MMS – Volume 2 Chapter 6.5

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Volume 2 Interval 2

Concerning the analysis of the imitation of Lucifer’s Crown, Lu Yun already had a conclusion. The council held a meeting immediately to hear the findings of his report.

In the meeting room, over twenty council members were fully focused on listening to the report Lu Yun was making. Their attitude was serious because the aftermath of the issue needed to be handled with care.

“…… In summary, I conclude that the Lucifer’s Crown is actually like a power storage system. It is charged by the original or by a demon king and is able to be used repeatedly. Also, there is a possibility for it to be mass produced. End of report.” Lu Yun concluded his speech and waited for the next decision of the council.

This conclusion was very frightening as it meant that there was a possibility of there being much more imitations. If one Edward already caused such a commotion, who knows what another ten or twenty of them would do?

Other than that, the next frightening inference Lu Yun made was that he figured the creation of this imitation might have relied on the power of other Demon King relic. For example Asmodeus’s spear and Samael’s boots, or even both.

If Lucifer’s crown could be imitated, going by the same logic, other demon king relics could be made as well. This was a fact that was hard to accept.

Facing such a tough situation, the council members sat down and discussed for half an hour but were still unable to come to a satisfactory conclusion. Lu Yun was also similarly nervous while waiting.

The main point of contention amongst the council members was whether they wanted to release news of this to warn their allies. However, doing so would no doubt cause a big buzz and create mass panic.

If that were the cause, it would be helping the inverted cross army —— Because mass terror and panic was what a terrorist group like inverted cross army wanted to see.

However, if they withhold information regarding the situation, they would be allowing the inverted cross army free reign to do what they want and the outcome was unimaginable.

After half an hour of continued discussion, Lu Yun opened his mouth: “Distinguished members of the council, I have a suggestion.”

“Please speak.”

“From what I have analysed, creating this imitation requires a very special material —— Lula Ore. This mineral can refine the purest of energy stones and only the alloys created by these energy stones can withstand the stored energies of sin.”

The council soon understood what Lu Yun was trying to say: “Ahh, Professor Lu, your suggestion, is extremely useful.”

“That’s right, we only need to send a few of our magician army and student battle groups to our country’s and neighbouring countries’ Lula mining area to investigate. For the other countries, we could also warn them through our foreign affairs department.”

“Right.” Therefore, the council followed this suggestion and discussed for the next ten minutes before coming to a conclusion.

“Alright, Professor Lu. The council has decided to sent our student battle groups to five different Lula mining area to investigate. We will put you in charge of the allocation of manpower and the technical research.”

“Roger.” During the conversation, Lu Yun had already decided on who to send on this mission.

Out of the five mining areas in the country, two of them were near borders and another in mountainous areas. These were the ones that were more difficult to investigate and more dangerous. Therefore, Lu Yun decided to send out the most elite teams to investigate these regions.

The remaining two areas were located and two industrial towns near the capital. Furthermore, there were Magician’s from the army on standby at those locations. Hence, they were relatively safer.

Maybe, this would be a great opportunity to train the soldiers. From what Lu Yun saw, this exercise could act as a mini drill for the students. It was about time to allow the students to experience the feeling of actual battles.

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