Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 : Thick Hide Plaster

He stared at the grinning girl before him, looking back at him with sparkling vigor in her eyes, when he recalled the softness his hands had grasped earlier and the touch when theirs lips had met. In a moment, his face darkened, but his face was covered by his great bushy beard and it could not be seen.

Seeing the man turn and walk off without a word, Feng Jiu was surprised a moment. She thought about it for awhile before she opened up her strides and followed. “Uncle, don’t you think we are fated to meet? See? We’ve even managed to meet once again in here. Since that is the case, shouldn’t we just travel together?”

When the man continued striding on completely ignoring her, she didn’t feel the least bit bothered by it. She was thinking just with her own meagre power alone and wandering aimlessly in this place, it might just be a tad bit dangerous. But if she were to be with a man like him, it would be a lot safer for her.

Hence, whenever he walked, she followed, and when he stopped, she would also stop. But compared to her completely heartless lack of concern, the cold chill that was emanating from Ling Mo Han’s being in front was growing more and more intense. At last, when he could not bear it any longer, he swung a chilling gaze onto her and his face creased up in a deep frown as he said: “Why do you have to keep following me?”

He knew himself to be a person who wasn’t exactly all that approachable. All this while, which human didn’t stay beyond a three step boundary away from him whenever they saw him?

Even the most tactless of people when chased off by him repeatedly would not be so shameless as to continue following him. But this girl was just like a thick hide plaster, one that he could not shake off no matter what he did.

“Because you are the only person I know here!” She looked at him like it should be obvious to see, her eyes trying to hide that mischievous glint. But her face betrayed not a thing and was serious as she said: “From the moment you gave me that nugget of silver, I was certain of it. You must be a really kind person!”

Green veins bulged alarmingly on Ling Mo Han’s forehead and a corner of his brow started to twitch. His thin lips stretched into a straight line, and his flinty gaze was cast upon her a brief moment and he continued walking forward without another word.

If he had known earlier that his carelessly tossed out little nugget of silver would give him such a persistent piece of thick hide plaster, he wouldn’t have thrown out that piece of silver no matter how much of a hindrance it would cause him. The Heavens knew that it wasn’t out of kindness that he had given out that tiny piece of silver but it just so happened that he had that one small piece of loose silver in his belt and he had happened to spot a little beggar in front, so he had thoughtlessly tossed it out. Who knew…..

Following behind Ling Mo Han, Feng Jiu noticed that he was moving in deeper into the woods and her eyes flashed momentarily as she looked at the figure in black and asked: “Uncle, I heard that there are ferocious beasts in the deeper reaches, is that true?” She had not expected to hear any reply but his cold voice sounded out with careless indifference to reach her ears.

“Since you know that, hurry up and leave.”

“Uncle, I’ll just stay beside you and pick some herbs and I promise not to give you any trouble.” She had just checked her pulse and a large part the poison in her body had been purged with the blood she had vomited out earlier. She would only need to take another dose of the antidote tonight and she should be just about fine.

She had initially intended to leave the Nine Entrapment Woods after she manages to fully purge the poison from her body, but who knew that she would meet the uncle once again? So she had changed her mind and decided to follow beside him to pick more herbs. Although she had managed to come into the inner reaches of the woods, it was nevertheless still just the inner reaches of the outer edge. Now that she was going to follow him deep into the real inner reaches, she could not help but feel a little excited and her heart was filled with anticipation.

[Wonder what kind of wondrous herbs will they have in there? It is said that the more dangerous the place, the more highly possible it is to be able to pick magical herbs. It would be just fantastic if she really manages to find some magical herbs as even if she was not able to find a use for it, that would most definitely at least fetch her a hefty sum!

Moreover, her looks had been destroyed to such a sorry state by Su Ruo Yun and even she herself thought she looked horrifying. She would naturally need to find a way to treat the wound on her face or if she was forced to live with a face like that, that would just be an insult to her devilish reputation.

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