Monohito – Chapter 14

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Monohito Chapter 14 – This No Good Master and Servant!

Inside the guidance room of the teacher’s building, Riheed, Mikene and Aryu are passing the time doing as they like.

Riheed is reading a book while being somewhat restless and fidgety.

Mikene is bringing up subjects to such a Riheed while drinking teas which Aryu served from out of nowhere.

Aryu who found tea cakes had come back.

“Uuuumu. Slow.”

Riheed who has been enduring up to groans.

“Come now, eat a tea cake and settle down. They’re delicious.”

“Taking this long is suspicious! Where did he take them!?”

The maid who casually left the room a little bit earlier returned with a mountain of confections and thrust them to Riheed.

“Riheed-san, calm down. Look, isn’t this also delicious?”

“This no good master and servant!”

Riheed curses at Mikene who is stuffing her cheeks with tea cakes.

For the most part there was a calm atmosphere flowing through the guidance room.

On the other hand, a heavy air is flowing in the meeting room.

The cause for it is four letters of recommendation.

One gives off a more ominous atmosphere the more they look, one gives off a more holy atmosphere.

These four letters are placed in the middle of the meeting room, and presented confusion.

“Now then, the results of these four letter’s appraisal…”

Inside that heavy air, the principal opens his mouth.

The long vacation is entering into its final stages, most school staff members inside the royal capital were called in for this disturbance.

Though the meeting room is considerably large, at this moment it felt confined.

And thus all members’ attentions were focused on the principal.

“The result is that they’re all genuine.”

The moment those words were said, everybody becomes noisy from surprise.

“However that isn’t conclusive evidence, in the end it just means that’s how it likely is.”

The principal continues disregarding the noise.

“First of all, almost nothing is understood regarding the spirit’s letter. The teacher specializing in spirit studies will take some time to decode the contents. Next is the letter from the people of the forest, the mother of Kyrie-sensei here will be consulted, and I believe will be very reliable. There’s also the letter from the demon clan, Kyle-sensei here has given his stamp of approval that it is almost without a doubt the genuine article. And finally is the letter from the dragon people clan, which in all honesty we have no way of confirming.

The principal explains so in one breath, everyone one way or another comprehends it.

It would be a serious matter in the case of them being genuine but not allowed to enter the school.

However, if by some chance they’re forgeries, it becomes a situation where the magic school’s credibility takes a hit.

“Everyone understood the present situation, please give ideas on what to do with these letters.”

The discussion begins with those words.

From the onset, bit by bit someone would give their plan, the discussion gradually becomes heated.

It even developed into a scene of grappling and quarreling.

Why don’t you let him enter the school for the time being, but then someone with the extreme opinion of refusal appears, then one plan was given and it was decided.

Riheed is exhausted from long term tension, when there’s a knock on the door and it’s opened.

While those inside the guidance room pay attention to the door, Kyrie and the principal enters inside.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting. We’ve finally decided on the matter regarding Riheed-kun.”

“Ooh! What is it!?”

From Kyrie’s words, Riheed who was tired regains his energy and looks up.

“Principal please.”

“Yea. I am the principal of this school, Aridos. Please to meet you. In regards to Riheed-kun’s letters of recommendation, I am trouble to say that we cannot confirm that they are genuine. At any rate the recommendations are from people we cannot hear from at a moment’s notice.”


Hearing Aridos’ words, Riheed lowers his shoulders and lets out a sorrowful voice.

“Well, wait for a moment. Because we judged that there is a considerably high chance that they are genuine, we can’t just turn you away. Therefore it’s been decided you must take an examination.”


With hope in sight, Riheed eyes seem to sparkle waiting for Aridos’ next words.

“Yea, a simple examination.”

“Wh-what must be done!?”

Riheed draws near to Aridos from enthusiasm.

“A simple examination. You only have to show a magic you’re proud of in front of the teachers today.”

“I-is that all!? Seriously!?”

Riheed asks in return because of the exam being excessively simple.

In actuality it’s quite a harsh examination.

Since the passing line isn’t known, the pass or fail is for the school to decide.

In the meeting, it was decided that if his ability is reasonably high he will be accepted into the school, it’s a conclusion which can be called incredibly half-baked.

Even if entry to the school is refused, it is a fact that the school examined him, it’s a suitable reason and he wasn’t merely refused entry, that’s how it flowed.

“You must make a serious effort for the examination. The location will be the first practice ground. Follow me.”

With expectations swirling from the examination, Riheed who is optimistic thinks which magic he has on hand has the most appeal.

The magic school first practice ground, an ordinary spacious location.

With the exception of the barrier around it, the practice ground doesn’t have any distinct characteristics.

Since it’s an area used to practice large scale attack magic, it has extensive damage from use.

And standing on that practice ground is a single figure.

With a staff taller than him, it’s Riheed wearing a robe over his body.

When Riheed reached the practice ground, he alone went towards the center while muttering something.

Mikene and Aryu who saw that he is being different from usual felt a little uneasy at the appearance of him desperately thinking.

Standing in the center he takes out his staff from out of nowhere.

The moment Riheed takes out his staff, teachers who are watching from outside the barrier, as well as the students who have gathered begin to stir.

It was due to seeing him take the staff out from thin air.

That was all.

It’s one of Riheed’s ancient magic, ‘magic allowing the storage of small object using suitable magic power’ is what was used.

It’s an unusual phenomenon in the modern days where magic with such a concept doesn’t exist.

There is a magic tool with such a purpose, but it’s very expensive.

Unconsciously using such a magic to take out his favorite staff, Riheed nods as if he has determined something, touching the ground with the end of the staff, he begins to draw.

Riheed’s magic started.

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