MMS – Volume 2 Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 Very Nervous, Extremely Nervous

Two days later, 6:30 a.m. At the designated gathering point.

Ouyang Tao had already arrived at 6a.m. His large backpack was filled with all the necessities. He was feeling very nervous, but it was not only because it was his first mission.

Following that, Ouyang Xue, Annie and Liu Xinya all arrived within a quarter of an hour with all their luggage.

Following that, Tia also appeared a few minutes later. She was not alone but instead accompanied by a tall and handsome blonde man. From far, they could be seen holding hands and were walking very slowly. It was clearly different from what it had usually been.

More importantly, there was a radiant smile on Tia’s face. It was a typical shy smile that was filled with happiness.

The man was wearing a Magician’s Army uniform. He looked spirited and very suited with Tia. The sweet feelings between the two were indescribable, allowing Ouyang Tao to finally understand why Tia requested for additional “external assistance”.

Ouyang Tao was not a person who enjoyed gossip and hence, he pretended as though he did not see anything and avoided looking at them. It was also obvious that Tia did not want the others to know about this relationship and they let go of each other’s hands when they were thirty to forty metres away. After slightly touching up, they reverted to their original expression.

“Guys, this is General Rem from the Magician’s Army. He is also a graduate of Augustus Academy and a senior I highly respect. For this mission, he will be our ‘external assistance’.” Tia introduced.

Following which, Rem slightly interacted with the rest. From his first impression, Ouyang Tao felt that he was nice. He possessed both a soldier’s fortitude and sturdiness and also a gentleman’s humility and manners.

The only problem lied in the fact that Ouyang Tao felt he gave off some sense of incongruity.

At that point, it had just hit 6:30 p.m. and the last member also appeared.

Zhao Yuehan was in her usual white laced dress, but what was different from usual was that she wore a hat that had a face veil. She was leading along a young boy who was slightly shorter than her.

The youth wore a large eye mask which nearly covered half of his face. The mask prevent people from seeing his expressions clearly. He stood beside Zhao Yuehan quietly, not uttering a word.

Although they did not talk, everyone was able to deduce their relationship. Both of them had extremely pale white skin and they gave off a similar aura. The youth’s sense of attire was similar to Zhao Yuehan as he wore long black pants with his pure white shirt.

Putting it bluntly, he looked as though he was going to attend a funeral. Everyone felt a chilly oppression at the same time.

“Twin brother, Zhao Yuecheng.” Zhao Yuehan pushed her brother forward “He will join the team for the mission.”

“Hello.” Zhao Yuecheng walked forward as he revealed a friendly smile and shook Ouyang Tao’s hand.

From this simple act, Ouyang Tao could feel that the personalities of the siblings were different. Therefore, he held out his hand to return the gesture: “Hello. Welcome to our team.”

“I cannot see but I can feel your presence, I will be joining you for this trip.”

“Ahh, Thank you.”

The meeting with the other members were pleasant but Zhao Yuehan kept on staring at Rem.

Ouyang Tao knew that such a situation meant that she had found out something. However, she did not say anything but instead only walked beside Zhao Yuecheng and whispered something to him: “You must be obedient, alright?”

“Of course sis.” Zhao Yuecheng replied happily.

“Very good. Farewell.” As she spoke, Zhao Yuehan left.

Only after this young lady from Spirits had left could the rest other than Ouyang Tao and Zhao Yuecheng breathe normally —— Obviously, other than the two of them, no one was able to withstand the special sort of aura coming from Zhao Yuehan.

“This fellow…… He really is capable of recruiting just about anyone……” Tia whispered silently.

She had naturally heard of the rumours of Zhao Yuehan before. But more importantly, she had personally witnessed her abilities before —— On the battlefield.

It was nearly a hopeless battle. Tia and a few other battle groups had nearly used up all of their materials and their magic had been depleted. While they were still recovering from previous attacks, the enemy surrounded them and attacked with ten thousand troops —— There was only one fate for them, death.

Tia still remembered that more than hundred of them had already prepared highly explosive magical bombs in an attempt to perish together with their enemies.

However, at that time, Zhao Yuehan appeared. She was floating just like a spirit. After which, a miracle happened. It might be better to say a natural calamity had befallen on them.

Snow, in the scorching hot July. Snowflakes suddenly appeared in the middle of the sky. The noisy battlefield fell silent instantly. A deathly silence surrounded the area.

When the snowfall had stopped, Tia and the rest of the people who climbed out of the snow had shockingly realised that all their enemies had turned into white bones. Zhao Yuehan merely turned around and eerily floated away.

That was a scene that Tia would never forget.

“Big Sister, are you afraid?”


Zhao Yuecheng’s words brought Tia back into reality.

“My sister is not the entity that you imagine her to be.”

“You…… Are you peeking into my thoughts?” Tia instantly became more cautious and stepped back several steps.

Zhao Yuecheng did not seem to mind and merely smiled and explained: “Your breathing, heartbeat, flow of blood…… I can feel them. As i had said before, I cannot see, therefore I am able to feel such things. You don’t have to worry, I don’t have the same ability as my sister.”

“Ohhh…… Okay……” Truthfully speaking, Tia was very scared. The two siblings gave off a very similar aura.

“I think that the most important thing is that we are partners, right? You are the leader. I will follow big sister’s instructions.”

“Yeah, okay.” Tia barely managed to compose herself and she continuously reminded herself that Zhao Yuecheng was completely different from his sister who was a death reaper. However, she could not completely suppress the fear in her heart. “Alright, since everyone is here and have already been acquainted with one another, let’s set off.”

Sitting in the bus that the school had specially provided, the team made their way towards Black Steel Town —— The industrial city was a ten hour ride from the capital and the mining area that they were going to investigate was merely two hours at most from the city.

This vehicle that was exclusively used for missions, had its exterior reinforced. The wheels of the vehicle were also made of a special magical rubber that was bullet and explosion proof. The interior of the vehicle was large and it could be modified to suit different missions. Currently, the vehicle was on autopilot while Tia briefed the team on the mission.

Based on what Tia had said, they only needed to place the detector at the various mining spots inside the mine. The detector would detect for abnormalities in the mine. At the same time, they were supposed to obtain the records of transactions of Lula Ores in the mine and bring it back to the academy for the professionals to investigate. If all goes well, it would take them at most four days for the whole mission.

“…… Everyone, this is a rough summary of our mission. Just like what I have said, it is only a simple mission.”

Yes. Just like this, Ouyang Tao had embarked on his first simple mission.

However, he was still extremely nervous.

At this point, Zhao Yuecheng gently held Ouyang Tao’s sweaty palm and gently said: “No need to worry, death is here with us.” (What a way to calm Ouyang Tao LOL)

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