MMS – Volume 2 Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 The young lady’s problems

Finding a pharmacist at the start of forming a group was definitely a good thing (Annie’s reliability still needs to be investigated), however, there was still a problem that was not solved —— who would be the group’s leader.

The leader was the spiritual core of the team and also had to take care of the emotions and honor of the team. This was a huge responsibility. Ouyang Tao was clear that he did not possess the ability to lead the team —— at least not know.

There were only four graduate students that Ouyang Tao knew: Zhao Yuehan, Monica, Chen Feng and Tia.

Zhao Yuehan definitely couldn’t do it. Although Monica was weird, she seemed like a decent choice and Chen Feng was also a dependable person. However, there would be some communication problems with Chen Feng. If it were Monica, there shouldn’t be any problems.

As for Tia…… Ouyang Tao did not even think about it……

After sending his sister back to her dormitory, Ouyang Tao thought about the problem as he made his way back to the dormitory.

Actually, it was only 8p.m. Most of the students were having their night activities at this time. The student recreations building and the social clubs centre were still brightly lit. Everyday, various activities were held there. It was used to boost the student’s co-curricular life as well as provide them a platform to socialise.

Obviously, Ouyang Tao was not a robot. Despite his profession and interest lying in researching with technology, he still needed a break from it. Everytime he walked past these two buildings, he would stop for a moment as he would always be tempted to go in and play.

However, every time he was about to enter, he would remember that he still had a lot of things to learn and many experiments to perform. Ouyang Tao would realise his lack of time…… In the end, he would leave and return to his dormitory to experiment.

Today was no exception. Once Ouyang Tao remembered that he was going to have another battle with Tia in half a month’s time, his heart started to become nervous. He swiftly turned around, preparing to return to his dormitory.

“Miss Tia, are you really not going to stay for another dance?”

“No. Thanks for your great hospitality. It’s a pity that I have another engagement tonight and can’t stay any longer.”

Soon, Tia walked out of the student recreation center. She had plaited her long hair and wore a strapless black gown. Although she only had a winged-shaped diamond breastpin, it still looked elegant despite its simplicity. It looked as though she had just attended a ball.

Although the usual Tia was already an outstanding beauty, she looked even more noble and graceful with some slight make-up. The strapless dress added a sexy feel to her —— It seemed that the phrase clothes make the man was definitely true.

Despite the male beside her trying his best to make her stay, Tia still rejected him strongly. She looked like she was rushing somewhere as her high heels clattered down the stairs and she run straight down.

“EH?” Soon, Tia realised Ouyang Tao staring at her at a distance away “What are you doing here?”

“I……” That’s right, why am I still standing here? Ouyang Tao did not even seem to understand but he knew that he could not say he was engrossed at staring at Tia “I wasn’t doing anything. I had just sent my sister home to her dormitory and was just passing by.”

Tia was not entirely convinced so she examined Ouyang Tao for a while before believing him: “That’s true. It does not look like you are here to attend the ball.”

Ouyang Tao was wearing his school uniform as usual, making it obvious that he was not here for the ball. Furthermore, he had a metal glove hanging at his waist that was very incompatible.

Although what she said was true, Ouyang Tao still felt a little hurt. At the very least, he was a member of the special departments in the academy but judging from what she said, it seemed as though he did not qualify to attend the party at all.

“Then, you go do your stuff, I’m going to return to my dormitory.” Ouyang Tao still felt that Tia was merely an acquaintance and was beyond his reach. After thinking it through, he decided to avoid her.

“Stop, I’m also returning to my dormitory.”

“Then just return? Didn’t you say that you had something to do?”

“That’s called social etiquette.”

“Ohh…… “ Ouyang Tao scratched his head in confusion: “Then you just go your way, why stop me?”

This brat…… Every time she saw Ouyang Tao, especially when he gave off a silly expression, Tia always felt like beating him up: “Can we go together?”

“Sure. you should have said that from the start. I still thought you were riding back.”

“Look at what I’m wearing. How can I possibly ride? Use you brains!”

