Mega Year Of The Rooster UPDATE (chapters 33 to 35, 257 to 263 !!!)

Chapter 33 link, and Chapter 257 link!

Let the fireworks fly to the skies and let the rooster do the morning calls. It’s time for the largest update yet to cap off the start of the lunar new year. Take your time, enjoy the chapters, and happy reading!

With that said, it’s time for me, the translator, to come clean about my translations. As some of you have probably noticed, I had resorted to ‘scissoring’, which is a largely arbitrary act of removing portions of original words in order to hasten the process of translation. If the words involved added to the details of the story which readers must know in order to enjoy the story, I wouldn’t do it at all. The problem with the original writing was that much of the words (especially after continued reading for long periods of time) become redundant in the face of what was to be conveyed. For example, something that was said just paragraphs ago, was going be said again later in verbatim just to prove a point, which is highly unnecessary no matter how you look at it.

In order to provide a better and improved reading experience, it is necessary to trim the unnecessary parts that would otherwise result in a boring and distasteful reading. Editor GNE and I had come to this decision, and some readers expressed approval at this in a more personal communication channel with access to me. In case some things from the previous ‘tool assisted rewriting’ appear to be missing when compared side by side with this current translation, rest assured that this story is still in good hands and the context is still translated appropriately.

With that said, I am in need ot assistants. Just this part of the saga is 1071 chapters long. And that’s not the whole thing, which had exceeded more than 5000 chapters.

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8 Responses to Mega Year Of The Rooster UPDATE (chapters 33 to 35, 257 to 263 !!!)

  1. DellTacoGuy says:

    I’m 100% ok with you cutting off portions of the chapter because i find it irritating as heck when i read the same thing over and over again in 2-3 different paragraphs just worded differently.

    Reminds me of my middle school days of trying to reach the required word count for my essays.

  2. Inbetweenaction says:

    while slightly sceptical of your decision to scissor (it somehow dosn’t feel like a translation if you remove part of the story), i guess i actually agree that some of the chinese authors desperately would have needed a good editor to have them cut the parts you are talking about.

    soo i guess my actual problem is that you where born a few years to late, not native chinese and in collaboration with the author at the time of writing. Which, of course, is ridiculous of me

    That said, welcome back

  3. Hunny says:

    Not a fan of scissoring,
    That’s not translation.

    • sweed says:

      But you should be because that’s a part of things an editorial department is doing when transforming a WN to LN, going from quantity to quality of words.
      Thanks for the chappies! 🙂

  4. sdeligar says:

    Thank you for the hard work. Been missing this one.

    As for the scissoring I don’t mind. It’s very frustrating when a chapter is just a constant repeat of the same idea because the author can’t take the time to actually plan out what needs to happen.

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