Magic, Machines, Shuraba Volume 2 Chapter 1

Hi guys and girls! Here’s Vol 2 Chapter 1 of MMS. This chapter is brought to you by SummerRain, joeglens and the godly touch of Alyschu.

The next chapter of MMS will probably come next weekend before I take a short break for the following weekend due to some commitments. MMS will probably return on the weekend of 16-18 of October. I will try my best to release a chapter before then if I have the opportunity to but if I’m unable to, Chapter 2 will come latest on 2-4 of October. and Chapter 3 will come latest on 16-18 of October.

Thanks for all the continued support 😀


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  1. Zeth says:

    Thank you so much!

  2. Charles says:


    …I mean, thank you!

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