Monohito Chapter 20

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Monohito Chapter 20 – A Good Day to Measure

“Why is there a private measuring instrument in the building the first years are getting measured in?”

As Litris is leading them, Mikene questions her from behind.

At the first year school building is one which is normally not used.

“It can be quickly lent to those people who come to the school and the like. Perhaps it can be lent for Riheed’s measurement.”

Litris who helps at home, as well as hearing her parents talk at home about their job, has come to know a lot about the company.

As for the matter of lending, not to mention Riheed’s measuring, all those new students who enter the school midway seem to be lent it, the school placed a private measuring instrument in the first year school building.

In fact, all members except Riheed couldn’t be measured with a general measuring instrument and a private measuring instrument was used in another room.

“Such a result is because of the person himself using strange magic.”

“I’m reflecting.”

“That’s too unserious! Reflect properly!”

Receiving Mikene’s scolding, Riheed shows that he isn’t appropriately reflecting.

Typical of Riheed, as long as his own inquisitive spirit doesn’t harm anyone in his surroundings then it’s all good.

While Mikene is preaching one thing or another to Riheed about inconveniencing others, the group makes their way to the private measuring instrument.

“It’s here.”

Litris stops in front of a classroom in accordance with the loaned document.

“Hmm, seems like someone’s measuring inside. Let’s see.”

Riheed, who senses a magic power he remembers from somewhere, suddenly opens the door to the classroom Litris showed.

As Riheed expected, inside was the person he remembered, the measurement was just finished.

“H-hey, don’t do that!”

“Huh, who!?”

As Riheed was opening the door, Mikene who failed in stopping him, let’s out that voice in reaction, the person inside turns around asking who it is.

A beautiful and somewhat androgynous appearance, Mikene who is taken aback looks on in fascination.

But Riheed is completely unconcerned and approaches while lightly raising his hand in greeting.

“We meet again!”


Intensely shaken by the identity of the intruder, is Leanne who just finished her measuring.

For the sake of not leaking that the midway transfer student, Leanne, has surpassed the limit of the general measuring instrument, a private one was used.

“Fuhaha, I came to get that measuring instrument and you while I’m at it!”


Riheed gets carried away teasing Leanne making her blush.

“Hey, don’t play around!”


“Sorry, he’s causing trouble.”

Reviving after looking admirably at Leanne, Mikene lightly hits Riheed from behind to stop getting carried away.

Mikene forcibly makes Riheed bow his head, it’s entirely like an older sister and a younger brother.

“As was said, we want to use that measuring instrument for a little bit.”

“A-ah, I…I’m done, I’m finished using it so it’s free.”

Without any particular explanation, Leanne replies to Riheed while being perplexed.

There were others groups moving before Leanne, because all of them went to join up with their class at once when their measurements were complete, currently the only ones remaining are Leanne, the teacher in charge and the urban company’s employee there for adjustments.

“You guys are unexpected.”

Litris comes into the classroom and has a talk with the teacher in charge then comes back.

Kyrie, who is the teacher in charge, walks towards Riheed while smiling like it’s interesting.

“Kyrie-sensei, sorry.”

“No, no, I heard that it’s a serious matter for Litris-san’s household. Lately we have received many large favors, if I’m fine enough, then I’ll go along for a bit.”

Kyrie gracefully waves his hand and smiles at the apologizing Mikene.

“In that case, I’ll go right ahead!”

Judging he has the go-ahead, Riheed holds up his hand to the private measuring instrument and began the measuring.

“Hmm. It appears that it’s not effective like this.”

From Riheed’s response, it can be grasped that his magic wasn’t effective.

“Th-that’s good… Thank you Riheed-san!”

“Not at all. I should say this was interesting!”

Feeling relieved, Litris grasps Riheed’s hand while saying her thanks.

Riheed is eager to know the contents of the measuring instrument which his magic didn’t work on.

Magic was used for the purpose of looking at the contents of the general measuring instrument but it was repelled and he had to give up.

As for why the private measuring instrument isn’t on sale but rented, is because there’s a part of it that’s greatly different from the general use ones.

And as for that part, employees monitor it under the pretense of adjustments.

Because of that part, the deceiving magic Riheed’s friend used before as well as the magic Riheed used to know the contents were made invalid.

To begin with, measuring instruments of this type are mainly made for districts, being able to measure large magic power is something like an extra.

Why is that just an extra, because it’s used at provincial borders, it wouldn’t look good if it couldn’t get measurements.

Thanks to an order because of the country’s peculiar pride, all magic school students are to get accurate measurements, though there will be exceptions.

“This is…”

As Riheed and Litris are harmoniously conversing side-by-side, Kyrie who sees the measurement results has visible surprise.

“What’s wrong?”

Because of Kyrie’s mutter, everyone peeks at the measuring instrument and are at a loss for words, Litris draws near.

“…This result.”

“As expected of Riheed-dono.”

“What can be said other than as expected.”

Kyrie hesitates to say the measurement result, Leanne sends a look of respect to Riheed, Mikene is amazed.

“Hmm? Let me see.”


“Hohou! As expected of me!”

Riheed and Litris come and peek at the result.

Seeing the result, Litris covers her mouth from surprise.

And Riheed is pointlessly triumphant.

“I can’t record this result on the form…”

“Hahaha, as I said earlier, for such a piece of paper to measure me is simply ridiculous!”

Kyrie mutters looking at the measurement result, on the other hand, Riheed is laughing with an appearance like he’s not particularly worried.

“To begin with, you can’t write it was impossible to measure…”

“It was surpassed. Entirely like Riheed’s common sense.”

Mikene and Litris finally come back from the impact of Riheed’s measurement result.

The measurement result was a splendid incapable of being measured.

After that, Riheed was asked by Leanne to teach her class.

Riheed calmly nod, telling her it’s fine to come and play in moderation.

She accordingly is brought to limits of shyness, blushing red, she quickly says her parting words and runs away.

Seeing that retreating figure, Riheed looks puzzled.

Seeing Riheed like that, Mikene and Litris smile wryly.

And Kyrie, nods joyfully for some reason, and urges the three to go back to their classroom.

If Riheed’s first day at magic school had ended with this measurement, Mikene and Litris wouldn’t receive more of a shock than that.

But there cannot be such tranquility in Riheed’s surroundings, another uproar is already waiting.

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