Magic, Machines, Shuraba Volume 2 Chapter 14

Hi guys, here’s volume 2 chapter 14 of MMS! This chapter is brought to you by SummerRain and Joeglens.

As I have stated in the previous post, I’ll be going on a holiday in Indonesia from tomorrow onward. I’ll try my best to release chapters while I’m on holiday. Hope you guys enjoy this week’s chapter!

Thanks for all the support!

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  1. rainbowkuriboh says:


  2. Zeth says:

    Thank you and have a nice trip!

  3. Mozart says:

    I live in indonesia, where do u want to go ?
    we can meet(?) up maybe ?

    • SummerRain says:

      Hello! I’m going to yogyakarta and bali this time! It will be difficult to meet up this time as I will be following my friends around the area. Maybe next time i go indonesia??

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