Monohito – Chapter 15

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Monohito Chapter 15 – The Luminous Body’s Party Trick

It was a mysterious spectacle.

A large number of people are watching the back of young boy from the distant surroundings.

That boy is silently writing a formation on the ground using a large staff.

That formation is gradually getting closer to completion.

Excitedly watching the formation with characters they’ve never seen, a single teacher raises his voice.

The teacher of spirit studies recognized those characters.

Just now the teacher was frantically deciphering spirit characters.

The place outside the barrier is usually used by teacher for practice supervision and the grading of practical exams and such, since they’re in a higher position they can survey the entire grounds and are able to see everything.

The composed spirit characters in the formation are shining vividly and wondrously standing out.

That itself didn’t have too much magic power which could be felt, but the spectacle was enough to attract the people’s eyes.

Riheed stand in the center, with a single breath he mutters something and thrusts his staff into the center of the formation.

That moment, dazzling light overflows from the formation covering the vicinity.

That excessive glare makes everyone close their eyes.

When the light settles down they all timidly open their eyes, something divine could be felt.

It was emitting overwhelming magic power.

It was the spirit king which Riheed summoned.

“Mu, I didn’t think what to do after this but it certainly was showy.”

Standing alone in the center of the practice ground Riheed mutters.

Riheed was only preoccupied with the examination and didn’t notice this could be evidence that spirit king’s letter of recommendation is genuine.

The light forming the shape of the sprit king is pale and becomes further dim till it could barely be seen.

“… … …?”

“Ah, long time no see. This is an examination.”

The spirits convey their will without using words.

Because the surrounding humans are a long distance away or maybe because they are dumbfounded from the being, nobody heard Riheed talking to himself.

In the first place Riheed summoned the spirit king, Riheed called him for a bit because his entry scene is showy, the spirit king came for a little bit because his friend called out to him, there was such a feeling.


“It was necessary to display some ability. And the number one showy thing is your summoning.”

“… …!”

“Eh, that’s right! How about some showy magic you would expect from the spirit king! Ok! Best spirit!”

“…? …”

“Eh. To what extent you must destroy!? No stop! I can’t enter the school if you destroy it! Something a little cleaner.”

“… …”

“Ah! That’s it!”

Riheed and the spirit king’s talk is advancing rapidly.

The dumbfounded spectators gradually come back to their senses; frequently pointing at the sprit king they make various guesses.

Only the spirit studies teacher to some extent was able to guess what that existence is, his reasoning is denying it, and in the end he became silent not saying anything.

With the distant surroundings not recognizing the situation, Riheed and the spirit king’s conversation continues.

“…! ….!!”

“What a stylish aria.”

After Riheed says so, the pale light coming from the spirit king rapidly becomes greater.

Soon afterwards it surrounds the practice ground’s spectators.

And then the town, the country, the continent, the world, is wrapped up in it.

It was a torrent of mild magic power without aggressiveness; it suddenly spread then gradually receded.

The surrounding people are once again dumbfounded, and spot where the spirit king was until now is looked at.

“As expected of the spirit king’s favorite party trick he displayed before god. Blowing yourself up for a sense of aesthetics!”

Riheed nod repeatedly.

The spirit king a long time ago filled the world with that magic power during its beginning, the legend that he controls nature still remain.

Though that was miraculously reproduced for an instant, no one was able to comprehend it.

Nevertheless, that they were wrapped up in the warmth of a great existence, there’s the sense that would be talked about all over the world.

In the world after this, nature becomes a little more abundant, because the harvests are increased it became such that numerous legends were made regarding that miraculous phenomenon.

And so, after Riheed says so about the spirit king he moves his legs about to return to.

After the spirit king left, Riheed noticed an important fact.

With the exception of the summoning he didn’t do anything.

“Th-this is bad. It may seem like all that was done is that a strange luminous body performed a party trick!”

While everyone is lost for words still submerged in the lingering memory of the previous phenomenon, Riheed is anguishing alone in the center of the practice ground.

Riheed summoned the spirit king, but it can be thought that he himself didn’t personally show the ability of his magic power.

At any rate, the meaning of the sentence which was written with spirit characters was “Can you come here for a bit?”

Though showy it might not have shown of his ability, at this point Riheed is reassessing this.

“If it’s come to this, it may be cheap but I should demonstrate showy attack magic, wash away the stain of the luminous body.”

Riheed has already regarded the summoning of the sprit king as having negative points.

“Let’s see. Do I go with that? Hmm, it’s showy. There’s power. It’ll be fine if I shoot it upwards.”

Like that, Riheed raises his staff; filling it with magic power he began an aria.

The people watching from outside the barrier were delayed from noticing the action of the figure on the practice ground.

The teachers, or rather the principal Aridos from the spectacle just now had decided on the school entrance of the promising youth with unknown ability, but because they were thinking about the excessive mysteriousness of the light from just now they were slow to convey that the exam had ended.

Supposing Aridos had conveyed his intend regarding the school entrance a little earlier, then Riheed might not have invoked his magic.

However, in reality Riheed’s magic was invoked, and the consequences were brought about.

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