Monohito Chapter 23

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Monohito Chapter 23 – Both Sides Are To Blame

After school, the first practice ground was surrounded by a number of students.

It’s largely first year students of the attack magic department and general magic department, here and there are also students from the other departments and school years mixed in.

And in the middle, Riheed, Vahks, and the attending teacher Kyrie are standing.

“Fun, it should be fine if it’s Kyrie-sensei.”

Usually Kyrie would take steps to stop such a fight rather than expressly standing in as the observer, Vahks bears in mind this doubt.

However, as the person himself is the observer, Vahks lets go of this doubt as Kyrie’s disposition isn’t to be partial.

“Hahhahha, good, good, for coming and not escaping.”

“You’re crappy talking hasn’t stopped!”

While Riheed as proud as usual laughs loudly, Vahks is provoked.

Vahks immediately snapping could be seen, making Riheed amused.

Seeing that, Vahks snaps further creating a cycle.

When the vicious cycle of the two’s exchange can said to be finished, Kyrie signals to both sides to start the duel.

“Both of you, please do not use life-threatening magic. Please keep your health till the end. Then begin!”

With Kyrie’s signal, Vahks smiles ferociously and deploys an attack magic.

Kyrie’s is an instant too late in reaction to that strong attack magic which ignored his warning,

Though he was promptly going to intervene, when seeing Riheed’s unusual conduct, he is again driven to halt his actions.

Riheed fires several high speed magic against Vahks’ attack magic.

Separately they are beginner level magic that can’t opposed Vahks magic, but several together can.

Even more so than the development speed, Riheed who indiscriminately fires completely different types of magic shocks Vahks and Kyrie, not to mention the gathered students.

The moment when Vahks’ magic was developed, Riheed recalls a magic from his repertoire he hasn’t tested which partially disappears.

Before long Riheed’s tested magic disappears and he is thinking what to do next.

It’s seems unnatural from the side, and Vahks judged that Riheed’s magic power is running out.

“You’re just a low standing person trying to look good with your magic power running out!! It’ll be finished with this!!”

Vahks begins a lengthy aria, Kyrie was going to intervene this time, but his action is stopped by Riheed.

“Hmm, I’ll have this magic.”

When Riheed mutters so, an identical magic as Vahks’ is speedily developed and they are shot at the same time, and they disappear after clashing into each other.

An impossible spectacle, it’s as if time has stopped for everyone.

“Hmm? Hurry up and quickly teach me the next magic!”

Riheed with plentiful room urges Vahks to fire the next magic.

“Damn iiit!!”

Becoming desperate, Vahks fires an attack magic.

In this way, what is in a sense a one-sided battle continues.

Magic knock against each other, an explosion of light is generated, there is hole in the practice ground.

The scene from just now is repeated.

One side develops a magic, one the other side after seeing that magic an identical magic is developed.

But the two magics are shot at the same time, they clash with identical power then vanish.

The students who gathered at the practice ground hearing the transfer student from the rumors is fighting can hear the sound of their fragile common sense collapsing, and can only watch the scene with blank amazement.

“Haa haa…”

Finally Vahks’ magic power has run out, and his knees hit the ground.

Seeing that appearance, Riheed is elated.

“Fuhahaha, all bark no bite! If you want to beat me you’ll need to learn more magic!”

Assuming what will happen next, Riheed makes arrangements to increase his magic repertoire.

“Damn, trying to tell me what to do… It’s my defeat!!”

“Yea yea, high points for bravery! I will lower the level of the punishment magic a little.”

Riheed has admiration for Vahks firmly admitting his defeat, and so decided to lower the rank of the punishment magic.

“Hey wait, what punishment magic!?”

“It goes unspoken for the loser! So receive one punishment magic!!”

While Vahks resists in vain, light extends from Riheed’s staff.

That magic wraps around Vahks but its effect isn’t understood.

Not feeling any pain in particular, Vahks is confused about the light and looks at Riheed.

Riheed has a grinning face while observing Vahks.

Before long Vahks’ behavior becomes strange.

A red face as if he is enduring something, his body is twisting.

“Kuha, ah, ah, aaahahaha!! St-sto… hahhahhaa!!”

It was explosive laughter.

The light swells and each time Vahks’ laughter is physically stimulated.

Sometimes the light stops moving, Vahks is allowed to breath, then the action is promptly restarted.

The determined torturing continues, Kyrie who couldn’t watch any longer intervenes.

“Riheed-kun, its fine now isn’t it?”

“Yea, it can’t be helped if the teacher says so.”

Looking at Vahks’ shameful sight, Riheed bursts out laughing, completely changing to a serious face, the magic is cancelled.

“Learn your lesson with this; don’t thoughtlessly flare up at someone else! Incidentally I’ll accept a duel anytime, come when you learn new magic!”

Riheed says what he wanted to say towards Vahks who fainted after being release, then left the place.

However, as if recalling something, he takes out his staff and swings it.

While everyone is curious, roaring laughter can be heard from a section of spectators.

“Both sides are to blame!”

Leaving behind an ambiguous parting remark, Riheed disappears into the crowd.

The fainted Vahks is looked after by Kyrie, the spectators are stunned and the student from the special magic department who burst out laughing for some reason are left behind.

Thus Riheed’s first day of school life came to an end.

As with this day, the noisy everyday life at Rhonks magic school with Riheed at the center continues.

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