Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 : Uncle’s First Kiss

When his eyes saw the scene, his arrow straight brows furrowed into a frown as he stared and thought deeply about it. Half a heartbeat later, he still saw no sign of the little beggar awakening before he summoned his powers and leapt off the tree to walk in that direction.


He stuck out a foot and nudged the unmoving figure a bit. When he saw that there was no reaction, he squatted down and wanted to check to see if the little beggar was still breathing. Who knew that at the very moment he had just lowered himself, the motionless little figure suddenly leapt up and pounced on him! In his state of unpreparedness, he was caught completely off guard and he was pushed onto the ground.

“Uncle! Hahaha….. Huh? !”

Feng Jiu was laughing hysterically when she suddenly stopped, and the expression on her face froze. She stared at the startled uncle lying on the ground and then turned her eyes to look at the dirty claws clasped upon her chest. Her entire being froze and she was dumbfounded at that moment.

[What….. What is this? Had she just been molested?]

The feeling of soft flesh under his hands made Ling Mo Han’s mind turn completely blank. Utter shock filled his eyes and stuttering for the first time in his life, he said: “You….. You are a girl?” And he quickly retracted his hands as he spoke.

But with the sudden release of his hands, the blanked out Feng Jiu still had not recovered, causing her body to suddenly lose its support. Feng Jiu fell forward and in the worst way it could happen, her mouth smacked straight right onto a pair of bushy bearded lips.


The two of them groaned under the their locked lips as the pain from the impact shot through their mouths.

This time, Ling Mo Han was the one to freeze, his eyes flared wide open, filled with utter incredulity. And as if he was terrifyingly shocked by something, his eyes rolled back and he fell into a dead faint.

When she saw that the uncle had fainted, Feng Jiu’s expression turned dark. She got up and massaged her face which was hurting from being pricked by the bushy and bristling beard, and spat out repeatedly going: “Pui! Pui! Pui!” as she wiped at her mouth in disgust. “I have not even complained about an old cow like you feeling up a pure and innocent young girl and you have the cheek to faint before me! ?”

She rubbed at her dirt streaked face and stared at the really unconscious uncle and suddenly felt speechless.

After she processed the herbs needed for the antidote, she had mashed them together and tried to swallow it. But the effects had been too strong and it caused her body to vomit out blood. She had then quickly decided to grab at that opportunity to lure the person hidden in the shadows to see who it was! She had not expected to hear that uncle’s voice and she wanted to play a trick on him. Who knew she would end up being taken advantage of and was even forced to witness the man shocked into a dead faint after having taken liberties with her body! ?

She sat down at the side with her legs crossed and she took the opportunity to observe the man before he woke up, and she found that the uncle was actually rather good looking.

Although half of his face was covered by the bushy beard, but his arrow straight brows, his highly pointed nose, with his strong chiseled jawline, and those sexy lips hidden under the beard, somehow exuded a kind of manliness all over.

Her eyes filled with admiration, her gaze slowly travelled downwards, over that strong and buff body, and those long and muscular legs and she nodded in approval as she thought to herself: [Hmm, this physique would be the type when they put on clothes, they look stylish and when they took off clothes, they look manly. Without even needing to check, he would undoubtedly possess the full set of abdominal muscles.]

Her hand was just involuntarily reaching out to feel the abdominal muscles when at that moment, a cold and hard voice rang in her ears.

“What are you doing! ?”

Ling Mo Han’s eyebrows were tilted up at an alarming angle as he stared at her, before quickly flipping himself to stand up and putting some distance between them. At the first moment he had awoken, he was suddenly confronted with seeing her with her eyes brightly lit as she stared over his body. Although he saw only admiration in those eyes, but, was it really appropriate for a girl to be staring at a man with eyes like those?

Those claws had just began to reach out when she heard his voice and she immediately tried to, as naturally as possible, move her hands to scratch at her head, before saying sheepishly with a laugh: “Uncle, I wasn’t going to do anything!” [Tsk! Why did you have so wake up so quickly! ? I had wanted to feel those abdominal muscles!]

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