Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 11

Chapter 11 : Meeting the Uncle Once Again

A brief flash of astonishment showed in Ling Mo Han’s penetrating jet black eyes a fleeting moment, surprised that he would see the little beggar once more at a place like this. He had thought that the little beggar would have run away at the first sign of danger he would undoubtedly encounter in the Nine Entrapment  Woods, and he had not for a moment expected to come all the way so deep into the inner reaches of the woods.

He had spotted the little beggar sometime in the afternoon. The young beggar had been bent over digging up a herb from the ground. The herbs that he had thought to be useless were instead picked by the little beggar one by one and the youth was seemingly extremely carefree and at ease within the inner reaches, looking completely oblivious to all the dangers surrounding him.

Based on his cold and indifferent personality, he would not have paid the little beggar any attention. But somehow, for no good reason, he did not leave. Instead, he secretly observed from a distance, watching the little beggar intently as he picked up a piece of deadwood and dug out a small hole in it. He then found himself a small dead branch and he sat down placing the point of the branch into the small hole in the bigger piece of wood and staring turning the branch furiously , held between his palms, seeming like he was trying to bore a hole in the wood. He did not know what the little beggar was doing and it was only after watching him for about more than two hours that he saw a thin wisp of smoke emanating from the piece of wood that he was thoroughly shocked.

With just two pieces of wood and he was able to start a fire! ? He had never seen anyone use such a strange method before. He knew that to start a fire, people usually used either a stick of glowing ember or flint stones. In the worst case scenario, he had heard that people would even strike two weapons together to induce sparks, but through the method like what the little beggar just did, that was a first in his entire life.

But that also told him that the little beggar had not been oblivious to the surrounding dangers. The youth had had the mind to extinguish the fire after he roasted and ate the skillfully skinned snake before clambering quickly up a tall tree to find a place to rest for the night. The young beggar had been callously inconsiderate, as he could hear the kid snoring loudly all the way here.

If Ling Mo Han knew what Feng Jiu was thinking in his mind at that moment, he might not having the same thoughts.

Initially, Feng Jiu had not noticed that someone was watching him as she had not sensed any malicious intent in the air surrounding her. But, just as she was up in the tree and had just closed her eyes to go to sleep, she suddenly felt that a pair of eyes were trained on her, probing and assessing her. And because of that, she let out loud snores, pretending to be deeply fast asleep.

In reality, she was wondering when those eyes had started watching her and, how did she fail to notice that she was being watched.

But since the other party had not chosen to show himself, and not caused her to feel threatened in anyway, she decided not to expose the person hidden in the darkness, but chose to silently raise her guard. Afterall, the people in this world cultivated immortality and she could not afford to carelessly see them as an average human, or she would put herself at a big disadvantage right from the start.

At dawn the next morning, Feng Jiu awoke under the chirping of the birds. She reached one hand out groggily before giving out a mighty huge yawn and she stretched her back fully in a graceful arc. But that full stretch caused her to lose her balance and she suddenly fell from the tree.



She screamed out and fell to the ground with a loud bang, lying among the tall grass on the ground.

“Ouch! This hurts like hell!” She stood up and rubbed at her hips and twisted her body before heaving a sigh of relief: “Luckily nothing is broken.”

A distance away, the dense canopy of leaves half covered the figure of Ling Mo Han as his penetrating eyes glanced briefly at the figure a way off from his position before quickly looking away.

From the moment the little beggar had awoken, his eyes had been open. He had seen the little beggar still groggy with sleep as he stretched high above the trees and falling off it. He knew the ground below the tree was filled with weeds growing on soft soil and a fall like that would not cause much problems, hence he had just glanced over unsympathetically and had not bothered to go help the youth up.

He saw the little beggar rub at his hips and then proceed to find two sizeable pieces of rocks before sitting down to pull out the herbs he had previously gathered from his clothes. He then mashed them up and stuffed it into his mouth. Ling Mo Han could not help himself but made his brows tilt up in a deep frown as he stared at the little beggar and thought to himself : [The little beggar had just eaten roast snake last night, was he so quickly famished that he needed to eat the herbs to quell his hunger?] [Even if that is the case, you can’t stuff herbs into your mouth in such a manner, can you? Doesn’t he know that eating herbs indiscriminately like this might cause you big problems?] He was just thinking that when he saw the little beggar suddenly gagged and he vomited out a dark mouthful of blood before collapsing onto the ground…..


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