“Okay okay. That was my mistake. I was blind. Sorry.” Ouyang Tao did not know why but he felt that Tia’s temper was a little bit bigger today.

Since the other party already said to go back together, just bearing with it won’t make lose anything.

However, Ouyang Tao soon felt that something was wrong. Tia was wearing a gown at that time and he in comparison was dressed very normal. Standing beside her made him look a little shabby and when they walked together he stuck out like a sore thumb. This caught the attention of the students they passed along the way.

What was even more awkward was that Tia was sulking the whole way and did not speak at all.

As Ouyang Tao thought about it, he remembered that she was still feeling okay when she left the student recreation building.

Ouyang Tao really could not take it anymore and asked: “Miss Tia, it’s okay for you to drag me to follow you back. But at least say something! What are you sulking for?”

Tia glanced at Ouyang Tao before sighing deeply. Her face seemed to relax instantly and she said: “Aish…… It’s ok, you wouldn’t understand. Anyway, it doesn’t concern you.”

“Aish, I really don’t understand. You dressed up like this to attend the ball, wasn’t it suppose to help you relax?”

“That’s why I said you wouldn’t understand. Lucky fella.”

“Lucky? How am I lucky!” Hearing this made Ouyang Tao unhappy, “You really think I don’t want to find a chance to enjoy myself and relax a little? But my basics in creating machines and weapons aren’t even strong yet. How can I enjoy like you?”

In the end, after hearing what Ouyang Tao said, Tia also ranted back: “What do you mean ‘enjoy like me’, you say as if I wanted to go to the ball.”

“If you didn’t want, why did you go?”

“That’s why I said you wouldn’t understand……” Tia helplessly shook her head, “You think that I can reject it?”

“What do you mean? You have to go even if you don’t want to?”

“That’s right. That ball was thrown by the son of one of my father important political affiliates, I had no choice but to go.”

Actually, Tia did not like socialising. All the relationships between the nobles was too complicating and the relationships superficial. They all hid their intentions and spoke with caution, hiding all of their most honest thoughts.

However, as the daughter of the current Prime Minister, and staying in an environment filled with nobles’ children, certain interactions were unavoidable.

If she could choose, she would rather spend her time in the laboratory.

However, Tia asking Ouyang Tao along was not to say all these: “Oh, how’s your battle group going along?”

“Not much progress, I have little clue in this field.”

“Your tutor, of course, also my previous tutor, Professor Lu Yun requested for me to join your group. However, the condition was that I will be your group’s leader.” Tia emphasised on the last point as she felt Ouyang Tao would definitely not agree to it.

“Eh?? Really?” However, Ouyang Tao did not reject the idea at all and instead revealed a face of elation, “Are you really going to lead my group?? That’s great! Thank you so much!”

No objection nor was there any arguments. Ouyang Tao accepted the idea happily. This was completely unexpected to Tia. She thought that Ouyang Tao would argue with her ferociously and accepting it at the end without a choice.

“Eh? You…… You aren’t unhappy with this arrangement at all?”

“Why should I be unhappy?”

“No…… Why……” Tia was speechless at this situation. This guy can’t be faking right? “Anyway, are you really okay with me being your leader?”

Ouyang Tao genuinely felt that it was a good thing: “Yeah, of course. I still have many points to learn from you. I also need to thank Professor Lu. He must have put in a lot of effort to convince you to guide me.”

“What do you mean?” Did this guy think that I’m petty all this while?

“Isn’t it true? You are the top student in the department. Obviously many people hope that you would join them. Professor Lu must have put in a lot of effort to convince you join guide me right?”
“Ummm…… Ahhhh, that’s right. You better show promise and not let down Professor Lu’s expectation.”

“Yup, of course.”

“Also……” Tia thought for a moment and said “I will only be your leader, other than that, nothing else!”

“What else could there be?”


What’s wrong with her? Ouyang Tao felt outrageous. Since he met Tia, he felt that Tia was weird. He wondered what her problem was?

In reality, Tia was indeed worried about something. What she was worried about would never be imagined by Ouyang Tao.

It was marriage.

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