the story of Riheed’s duel.

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