Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: “Sticking to Him”

Looking at broad back, the man before her eyes stood out as a great example epitomising what made a man. But when she saw his face, she only felt like slapping herself on the forehead to say with a long sigh: Come on! This is obviously the face of an aged uncle already in his thirties!

The sharp featured, stalwart and hard face was half covered in his beard and his face shape could hardly be made out just as was his countenance. Although the pair of eyes were endlessly deep and mysterious, but whichever way you chose to look at it, he was an uncle in his thirties, and he couldn’t quite fit into the profile of being anything like her young nubile body’s brother in law.

But, she had no other choice in the matter before her and she was not going to let go of the leg she was latched on to, so she continued to cry out: “Brother in law! Boo hoo….. I finally found you….. Oh brother in law…..”

Ling Mo Han’s up slanted brows creased together as he stared at the koala like little beggar latched onto his leg. As he was unused to being touched, his entire body was currently completely frozen. He tried to shake the beggar off his leg and he gave a low holler: “You’ve mistaken me for someone else! Let go!” However, the little beggar was clinging on too tightly and he could not shake him off.

“Woo hoo….. Brother in law, I am not mistaken. My sister told me you had a great big beard. I saw you when I was very young and I will not mistake you for anyone else. Boo hoo….. Brother in law, don’t drive me away, there is no one at home anymore and my stepmother wants to sell me off! Boo hoo…… Brother in law…..”

“I am not your brother in law! You’ve really got the wrong person!”

Ling Mo Han’s expression was turning chilly and the chilling aura emanating from his being was intensifying terrifyingly. But the little beggar clinging onto his leg was not loosening his grip in the slightest. He shook his leg a few more times but he still failed to dislodge the person. When he stretched out his hand wanting to pick the little beggar off, he suddenly screamed and held on even tighter, his head even pushing against a sensitive area between his legs, and his body suddenly stiffened, his face darkening immediately.

“Let go!”

“No way! Unless you agree to take me with you.”

She was stuck unabashedly onto the man’s leg and completely unaware her head was pushing against the person’s sensitive part, secretly celebrating in silent glee that although the aged uncle was a little cold in his demeanor, but fortunately, he was harsh only with his mouth and not in his actions, seemingly like he wouldn’t use his powers on a commoner who did not practice cultivation.

Valiantly suppressing the urge to kill, Ling Mo Han drew in a deep breath before he said: “Let go! I’ll let you come with me!”

“Sniff….. Brother in law, I knew you wouldn’t desert me!” She wiped at her dry eyes which had not been wet in the slightest and she quickly got to her feet. Seeing that the man had already turned and walked away, she immediately hurried to catch up.

Seeing the distance between them being pulled apart, Feng Jiu’s eyes flashed and smile curled up on her face. No wonder he had agreed for her to follow him so easily. So this was what he had planned to do, to leave her behind like this?

Unfortunately for him, he had gravely miscalculated. There was no way she wouldn’t be able to keep up with his pace! At the very least, before she manages set foot outside of this Da Lang City, she needed to stick to him. This man was obviously not from a simple background and sticking by him would ensure that the guards will not dare to stop them.

“Brother in law! Wait up, I can’t keep up! Brother in law…..” She ran slowly behind him and when she saw that he was going towards the city gates, her heart leapt with joy and she quickened her pace to catch up.

Ling Mo Han’s steps faltered, as he turned his head around slightly. He saw the little beggar’s filthy little hand was tugging at a corner of his robe. He flicked his arm down to brush off the little beggar and he continued on with his wide strides forward.

“Brother in law! Brother in law, don’t be angry with me, at most I won’t pull at your clothes anymore….. Brother in law!”

She jogged along as she cried out pitifully, noticing from out of the corner of her eyes that the guards at the city gates suddenly stiffened when they spotted the uncle in front of her, and lowering their heads to bow in subservience. The guards who had been marching straight towards her suddenly froze in their spots when they heard her address the man as brother in law, their faces greatly puzzled as they discreetly assessed the two people.

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