MMS – Volume 2 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Is this person even reliable?

The incident about forming teams weighed heavily on Ouyang Tao’s mind. This was because the issue was very important. Ignoring the imminent battle, the grouping still affected the student’s grades directly as many of the examinations that students take in the future are in the form of mock missions and sparring matches which are all carried out in groups. Failure would directly affect the group’s results which might eventually lead to a situation where they do not have sufficient points to graduate.

Fortunately, the academy took precautions against this kind of situations. When new students form groups for the first time, they can temporarily apply to have two graduate students join their team for not more than a year to guide them along the way.

Other than that, each student was given a thick file that has the history and statistics of all the students in the same level. Ouyang Tao held the book in one hand thinking deeply as he made his way back to his dormitory.

As a battle group, the Mechanical Engineering Magician was naturally the core of the offense. Members from the Elements department are also necessary as they are second in terms of offensive capabilities.

It would have been even better if there were members from Spirits department, who specialised in investigation and scouting, and members from the feral beast department who were highly mobile.

Furthermore, members from the Nature department were also sought after for their strong defensive capabilities. Members from the Medicine department were also necessary to provide all sorts of support.

If they were facing matters/missions related to Magical Artifact and Divine Beasts, the strength of members from the Heavenly Magic and Illusions department were definitely necessary……

Also, it would be best to have someone from the Magical Swordsmanship Department as they were the most well rounded and strong warriors.

Judging from the situation, Ouyang Tao would need to have at least ten members on his team.

The fact that one could enter Augustus Academy would mean that they were not mediocre. From the file, each student had their own talents and specialities. Generally, everyone looked good.

If what the other Mechanical Engineering students had said were true, students from other departments would proactively look for them……


“AH? Shit!”

Walking and reading at the same time was a bad habit. Obviously, Ouyang Tao had knocked into someone and judging from the impact and noise from the collision, it seemed to be a petite female.

Ouyang Tao anxiously closed the thick file in his hands, only to see a short-hair girl whom he had knocked to the ground. The papers that she held in her hand were scattered all around. Ouyang Tao frantically apologised: “Sorry, are you ok?”

“Ahh, my data!” In the eyes of the girl, the scattered paper were obviously more important as she immediately knelt down and began collecting and picking up all the scattered paper.

Feeling guilty, Ouyang Tao immediately bent down and began helping her retrieve the scattered paper; “My apologies, let me help you pick them up.”

After keeping her things properly, the girl slowly stood up. Ouyang Tao took the chance to apologise again: “I’m sorry, I did not look where I was going just now. So sorry.”

“It’s alright, I wasn’t paying attention either. I should have held a lighter load……”

Finally looking at each other face to face, they realised that they had been acquainted before and weren’t strangers.

“EH? You are……”

“AH? IT’S YOU?!”

Large square spectacles, rather short and skinny…… At one glance, Ouyang Tao recognised that it was the senior who had shown him around when he first entered school.

Instead of wearing a suit, she was wearing a girl’s uniform(Long skirt style).

She’s actually a girl —— Ouyang Tao nearly said that out loud.

“You’re Ouyang Tao right! The commoner Mechanical Engineering student.”

“Yeah, I also remember you. You’re the senior that brought me around when I was just admitted.”

Previously, Ouyang Tao had thought that the Senior who had initially brought him around was really too gentle to be a guy. Different from the weakness Edward showed, hers was complete gentleness, coupled with a ‘Doll-like Face’ and watery eyes. She gave off a feeling that she would cry with some slight teasing. (TL: That made Ouyang Tao think that she was a guy.)

However, the fact that she was a girl would make his initial thoughts understandable. Those puppy eyes seemed to give off a “Please Protect Me”, “Don’t Bully Me” signal, making people want to caress her.

Just like now……

“Ugh. Actually I already…… Senior…… Because my score wasn’t enough…… Repeated a grade…… I worked so hard…… I clearly worked so hard……” As she spoke, she started to sob.

