MMS – Volume 2 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Where did I go wrong?

Just like what the other Mechanical Engineering Students had previously said, they need not worry about forming teams. Being the core of offense, Mechanical Engineering Magicians were crucial in carrying out different missions. Naturally, other students would proactively look for them to form teams.

However, other than Mechanical Engineering Department, another department’s students also did not have to worry —— and that was the Medicines Department.

The saying goes “Food and fodder goes before the troops and horses”. The pharmacist of the Medicines department, although lacked offensive powers, are able to produce all kinds of medicines and scrolls which can boost the abilities of the Battle Magicians and also further support them.

For example, during a mission, students need to bring along half a month worth of rations. Pharmacist however are able to create a small vial of potion which can be used as substitute for one day worth of ration thereby prolonging their ability to stay in the field during missions. Using the potions, they can stay in the field for as long as two months as compared to two weeks while using rations.

If someone had gotten injured and required emergency treatment, the Pharmacist’s special created medical lotion is able to speed up recovery of light injuries as well as control the damage done by severe injuries. In the most critical of situations, they are able to protect the lives of their comrades in critical conditions.

Other than that, when being poisoned, short term supplements and different types of scrolls are all able to provide support for teammates during battle —— therefore, to most battle teams, Pharmacist are a crucial part of the team. Their importance was no less than a Mechanical Engineering Magician.

That’s why a Pharmacist was so important and even if it was his sister’s request, he could not agree so easily.

However, from another point of view, if Annie were really as talented as what the files had written, all of her other inabilities could be ignored. Therefore, Ouyang Tao came up with the condition that if Annie were to really join his team, she needed to show what she was capable of.

“Ummm…… If that were the case, I would make an exception and allow you two to see my laboratory.” After finishing her dinner, she brought the Ouyang siblings to her laboratory.

The Medicines department had their own dedicated building for experiments. Inside it were several large scale general laboratories and each student even had their own independent laboratory.

Just like within the Mechanical Engineering department, each Pharmacist’s ability and concoction recipes was kept secret from one another. Therefore, the individual laboratory were usually prohibited from outsiders.

Needless to say, Annie must have put in a lot of consideration that she brought the Ouyang siblings in.

Opening the two doors and entering the laboratory, an odd pungent medicinal smell filled the air. The Ouyang siblings covered their nose immediately.

“My apologies, the smell is a bit strong. I’ll turn on the ventilation fan immediately.” Annie quickly turned on the ventilation fan and after a while, the Ouyang siblings hesitantly walked into the laboratory.

After entering, what caught their eyes immediately were the shelves and shelves of medicines and materials that were classified neatly. Following Annie around the maze of shelves, they arrived at a workstation about ten metres away. The workstation was similarly filled with medications.

Beside the workstation was two huge and locked metal cabinet and one transparent cage that kept several animal specimens for experiments. From the labels on the metal cabinets, it could be seen that one stored various experimental data and results while the other stored completed products.

Then, Annie suddenly turned around and bowed at the Ouyang siblings: “My dear customers, welcome to my little shop. Please advice on what you require.”

“Ah?” Ouyang Xue did not understand her intention.

“What are you saying?” Ouyang Tao was similarly clueless.

Annie seemed to also realised that something was wrong: “Oh? Ahhh! Sorry sorry! It’s just a habit. Hehe…”

Despite what she said, the phrase before showed what she was clearly doing. Ouyang Tao asked uncontrollably: “You…… Can’t be doing some business all this while?”

“Well…… How should I put it? Pharmacists collecting orders of some sort is unavoidable. Each month, the ingredients they give us is so little. How could it be enough? Furthermore, all the rare herbs are very expensive.”

“Okay…… I can accept your explanation……” What Ouyang Tao cared the most now was whether Annie really possessed the ability of a top class pharmacist.
“Then, as a pharmacist can you show us some of your achievements?”

“Ugh…… Let me see……” Annie said, opening her storage cabinet. Soon, she removed a small bag. “This is it. Do you want to try it?”

That was a bag of flowery and green sweets. It was specially made in the shape of a bear. Ouyang Tao helplessly replied: “Thank You, but I had just eaten, I’m not hungry.”

“That’s not what I meant. This is a special energy sweet that I created. It is filled with a person’s required daily energy intake. As long you bring along a bag of it, you don’t have to worry about being hungry for a few months~” Annie sticked out her chest and said with confidence.

Hearing what Annie said, Ouyang Tao became curious. He picked up one and examined it —— It looks like any normal candy and he dared not believe completely her: “Is it really so good?”

“Of course!”

Even though Annie swore of its properties, Ouyang Tao still felt that it was a little exaggerating: “However, this candy, there is no way to prove it…… Is there anything that we can see the effect immediately?”

“Immediately see the effects…… Let me see……” As she spoke, she turned around and searched her storage cabinet for a while. Eventually, she took out a vial with a coffee coloured gooey potion. “This is my rapid healing medicine. As long as you are injured by normal weapons and magic, this potion can heal you rapidly.”

“This……” Ouyang Tao felt that this was worth a try, but he purposely made things difficult for her, “This kind of medicine can be made by any Pharmacist, there’s nothing really special about it.”

“Of course this is special! Let me show you!” She then put on her white robe and wore her white gloves and mask. Then she grabbed a rabbit from the transparent cage and placed it on the dissection board (Similar to a cutting board but used for dissection).”

“Don’t look.” Ouyang Tao roughly guessed what Annie wanted to do and covered his sister’s eyes hastily.

Just as Ouyang Tao had imagined, the next scene was very bloody. After cutting up the rabbit, she removed the rabbit’s heart and other important organs —— In theory, the rabbit had already died.

“Look closely. It’s time for a miracle~” As she spoke, Annie took the rapid healing medicine and applied it into the open wound and poured a bit of it inside the rabbit. What happened next was just like Annie said, a miracle.

The rabbit’s organs quickly regenerated and the wounds recovered quickly. Soon, the rabbit was back to life.

This really works ?! That’s incredible! Ouyang Tao was finally impressed this time.

“However, the ingredients for this medicine is very expensive. I’ve only made five bottles and have sold three of them already. However, there is a less potent formula which is also very powerful.”

“How powerful?”

“As long as the heart, organs and brain did not receive and fatal injuries, the medication would be able to heal you. However it takes a longer time. About one to two hours.”

“That’s alright. It’s already very strong like that.”

As he said that, Ouyang Tao started to feel that something was weird. Although it was true that Annie did not have any offense power, just based of her medicines, it might not be sought after, but there was no reason why nobody wanted to form a team with her.

Even if her offensive capabilities and physical condition was very bad, if an armour or some form of movement bot was created for her, there was no way she would pull the team down so much that no one wanted her.

In the end, Ouyang Tao accidentally stepped on Annie’s landmine: “Annie, since you are so good, why did you repeat grades?”

“That…… That is because…… Because……” As expected, at the mention of this matter, Annie began to sob again “Because Annie’s medicine wouldn’t function properly during battles. The previous time, it had almost killed seniors Monica and Chen Feng. Everyone calls me ‘the one who ate the wrong medicine’, therefore…… therefore…… Wuuuuwahhhh —— !”

“Okay Annie, don’t cry, don’t cry.” Ouyang Xue anxiously hugged Annie and consoled her.

This made Ouyang Tao more and more confused.

As a researcher, when Ouyang Tao stepped into the laboratory, he felt that although Annie looked very blur and unreliable, when she was researching medicines, her attitude is very serious and careful. Such would definitely not make a low level mistake.

Then, just what went wrong with her medicine?

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