Monohito – Chapter 19

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Monohito Chapter 19 – An Ordinary Result

Since it’s easy to predict that all classes from all the school years moving simultaneously will be chaotic, the magic power measurements at Rhonks magic school is done by moving the school years one at a time inside the school building.

Riheed enters the classrooms where the magic power measurement is being conducted while thinking of something as usual.

At the front of the queue are a several partitions you go inside.

“Hmm, measurements are over there.”

“That’s rights, it’s more or less a rule to conceal your own magic power, they don’t come to be seen except for the teacher. Well, though in the end it’s a custom for everyone to inform about how far they’ve grown.”

Riheed nods his head while hearing Mikene’s explanation, and observing the partitions.

A dim pattern faintly surfaces on his eyes, the vanishes at once.



Due to the abrupt strange laughter, Litris moves away from Riheed.


“Oops, sorrysorry.”

Mikene, who is used to it by now, lightly knocks Riheed to return him to sanity.

“U-mu, I understand the general outline, whether or not it helps, I should actually try my best after all.”

After coming back to sanity, Riheed once again goes back to being completely absorbed in speaking to himself in a grumble.

Mikene and Litris looks at such a Riheed in shock.

“Look, it’s your turn.”

“Oops. Better get going then.”

Being brought back to reality by Litris, Riheed who is on the front of the line moves forward and moves into the inside of a dividing partition.

The teacher in charge of Riheed, due to not being on the scene at the time of the entrance examination, has only heard about Riheed through the rumors.

Since each and every one of those rumors don’t get to the main point, it resulted in a conclusion being reached that he couldn’t be understood.

And that Riheed who is the pupil who can’t be understood well, has come to the measurement space he is in charge of, attracting the teacher’s attention.

Receiving the blank entry form for the measurement results, the name field is seen, he took a long hard look at Riheed’s face.

Like that Riheed whose information is equal to what was explained be Mikene and Litris beforehand, starts the measurement with the teacher in charge.

Riheed only held up his hand to a portion of the measuring instrument.

“Hmm, that’s fine. …Yes, this is your measurement result, see you next term.”

As soon as the teacher in charge sees the results, his interest is lost, he quickly fills in the blank form and hands it to Riheed.

When Riheed receives it, he haughtily says his thanks and leaves the measurement space.

“Rumors are nothing but rumors after… all. More precisely this is lower than the class average.”

At the back of Riheed who is going out, the displayed result is looked at for a second time before the measurement instrument resets, the teacher in charge murmurs to himself.

Riheed who left the measurement space is worried while looking at the measurement results written on the form.

“U-mu, I don’t know what I’m looking at…”

“What’s wrong?”

Mikene calls out from behind Riheed who is worrying.

“I don’t understand what I’m looking at on this.”

“Fufu, the teacher forgot to tell you. I’ll inform you.”

Mikene playfully sticks out her chest.

“The measurement result is assessed with a figure from 1 to 100. The numbers increasing represents that magic power is also. By the way the first measurement during the school entry had an average of about 30. A normal person would be in the single digits. Though there are those over 100, in that case a personal measuring instrument is used during their school days. There seems to be an upperclassman who uses a personal measurement instrument.”

“I see. I understand! As expected of Litris, thanks!”

Litris turns up from behind Mikene who was about to talk, and explains quickly and carefully.

Riheed on the other hand, says his thanks while looking at his measurement results again.

“Mou! That’s cruel, Litris. I was going to explain.”

“Sorry. But as the daughter of the company which sold the personal measurement instrument I shouldn’t yield in explaining.”

As the two are disputing side by side, Riheed closes his measurement form.

And the measurement forms of the two is stared at.

“Uhm… want to see?”

“Do you want to see?”

“If I had to say, it’s that I’m very interested!”

The two who notice Riheed’s eyes present their forms, Riheed also passes over his form.

They look at each other’s measurement forms.

“Hohou, I see, I see.”

Riheed looks at the measurements of the two, the magic power measurement of the two is compared, and what degree the numerical values express magic power is roughly comprehended.



On the opposite side, Mikene and Litris who see Riheed’s measurement form are astonished, letting out voices of doubt.

A figure which fell well below the average level was filled in.

“Umu. In the old days, an acquaintance was driven to conceal they were a magician. By no means did I think I would use the magic that guy made.”

“Old days…”

Regarding Riheed’s age to speak of the old days, Litris who doesn’t completely understand is about to speak he question, as if noticing something she starts to ponder.

“To begin with, it doesn’t feel like a person with such a need has a honest occupation.”


Riheed energetically answers to Mikene’s retort.

In connection to that, Riheed’s acquaintance used that magic to slip through various countries’ inspections and do as they liked.

“Don’t say correct! Really, what’s wit this result.”

“Well, it’s fine, it’s fine. Like I’d let one piece of paper measure me!”

Riheed insists Mikene not be worried.

Litris, who was thinking a little behind, raises her head.

“Uhm, Riheed-san, I have a request.”

“Hmm, let’s hear it!”

Riheed immediately replies to Litris’ reserved words.

“That magic you used, could you use it on a personal measuring instrument!?”


Riheed being pushed by Litris for an answer, it’s an unusual scene.

“I can’t say too much out in the open, the measuring instruments which the country uses for their inspections are made using things from my household. Therefore, if that magic is effective…”

“It would certainly look bad.”

Litris is frantic when she notices it can become a first rate problem is used in the same way as Riheed’s acquaintance.

“Yes, that’s why I want to try it at once.”

“However, will I be allowed to use a personal measuring instrument with these results?”

Mikene looks at Riheed’s measurement results and lets out a sigh.

“It’s fine since they come to the household’s employees for tuning of their measurement instruments!”

Even if they’re not employees of the urban company, if Mikene and Litris ask, it’ll likely be thought of as just an ojou-sama playing a little, like that the two who haven’t acted selfish at school won’t be noticed.

“Hmm, this seems interesting, why not go!”

And so Riheed accompanied by the two began to walk.

“Riheed-san! It’s not that way!”

Riheed challenged the magic power measuring again.

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