Although repeating grades was a terrible thing and crying was unavoidable, crying like that in front of Ouyang Tao in public would make it seem as though Ouyang Tao did something to her. It would definitely bring serious negative repercussions to him.

“Oi, don’t cry. People would think that I bullied you.”

“Sorr…… Sorry…… But…… Score…… Retaining Grades…… UUUWWAAAAAA —— !”

In the end, he could not stop her as the young girl started crying.

After which, just as Ouyang Tao had predicted, the surrounding people all turned and looked. Ouyang Tao could not even think about defending himself.

However, what was worse was……

“BRO!” Ouyang Tao suddenly heard a shout from behind him and the voice was obviously filled with rage. Turning around, it was indeed Ouyang Xue. With a look of righteousness, she exclaimed: “What are you doing—— ! I never expected you to be such a person!”

Ouyang Tao completely gave up defending himself: “Please, Ah Xue, don’t add fuel to the fire……”

Half an hour later, in one of the middle-class cafes where they had to pay, the Ouyang Siblings and the spectacled girl sat together at a window side table. In front of them sat the cheapest spaghetti set meal.

“Let me introduce myself again. I’m Annie, Medicine department, first year. I should have been a second year……” As she spoke, her voice became softer and she drooped her head. Only a slight buzzing sound could be heard when she had finished speaking……

Ouyang Tao could not take it if the situation went out of control again and immediately consoled her: “Let’s not speak about sad stuff and eat first.”

“Ugh……” Annie nodded, trying to compose her feeling before continuing: “I’m…… I’m sorry about just now. Let me pay for this meal as an apology. Although, I don’t have much money left…… I still need it for new medicine…… Several debts I have not collected yet……”

“No no, don’t worry. Let me pay for this meal.” Seeing the situation starting to go out of hand, Ouyang Tao consoled her yet again.

Until now, Ouyang Tao could roughly understand why Annie repeated grades —— Her personality would obviously hold people back. Why would anyone let her join their team.

“Hush Annie. Don’t Cry Annie…… The meal is nice. Come~ Eat! Say ‘Ah~’.”


Then, Ouyang Tao saw his sister feeding Annie which made him feel how unreliable this girl was.

However, Ouyang Tao was curious: “Ah Xue, do you know her?”

“That’s right. She lives in the room just across from mine.” As Ouyang Xue spoke, she continued feeding Annie. Annie was finally revealing a delightful smile from the great tasting meal.

“Bro do you know, Annie is excellent at making medicine. Last time in the sparring match, when I got injured, Annie applied some medication and I was healed instantly.”

“Oh… Is it……” Ouyang Tao said as he secretly flipped his file to Annie’s profile.

Annie’s battle capabilities, defense capabilities and adaptability were all zero. However her magical strength was almost one hundred and twenty thousand units. That was nearly five times of Ouyang Tao. Also, her Medical and Extraction ability was nearly god-like. She received a rare grade S and she specialised in Emergency Rescue.

Seeing this, Ouyang Tao raised his head to look at Annie who was snuggling up like a cat beside his sister —— In theory, this was supposed to be a very effective skill. But looking at how Annie was…… Ouyang Tao shook his head. There’s no way it would work.

“Ah, that’s right. Ouyang Xue, is your brother’s group formed up yet?” Annie asked as if suddenly remembering something. She pounced up for Ouyang Xue’s side and leaned forward, nearly jumping onto the table.

Actually, Ouyang Xue had the same question in mind: “That’s right. Bro, have you decided on your team yet?”

“This……” Ouyang Tao had an ominous feeling and he smiled awkwardly, replying: “Not yet, I had only just received news of this.”

“Then this is just perfect, let us form a team together Bro. Annie is very useful.”

“En en, Pleaseee.”

Coming out from his sister’s mouth, Ouyang Tao found it hard to reject……

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