Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: “The Man She First Met”

A small thin figure was squatting by an inconspicuous street corner yawning his head off. His half closed eyes were looking at the patrolling teams roving on the bustling street as he pulled out an apple from within his clothes and began to take bites out of it in a big show of utter boredom.

Dressed in beggar’s rags, old, tattered and filthy, his dirty face was even well smeared with mud and grime, his hair wrapped within a broken rag, looking every inch an malnourished skinny little beggar. Nobody would have guessed that the very one person who had so greatly angered the town’s mayor as to make him order an all out search for that woman from the brothel would be this little beggar by the street corner.

“What bad luck! How do I get out of here? Even if I have the patience to wait, the poison in my body wouldn’t allow it!” Taking bites out from the apple, Feng Jiu sighed softly. If she had known that the vulgar and disgusting man that she killed last night was the town mayor’s only son, she would have at least let him live, and the mayor wouldn’t have deployed all the guards to comb the entire town to search for her.

But, who was that black robed man then? Assassin?

Remembering the energy that had surrounded that man’s body when he made executed his moves, she began to feel a little jittery. She had thought that after being reborn, she would at most just have to deal with living under the rule of some ancient dynasty. Who would have thought that the people here cultivated immortality? Immortal Cultivation, that was something that entered the realm of fantasy! But thinking back to the fact that she, a person from the twenty first century, had even been reborn into a god damned place like this, made everything else seem not as strange anymore.

Immortal Cultivation! Then her whole arsenal of skills her body possessed would amount to nought before these cultivators of immortality!

She flung the half eaten apple away and sat there sighing to herself, dispirited. Until a crisp and clear sound rang out right before her.

‘Clink! Clink! Clink!’

The broken bowl before her suddenly had a tiny nugget of silver spinning in a circle within it before settling down in the middle. Feng Jiu stared blankly at the silver within the broken bowl and picked it up to inspect it. It felt not different from a common rock except that it was silver on the outside.

She looked up and turned her head towards the person who had thrown the silver nugget into her bowl and saw the wide back of a person dressed in a black robe. He was walking slowly, his steps light but firm, and a chilling aura emanated from his entire being that drove people to stay away from him.

With that turn of her head, without even thinking about it, she leapt up to grab at that man’s leg, wailing pitifully in a loud voice: “Woo hooo….. Brother in law! I’ve found you at last, oh my brother in law!” The man suddenly dodged in a flash and she ended up grabbing at air and she fell forward from the forward momentum, scraping both her hands and groaning in pain.

The black robed man frowned, his sharp and penetrating gaze sweeping over the little beggar on the ground briefly, before he resumed his steps to continue striding forward. A single glance, and he was able to determine that the beggar on the ground was just a commoner that did not practice cultivation.

Of course, Feng Jiu at that moment was just a common and ordinary person. The little bit of cultivation that her body’s previous owner had achieved had been completely undone by the poison that Su Ruo Yun had forced into her mouth, and she was now just a ordinary person who did not possess any cultivation powers.

And it was exactly because of that that when those cultivators of immortality saw her, an ordinary person who had no cultivation, would relax their guard against one such as her.

“Brother in law! Do not desert me! Wah….. I suffered so much hardship before I managed to find brother in law! Brother in law…..” She got up and pounced once again, falling a few more times, until, the black robed man in front finally stopped in his tracks.

“BROTHER IN LAW!” The chance was not to be missed! Feng Jiu clasped both her hands and feet to hug herself round the man’s leg, clinging on tightly, as she raised her tear brimmed eyes, injected with some timidness, to look at the man.

And when she saw the man’s countenance, her mouth suddenly developed an involuntary twitch….. This leg she was clinging on to like a koala, might have been a mistake?



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