MMS – Volume 2 Chapter 3.5

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Volume 2 Interval 1

Although Lu Yun had numerous issues that he had to handle, he was still very concerned about his student —— No matter it were his past or present student.

It was not weird that his old student looked for him for advice. As a professor, he wasn’t stingy in giving advice. However, there were some things he still had to say: “Tia, your current professor is Professor Cologne. I don’t think it’s very nice for you to seek me out. You should ask him for his advice about your designs.”

Despite what he said, Lu Yun still carefully looked at the report and design and gave out advice.

“Thank you Professor, I will make the changes according to your suggestions.”

“You’re welcome.” Lu Yun smiled slightly. He knew that Tia had been working hard all along. However, since half a month ago, she had become even more hardworking and a little more stubborn. “Tia, are you still holding a grudge about the Newcomers guidance match?”

Tia replied directly without shunning from the topic: “I looked at the match very highly. But no, I do not bear any grudges. Honestly speaking, I’m seriously treating that fella as my rival.”

This was not in a moment’s anger. From the few interactions, she found Ouyang Tao’s talent to be very shocking. The weapons he created were not just practical, they were also very creative. More importantly, the amount of time Ouyang Tao took to create new weapons was shockingly short.

During this period, Tia had been secretly observing Ouyang Tao, who had been going to the Weapon’s Testing Arena each day. She realised that he brought a new weapon to test at an average of once every five days. With such a speed, it was as if he was creating something as soon as he had thought of it and that he succeeded as soon as he tried it.

Despite the actual situation being different from what Tia had saw, it still brought her a lot of pressure.

Although she felt that she was still far superior to him, she thought he was quickly chasing up to her while her progress was slow as a snail.

“Ugh…… Like that……” Lu Yun nodded as if he was deep in thought.

As a tutor, Lu Yun knew that Tia’s worries were unnecessary because Ouyang Tao had only just started proper training. He was still accumulating experience and improving rapidly because of his talent and hardwork was natural.

Tia on the other hand already had vast experience and was already at another level compared to Ouyang Tao. Wanting to improve, she would naturally encounter numerous bottlenecks in training. Staying stagnant for a while was perfectly normal.

However, Lu Yun did not want to enlighten her. He felt that with Tia’s character, as long as she believed in something, her belief would not be easily changed.

Furthermore, having a strong opponent was beneficial to both the growing Ouyang Tao and Tia who was trapped in a bottleneck. It provided a strong stimulation for the both of them. On one hand, this made Ouyang Tao not let down his guard too easily and keep working hard. On the other hand, it provided Tia with a suitable opponent so she would not be demoralised by not having an opponent in the long run.

Also, for actual battles, Lu Yun felt that there was someone more suitable than Ouyang Tao.

“Anyway, you are going to have to bring teams this year. Have you chosen your group yet?” Lu Yun inquired.

Although graduate students did not need to form their own groups, they had to be in charge of one or two battle groups, guiding them in battle.

“Truthfully speaking…… I have received numerous invitations. However…… There isn’t one I really like.” Tia was in Mechanical Engineering Department and was a veteran of battles. Therefore, she had received numerous applications since school started, as many had hoped to have a huge backing like her.

Previously during the Newcomer’s welcome dinner. The main reason the first year Mechanical Engineering students crowded around her was probably this.

However, she had rejected most of their request outright, as she felt that many of them had improper intentions.

“Then, how about a great senior like you bring a new junior?”

“Who? Ahhh…… You mean him……” Tia quickly understood who Lu Yun was referring to. It was probably Ouyang Tao.

“Why? Are you unwilling?”

“No…… “ Tia thought about it. If it were him, although it might not be pleasant working with him, at least it saves a lot of trouble. “Alright. Since professor has already said so, then let’s just do it.”

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