Monohito – Chapter 13

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Monohito Chapter 13 – The Beginning of the Uproar

The figures of three people are standing before the magic school.

Mikene, Aryu and also Riheed with his soaring tension.

Hyph remained to take care of the garden which had been neglected for a month.

“This is the magic school! It’s big! There’s almost nobody here!”

During extended vacations the figures of people inside the school are sparse.

However, the vacation is in its final stages, and somewhat numerous people can be seen going towards the library.

“First of all let’s go see the registrar’s office.”

“There’s the smell of books over there!”

“Yes yes, Riheed-sama, this way.”

Ignoring Mikene’s words, Riheed moves his legs in the direction of the library, Aryu who has grown accustomed to this grabs him by the nape of his neck.

“Hey! Brute force maid!”

Riheed’s sorrowful cry echoes in the magic school.

“Mu, it won’t open.”

After confirming that the door to the registrar’s office is locked, Riheed has a puzzled look.

“Well then, let’s go to the teacher’s building, I think a teacher I know will be there.”

Saying so, Mikene Mikene walks on ahead, following behind is Aryu dragging Riheed along.

“Muu, when you get used to this it’s actually comfortable.”

While being dragged, Riheed states those impressions.

“To avoid attracting attention, I’d like you to walk on your own feet.”

Mikene turns an astonished look towards Aryu who was having no problems at all with her physical stamina.

When that attention attracting party arrives at the teacher’s building, by chance they come across Mikene’s homeroom teacher as he is going to enter it.


Mikene calls him to a halt, and the one called Kyrie-sensei looks back towards Riheed and them.

Green hair and eyes, also pointed ears, the racial characteristics of those known as the people of the forest.

“Good day. How do you do, Mikene-san.”

Kyrie calmly greets.

An attractive figure and a face that can be called handsome, it’s the distinctive androgynous trait of the people of the forest.

His voice is at the level where it can narrowly be recognized as belonging to a man.

The people of the forest generally have long lives, and it’s difficult to judge the gender of them using age and figure.

“Good day. Sensei, I have something to consult about, is now a good time?”

“It’s certainly fine. By the way who are those behind you?”

Behind Mikene is a maid, but what Kyrie was more asking about was the boy who was being dragged by the maid.

“Uhm, that boy, it’s a talk about that Riheed-san.”

“Hmm, I understand. I’ll hear it in the guidance room. Everyone please.”

Kyrie begins to walk leading them.

“The people of the forest. Are you young?”

“I’m a youngster who has yet to reach 50.”

Kyrie willingly answers Riheed’s question.

“Hmm. Which village are you from?”

“I’m a half-breed, I was both born and raised in the royal capital. My mother seems to have been from the queen’s forest, unfortunately I have not yet been there.”

Kyrie doesn’t show any unpleasant feelings to Riheed’s insolent behavior, and calmly answers.

He, Kyrie is unusual in the magic school, a teacher who treats his students equally.

A calm personality, combined with an excellent appearance, he’s a teacher who can boast having considerable popularity.

“In here.”

The party enters the room Kyrie guided them to.

“So then, what’s the problem?”

When it’s confirmed that Riheed and Mikene have taken a seat, Kyrie asked them.

Aryu waits near the entrance.

“As a matter of fact, I want to enter this magic school, enter midway that is.”

Riheed goes right to the point.

“Fundamentally we do not accept midway entry.”

“But sensei, there was talk of it happening with a second year senpai.”

Hearing Kyrie’s reply, Mikene speaks her doubt.

“That was a considerably special example. If it’s on the recommendation of a royal family even from a different country, it couldn’t be ignored.”

“Hmm, there are letters of recommendation right here.”

With confidence Riheed takes out several letters from his chest.

With one night passing he seems to have not lost any more confidence in his connections.

“Let me see.”

Without any real confidence he receives the letters, only from the number of them Kyrie thinks it’s hopeless, merely for the sake of Riheed’s mental state he decided to verify them.

However, seeing the names on the letters of recommendation, Kyrie gradually becomes serious.

“This, I cannot judge alone.”

After roughly looking over them, Kyrie raises his head and said so with a somewhat pale face.

“It’s necessary to hold on to these letters to discuss with the other teachers. Can you wait for a little?”

“Yea, go ahead.”

“Please do.”

When he gets the approval from the two, Kyrie leaves the guidance room with a quick pace.

“By the way, I feel like there were too few letters there.”

“Nicely seen. I carefully selected the ones who I thought were from particularly influential guys. If there were too many it would smell of being forgeries!”

Riheed proudly replies to Aryu’s doubt.

“There still seems to be many even if you picked ones out carefully. Who exactly gave you those letters of recommendation?”

Aryu who hardly knew anything about those letters asked Riheed.

Mikene who also knew nothing is interested.

“The queen of the people of the forest, the king of the demon clan, the king of the spirit clan and the king of the dragon people clan! For the time being I think I can be called king.”

No matter how you hear it, it’s suitable to call it a careful selection.

“Ho-how can you have acquaintances with such races!?”

“Riheed-sama is a little surprising isn’t he.”

Mikene raises her voice in astonishment, Aryu expresses her amazement.

Equally as noisy as the guidance room, is a location inside magic school.

That place is the meeting room in the teacher’s building.

Kyrie who had gone out of the guidance room immediately went to the principal’s office with Riheed’s letters of recommendation.

The principal hearing Kyrie’s story looks at the letters of recommendation, thinking he was making a joke with a straight face, when Kyrie reports that the letter from queen of the people of the forest is most likely genuine, it was decided to hold an emergency meeting.

Kyrie at first also thought it was some kind of joke, but when he found the letter from the person called their queen, he instinctively understood that the letter was written with the magic power from the queen which dwelled within.

And now, the letters were passed to people who seem to be able to judge them.

In the case of the letter from the spirit clan, it went to the teacher specializing in spirit studies.

In the case of the letter from the demon clan, it went to a demon clan teacher who personally had an audience with the king.

Regarding the queen of the people of forest, Kyrie arranged for his mother to make sure of it.

As for the dragon people clan, since there was nobody who could verify it, only the contents could be deciphered, but it was determined not to be a forgery because of the extraordinary magic power emitting from it.

The meeting room in the magic school suddenly became bustling.

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