Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: “A Knife Across the Throat”

[It has been exposed! Run!]

That was her first instinct and she reacted immediately as she ran towards the way out. However, a cold gleam flashed before her eyes and she sensed a terrifying and bloodthirsty chill speeding towards her. Seeing the cold gleam quickly closing in, she crouched down to dodge it without thinking.



The cold sharp wind from the speeding blade passed just above her head. Her ears heard multiple gasps of shock and screams broke. Everyone was pushing and shoving in a terrified frenzy and Feng Jiu found that a big amount of space had been cleared around her. She lifted her head. With her in the middle of it all, a wave of people surrounding her were all dead with a blade wound that had severed their throats.

[I was lucky I dodged that one.]

She thanked the gods on this one and she was about to want to tiptoe away when a pair of black boots stopped right before her. A pair of eyes staring down at her flashed darkly a brief moment and she warily lifted her head, her body shaking. “Woo…..”

Standing before her, was a man dressed in black. His face was covered behind a black scarf hiding his looks. But that pair of eyes were filled with a cruel and vicious glint, that drove fear and terror into the hearts of people. The sword he was holding in his hand was pointing to the ground and fresh red blood was still dripping from its point, drop by drop till it seemed like the ground had blossomed with red plums.

Not knowing whether it was intentional, her trembling body caused the light gauze draped over her shoulders to fall onto the ground, exposing her snow white shoulders and flawlessly smooth skin. Her face was veiled, but her enchanting eyes were brimming with tears, and matched with that slightly trembling slender form, she looked, oh so helpless and pitiful.

The man in black was obviously not one who gave in to lust easily. Those cruel and vicious eyes had upon seeing that snowy smooth skin wavered just the slightest of moments, and they  quickly shifted to stare at the mass of people who had retreated backwards against the wall, seemingly looking for something, and the hand holding the sword sudden shifted slightly at that moment, preparing to get rid of the person before him who was in his way.

The killer’s intent grew stronger, filling the air, and Feng Jiu suddenly wailed frantically: “Woo….. Don’t kill me…..” But, at the same moment she was standing up, her hand waved over her thigh and a dagger with a cold gleam was suddenly moving faster than sound towards the man’s arm that was holding the sword.



As he had not felt any murderous intent from the girl before him, he had gotten careless and had relaxed his guard against her. With the close proximity they were in then, his careless slip had caused his arm to be cut and a great amount of blood was flowing out. His arm trembled and the sword gripped in that hand fell heavily to the floor. As if by reflex, he immediately lashed out with a swift kick.

That kick was imbued with an airstream and delivered with his internal force. Even people who cultivated would be hard pressed to survive his kick but against all his expectations, the kick he had aimed right at the girl’s chest was dodged by her through some strange move she used with her body. With that brief momentary distraction, he next saw the girl leaping right at him, the dagger aimed right at his chest. He instinctively reached out his hand to neutralise the attack, but it turned out her charge was actually a feint. While that dagger was thrust out, her leg swiftly whipped and sped straight between the man’s legs.


A hard rending pain tore through him as he groaned out in agony. His legs closed together involuntarily putting him in a half squat. That presented her with the greatest opportunity and she flipped the dagger in her hand in a reverse grip and sliced it across his throat! A knife across the throat! Killing with one move!

Till his death, the black masked man’s eyes  remained wide open, filled with resentment and rage, seemingly as if he refused to accept that he would die under the hands of a girl.

The mass of people who had retreated far behind looked on in shock at the scene before their eyes, widened in utter disbelief. They couldn’t believe that such a weak and gentle looking girl who had been just wailing pitifully barely moments ago would suddenly transform into such a lethal God of Death who executed flawlessly smooth and merciless critical strikes upon the black robed man, killing him instantly with one quick move. Before any of them could recover, they saw that the girl had already run out with looking back once, and disappearing into the night…..

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