MMS – Volume 2 Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 First Night in Black Steel Town

Black Steel Town was an industrial city and also a trading centre. The Town’s name came because they were famous for producing a world renowned material —— Black Steel.

Black Steel was unbelievably hard, flexible and malleable. Having a material that possess such properties, Black Steel Town’s steel refinement factory made up to billions of dollars worth of orders each year.

Following the large monetary remuneration obtained from the work, the whole city had become a trading centre where large amounts of transactions were carried out. High rise buildings, busy streets and numerous people that came in preparation to spend —— People. They were the most important assets.

The people in the city would rather name it opportunity town instead.

There were millions of work opportunities, countless business opportunities and people holding hopes to strike it rich. Various business elites come to this city to pursue this hope and dream.

Such opportunities would only befall the lucky few and it is only them that would make it.

Even though it was a city that was prosperous, it still had its own dark side. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say that the dark side of this city was scarier due to the prosperity of the city.

Criminal Syndicate —— Their existence were an open secret to the residence living in Black Steel Town. Over half of the ‘miracles’ that happen in the city had a direct relation to this dark existence. The officials had also tolerated them to a certain extent. (Miracles refer to the poor who strike it rich in the city)

It was inevitable that anyone who was entering the city for the first time would undoubtedly be absorbed by what they saw. Ouyang Xue was one of them.

“Wah, that building is so tall! Is it the tallest building here?”

“That building is called Steel Sky Stairs. However, it is not the tallest here. At most, it is one of the tallest here.”

“Ahhh! That that! That building can’t really be floating in the middle of the sky right!”

“Black Steel Town’s Magician Tower, not only can it float, it can fly as well.”

For a young girl who lived in a seaside village for more than ten years and only had nature to see, Black Steel Town was like a whole new world. Ouyang Xue sat excitedly beside the window while Annie said beside her like a tour guide explaining everything to her.

However, Ouyang Tao was exceptionally calm. It would be more appropriate to say that he was exceptionally nervous. He kept opening his backpack to check his belongings, before closing it and opening it to check a while later…… He repeated this several times during the journey.

“You are too nervous.” Tia had already said this numerous times already, “I have already said that we are only going to the hotel to rest today. Rem and I will go to the mining company to make some introductions. We will start our mission tomorrow.”

“Yes, I know……” Ouyang Tao nodded, but his hand continued shaking.

“Eh, I have never seen you like this before……” Tia gave up persuading him and helplessly shook her head.

Ouyang Tao’s reaction seemed very weird for her. He did not seem anything like the kid who had used all his abilities to force a draw against her during their first match. The Ouyang Tao now looked like a completely useless coward.

Tia had completely given up on persuading him. It was normal for him to be nervous on his first mission. Luckily, it was merely a simple mission.

The hotel which they rested in was situated in the centre of the business district. They had reserved a total of three rooms but there were seven people. Therefore, there were some troubles in splitting the rooms.

“Rem and I would be in a room. The two guys would be in another. The three ladies would have to squeeze a bit and take a room together.” The room allocation based on what Tia had said sounded very logical.

However, Zhao Yuecheng had another suggestion: “I guess, most people would not want to stay with me. Big sis, I applied for funds for a single room already.”

“Oh…… “ Tia thought about it and agreed with what Zhao Yuecheng had said. Zhao Yuecheng gave off a chilly and weird aura. Staying in the same room as him would no doubt make someone restless. “Alright, I agree. However, you would have to stay nearby.”

“Okay, then I shall go and book a room.” As he spoke, Zhao Yuecheng went downstairs alone —— Although he was blind, it was obvious that his movements were not affected at all.

Truthfully speaking, Tia still could not adapt to the unique aura coming from Zhao Yuecheng. He was different from the emotionless Zhao Yuehan as he constantly kept a smile on his face. However, Tia felt that the smile was exceptionally eerie.

Luckily, Zhao Yuecheng seemed to understand this as well. Furthermore, they were currently allies.

“ Then I want to be in a room with bro!” Zhao Yuecheng had just left and Ouyang Xue was already hugging her brother’s elbow, “Is it ok, bro~”

Now that it was two people per room, Ouyang Tao felt that siblings sleeping in the same room was very normal and hence agreed, “Well…… Alright.”

“Hehe, that’s great~”

“If that is the case, go to your respective rooms to rest. Don’t sleep too late. We will gather at the canteen downstairs at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning for a brief.”

Hence, everyone left for their respective rooms.

Although it was their first mission, it felt more like an excursion to Ouyang Xue —— Especially since she could be in the same room as her brother.

After searching around the room, Ouyang Xue had lost interest in the dangers of the room. She then realised that Ouyang Tao was still checking his backpack.

Ouyang Tao was very nervous, however, his nervousness did not come from the mission itself.

Suddenly, a soft and warm body stuck itself to his back: “Eh, bro. You have already checked several times.”

Ouyang Xue stuck herself to her brother’s body as body her hands hugged his neck —— The situation was not right. Ouyang Tao slapped his sister’s hand gently: “Alright Ah Xue, stop fooling around, this is important.”

“Seriously bro, it’s rare that we come out. Why don’t you accompany Ah Xue?” Not only did Ouyang Xue not have any intention of letting go, she started gently rubbing Ouyang Tao. “Ever since bro entered the academy, you don’t accompany me anymore. Do you know how sad Ah Xue is?”

“Ugh…… Sorry……” Hearing this, Ouyang Tao felt sorry for his sister. After entering Augustus Academy, he focused on his research and studies. Due to the busy schedule every day, he did not have much time to accompany his sister.

“Bro, don’t you miss me at all? Could it be that in bro’s heart, Ah Xue cannot even compare to those cold hard machines?” Ouyang Xue voice possessed some sort of resentment causing Ouyang Tao to feel slightly guilty.

Thinking back, he had almost always accompanied by his sister’ side. He took care of nearly all her food and lodging. Nowadays, however, it was even rare that he had a meal with his sister.

“Sorry, Ah Xue. Bro will find some time to accompany you in the future alright?”

“No!” However, Ouyang Xue suddenly became quite stubborn. “I don’t want such an assurance, I want bro to accompany me now.”

“Hehe, aren’t we together now.” As he spoke, Ouyang Tao could feel that his sister’s actions were becoming much bolder. The young girl was rubbing her Siamese twins/Double Whoppers/Congo Bongos through two layers of clothing on his back. It was undoubtedly quite unbearable for a man at the prime of his youth. (I didn’t know which sounded better so I’ll just put all!)

Ouyang Tao repeatedly reminded himself that they were siblings as he tried to get his sister to loosen her grip. However, Ouyang Xue hugged even tighter.

However, Ouyang Xue said something rather mean: “Bro, we actually don’t have any blood relations right?”

“Right…… But I treat you as my sister all this while.”

“Is that all?” Ouyang Xue place her hands near the neck opening of Ouyang Tao’s shirt and slowly roamed downwards. “All these time you only treat me as your sister?”

To Ouyang Tao, this question was extremely impactful as he could not answer immediately……

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