Monohito Chapter 21

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Monohito Chapter 21 – School Explanation

Kyrie exits the classroom together with the urban company employee while carrying the measuring instrument, as Riheed and them exits, from the opposite door, another class exits out of a different classroom.

“The special department.”

“Hohou, over there.”

Litris identifies the department of the exiting class by seeing the color of their uniform.

Largely due to their parents’ intentions, Mikene and Litris both entered the general magic department and didn’t have other options. Rhonks magic school has four departments, according to the student’s intentions and actual disposition; it’s divided into the general magic department, attack magic department, support magic department and special magic department.

The general magic department is where magic is wholly studied and practiced.

The department is almighty in magic learning, as graduating from it is proof of an advanced education; there are a lot of people with a high social position.

The attack magic department is focused on studying and practicing attack magic, the main place of employment is the army.

The students who go there by their own intentions as well as those by their disposition, the department is famous for many of those in the department having an aggressive personality.

The support magic department is focused on studying and practicing support magic, the main places of employment is the army and many public institutions.

To say in short, support magic has various types, as a rough explanation, healing a wound is restoration, its magic which has a direct influence on a target.

The special magic department is minor magic such as summoning and the like all lumped together.

Attack and support magic that are not systemized like modern magic such as magic which selects its user is classified, and there are many who focus on research after graduation.

Of course there are those who study ancient magic, such as Litris who was attracted by the cannon principle, who has a stance of researching it to the end.

Litris went a few times to talk with the special magic department’s teacher who is researching ancient magic, but in the end decided to study on her own because she couldn’t wipe away a sense of discomfort.

The departments all have good and bad points, due to differences in social positions and the like it can’t be said that relations are always good, Litris wasn’t aware, but her going in and out of the special magic department wasn’t thought well of, which was the cause of that uncomfortable feeling.

To the other departments, the general department is for the sons and daughters of high social status who neglect their studies, it’s called a joyride department because the power relationships outside of school is tossed in, so it was though that Litris came there half for fun and curiosity.

To the other departments the attack department is uncivilized, the support department is weak, the special department is called gloomy, each looks down on the other, it can be said that the students from different departments barely have mutual exchanges.

Even committee and club activities have minimal contact, most students group by departments during activities.

Because of it being such a situation, there is little information coming and going of their fellow students, but that the current term had a midway new student who is also in the general department was known.

Other than Riheed, there were five transfer students including the Maou’s child, Leanne, all chose a department other than the general department.

The reason is, they were recommended by Rhonks magic school, or possibly compelled, because magic to blow away what stands in the way, inspired healing, and summoning, they were aware these are one side to magicians with various aspects and magic they haven’t seen.

However the magic idiot heard from Mikene he can study magic as a whole, and didn’t hesitate to pick the general department.

Exactly as planned, a young girl manipulated the legendary magician.

“Ara, pitiful.”

For a short while, Mikene was lured into watching the class leave by Riheed and mutters so.

When Riheed is about to ask Mikene a question, a voice is raised.

“Hey! Gloomy! You’re being obstructive!”

Together with a wild voice, a special magic department student is pushed to the corner of the hallway and falls down.

Students laugh seeing that.

“The attack department, their voice and attitude is as large as usual.”

“If you say too much you’ll be heard.”

Hearing the voices of the two talking by the side, Riheed sharply observes the special and attack magic department students.

“Hmm hmm.”

Before long he nods his head while spontaneously moving towards the student who had fallen down.

The two were too preoccupied with the dispute to restrain Riheed who spontaneously walked.

The two’s arms extend in the air towards his back, Riheed smoothly gets in-between the special and attack magic department students.

With steps as if there was no sense of distance at all, not only the two, to the special magic department it’s like he suddenly appeared, and all of the attack magic department is openly astonished.

“Fuhaha, Both of you going that far!”

“What! You!”


Both camps hide their surprise and return an extreme reaction to Riheed who cut in.

“Really now, of all the traffic under the sky… to complain about the hallway. Going that far is unsightly.”

“Oioi, the joyride class is acting self-important!”

A student from the attack magic department standing before Riheed glares at him, all those from the same department quickly stand up.

The students from the special department take the chance to hastily leave the place.

“Hmm. The excuse is that I’m helping. Education is necessary!”

“Haa!? Helping is it!? So that’s what it is then!”

All those of the attack department get angry at the self-important Riheed.

Because of the situation, Mikene and Litris are already prepared to attack.

“Hmm, so you don’t know what those guys from just now were doing.”

“What do ya mean? They were going to do something to our companion!”

A young man from the attack department bites onto Riheed’s suggestive words.

“H-mm, hmm. I don’t know.”

“Then shut up about the complaining from earlier! Are you picking a fight!? Ah!?”

“Hmm… education is necessary after all, let’s have bargain sale on it!”

After some thought, Riheed sold a fight like it’s a bargain sale.

“That’s just fine, we’ll buy!”

A boy from the attack magic department accepts the challenge with an expression, words and attitude like a town thug.

The students from the same department are already motivated to go.

“Well then, after school, ah, on that that spacious practice ground”

“The first practice ground.”

Understanding that there is only one practice ground which Riheed knows of, Mikene adds on so right away.

“Umu, then it’s a duel!”

“Ah…? Haa!?”

The boy from the attack department couldn’t catch up with Riheed’s abrupt declaration, and hardens for an instant.

“Hahaha, then don’t go running away! I’ll be sure to teach you your place!”

Riheed takes the chance to leave behind that sharp remark while leading Mikene and Litris to return to their classroom.

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