MMS – Volume 2 Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 The first simple mission

Even before completing the registration for the battle group, Ouyang Tao did not expect to already have a mission. When receiving the search mission in Lu Yun’s office, he seem rather flustered.

“Professor Lu, my team only has five people or at most six…… Letting me go on a mission like this…… Isn’t this…… Can’t we wait for Senior Chen Feng to come back……”

“What, don’t you trust me?” Tia, who also received the mission at the same time seemed a little unhappy. “Such a simple mission, me alone would be enough. Professor’s true intention is to let you experience what is it like executing a real mission.”

“That’s right. It’s just as Tia has said. This is the true objective behind why I’m letting you go on this mission.” Lu Yun nodded, speaking to Ouyang Tao in a more serious manner. “Tia can only lead your team for a year, and in the future, the leader would definitely have to be you. Time is short, so you have to take whatever opportunities present to learn how to lead your battle group. Do you understand?”

Hearing that, Ouyang Tao understood immediately. It was just like Lu Yun had said. What he was lacking the most now was time. He needed to get his basics right and shorten the gap of experience in the shortest amount of time. Naturally, he needed to act at every chance given: “Yes Professor, I understand.”

“Very good, I will give you two days to prepare for the mission. After that, head to Black Steel Town. You will have one week to execute your mission. Are there anymore questions?”

“Yes.” It was Tia and not Ouyang Tao who spoke, “Professor, may I…… Request for external assistance?”

Feeling that Tia was a little contradictory, Ouyang Tao questioned her immediately: “EH? Didn’t you just say that you could settle it alone? Why do you require external assistance?”

Lu Yun was equally puzzled as he raised his brows: “About external assistance…… We could, but I need to know who the other party is.”

“The fifth squad leader of the Magician’s Army, Rem Fayol.”

“Ahh…… Him……” Lu Yun had been Tia’s tutor for five years, therefore, he knew some of the little secrets his students had. Instantly, he understood the reason she requested for it. “Alright, I agree. However Tia, I must remind you, mission first.”


“So happy? Why?”

Ouyang Tao did not understand why Tia’s mood seemed to be lifted after Lu Yun had accepted her request for external assistance. She revealed an exceptionally bright smile that Ouyang Tao had never seen until now —— It was merely external assistance, why does she seem to have become another person?

Lu Yun just smiled and did not answer clearly: “Okay, Ouyang Tao. Don’t ask things that you don’t need to know. Quickly go and prepare for the mission.”

The two days of preparation was rather nerve-racking to Ouyang Tao. That’s because he did not even know the basics of battle preparation. Therefore, he rushed to the library to find books related to mission and battle preparation and prepared a checklist based on the items suggested by the various books.

“Maps, travel pass, signal flares……” Ouyang Tao muttered to himself while he recorded down on his checklist.

There really were many things to be brought for a mission. On his checklist, there were already fifty to sixty items. Afraid that he would miss out something, after noting down the items on his checklist, he carefully checked the books again.

There were so many things to bring that it could easily fill up everyone’s bag pack. Then, Ouyang Tao suddenly realised a serious problem —— How was he going to bring his materials?

When a Mechanical Engineering Magician carries out his mission, he would have to bring at least ten tonnes of materials. Ten Tonnes!!! So much materials, where was he going to keep it and how was he going to bring it?

“Going on a mission?” Zhao Yuehan’s voice suddenly rang and lucky for Ouyang Tao, he had gotten used to it.

“Yeah……” Looking up, he saw Zhao Yuehan in front of him carrying a tray.

“Eh? Senior, this is……”

“Dinner time.” As Zhao Yuehan spoke, she placed the bowl of hot piping noodles that was on her tray in front of Ouyang Tao.

The bowl of noodles placed in front of him was actually a chicken soup noodle. The aroma of the golden soup was overflowing. Looking at the noodles boosted Ouyang Tao’s appetite: “Thank you senior. Wahh, it’s so fragrant.”

“Eat.” Zhao Yuehan said as she waved her hand. The books in front of Ouyang Tao were all bookmarked and kept properly aside. “Don’t dirty the books.”

“Alright.” Ouyang Tao used his chopsticks to pick up some noodles and cooled them by blowing.
“Slurpppppp” He ate some noodles, before taking a bite of the chicken drumstick in the bowl. The noodles were springy, the soup was fresh and the chicken was tender. It was extremely delicious. “Senior, your cooking is so good!”

“It’s fine as long as you like it.” Zhao Yuehan said as she looked at the books and notes Ouyang Tao was busy with. “Mission? When?”

“Ohh, two days later. We are to go investigate the Lula Ore Mining area at Black Steel Town.”

“……” Zhao Yuehan did not answer but merely stared at Ouyang Tao.

Ouyang Tao understood that everytime she does that, it means that she had something to say: “Senior, what’s wrong?”

“Unable to attend, recommend a substitute.”

“Ugh…… Does senior mean that you are unable to go and would like to recommend another person to place you?”

“Yes.” Zhao Yuehan nodded. “My twin brother, Zhao Yuecheng, Nature department first year.”

This was the first time Ouyang Tao knew that Zhao Yuehan had a twin brother, but she trusted in her recommendation: “Alright, thank you once again senior.”

“You still look uncertain?”

“Ugh…… Yeah, Senior, do you know how Mechanical Engineering students bring along materials when they go for mission?”

“Dimensional Scroll, able to use anytime.”

“Dimensional Scroll?” Hearing the words scroll, Ouyang Tao recalled the young girl from Medicines who went to find him the other time.

“Yes.” Zhao Yuehan said, stretching out her left hand, three scrolls and a mini booklet floated onto the writing desk. “The finished scrolls and instructions. Take a look.”

Thank you was already insufficient to express Ouyang Tao’s gratitude to this senior who has been constantly taking care of him.

After leaving the library and just as he walked down the stairs, Ouyang Tao saw someone standing below. Soon, he realised that the other party was Liu Xinya.

“Hello.” She walked forward with a smile, stopping around five steps away from Ouyang Tao and bowed before continuing: “I heard from Annie that your group was going to go for a mission soon. I guessed that you might require this.”

As she spoke, Liu Xinya held out three scrolls in her hands.

From the symbol on the ribbons on the scroll, Ouyang Tao could guess the type of scroll it was, however, he felt that it was different from the one Zhao Yuehan gave him.

“Is this a Dimensional Scroll?”

“Yes, it is a dimensional scroll that has been modified by me. It consumes two-thirds less magical powers than a normal scroll.” Liu Xinya explained. “I hope to take this opportunity to display my skills and be able to join your battle group.”

“Which means to say…… You would like to participate in the mission?”

“Yes, I hope that you would allow.”

Since Professor Lu has already said that this would be a simple mission where the main objective was to gain experience, bringing more people should not be a problem. Furthermore, a Pharmacist who specialised in scrolls would be beneficial as well. Therefore, after some consideration, Ouyang Tao accepted: “Alright, two days later, come along with Annie.”

“Thank you. I shall now take my leave.” Liu Xinya courteous bowed before turning and leaving.

Graceful, calm. Such were the feeling he had gotten from her. She seemed to be much more reliable than Annie.

Suddenly, Ouyang Tao had an idea. Why not ask Annie to make a few scrolls as well?

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