MMS – Volume 2 Chapter 9.5

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Interval 3

Two days ago, when Ouyang Tao obtained the dimensional scrolls, he had a sudden idea. Although Annie specialised in medicines, if Liu Xinya did indeed have talent in scrolls, there was no harm in adding her to the team. Bringing such a curious attitude, Ouyang Tao sent a message to her using the multi-purpose crystal ball and quickly received a reply: “I’m at my lab.”

Coming to Annie’s laboratory again, it was still the same pungent medicinal smell that greeted him. He could not believe that Annie could stay in such an environment…… After Annie switched on the ventilation fan, Ouyang Tao finally walked in, Annie still maintained her business smile and greeted him at the door.

“Welcome boss. How may I help you?”

Is that really okay…… However, Ouyang Tao felt that this was not important now. He cleared his throat and said seriously: “Annie, you have received news that we are going on a mission two days later right?”

“Yeah, I know. Annie has already prepared. Please take a look.” As she spoke, she took out a large baggage to show Ouyang Tao “Take a look, all the necessities have been prepared.”

Ouyang Tao examined it and just as Annie had said, she had nearly prepared all the necessities already. Other than that, there were also several bottles of medicines. These were all the crucial preparations a Pharmacist had to make —— Ouyang Tao thought about it and felt that it was right. No matter what, Annie was more experienced than Ouyang Tao in missions.

“Annie, do you have Dimensional Scrolls?”

“EH? Dimensional Scrolls? I do…… But…… Ugh……” Annie lowered her head as she spoke and revealed a very helpless look, “But…… My scrolls…… Do you really want it?”

Seeing Annie’s look, Ouyang Tao was confused. Annie seemed to highly doubt the scrolls she made: “What’s the problem? Could it be that you don’t know how to make scrolls?”

Annie hesitated a long while before saying: “Ughh…… This…… This…… I cannot say clearly, but if you really want it…… Follow me.”

Annie took out a key and opened a room in her laboratory. It was a small room that was around ten metres square large.

Entering the room, what was most striking was an antique cloth weaver. The four walls of the room were filled with neat shelves. On three of these shelves were neatly placed scrolls tied using a ribbon. On the last shelf were various threads and ribbons, arranged by size.

Although Ouyang Tao knew that the scrolls were made using cloth, he had never imagined that the cloth would be hand made.

Out of curiosity, Ouyang Tao asked her: “Annie, the decorations on the scroll can’t be hand sewed as well?”

“Of course they are. They are an important part of the scroll.” As she spoke, she tipped and stretched for one that was on top.

“Let me help you.” Ouyang Tao said as he carried Annie from behind. He wasn’t certain whether it was due to her small stature, but Annie was very light. He felt as though he was carrying a child —— Speaking of which, how did she place in on top usually?

“Ahhh, Thank you. These are the scrolls.” Annie removed three scrolls and passed it to Ouyang Tao. “These are the dimensional scrolls, but I advise you not to use it.”


“I’m not sure myself, but people always say my scrolls have a problem. Nowadays, I’m nearly unable to carry on with my scroll business. A lot of my customers no longer come to me. It’s a huge loss…… *Sob Sob*……” As she spoke, Annie was about to cry.

However, Ouyang Tao was also very confused. Because the scrolls that Annie gave her looked exactly like the ones Zhao Yuehan gave her. What could be the problem?

It was regretful that he did not know anything about them. Therefore, he had to look for an expert opinion……

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