Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – The Royal Capital Battle 2

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The royal capital battle ②

Author note: Shun’s point of view.

「Sensei. I will still go and save Nii-sama」

Sensei bites her lips to my determined voice.
Surely, Sensei understands that I won’t draw back.

「Will you go, no matter what?」
「I see. I will also follow」
「Sensei, this is my problem. There’s no need for Sensei to follow me forcibly」
「I can’t let Shun-kun go there alone」
「It’s not alone. Of course I will also go」
「Katia, but」
「Please let me go. Even though I was manipulated, I must at least settle the things that I have caused」

The same color of determination as me can be seen in Katia’s eyes.
In other words, she don’t intend to draw back.

「I understand. But, don’t force yourself, okay?」

She agrees obediently.
But, the words can’t be trusted in any way.
The Katia now has the atmosphere that seems to be do reckless things calmly.

「If Shun-kun is going, of course I will also go」
[Don’t worry, I will protect Jou-chan]

Hyrinth-san who talks to me with Telepathy.
If that’s the case, I’m relieved.

「Well then, what to do about the strategy?」
「Defeat Yuugo. That’s the only one」
「That’s impossible」

Sensei’s words.

「Yuugo-kun, no, Yuugo have already transferred to Rengzant Empire. Together with Sue-chan」
「Shun, you did acquire the Space Magic, right? What’s the level?」
「It’s useless. The level rise of Space Magic is slow, so it’s only 3. I can’t learn Transfer just by training it from now」

In the royal castle of Anareich Kingdom, there’s a thing called transfer circle that goes directly to the Kasanagara continent, but even if it’s used, there’s still a distance to the Rengzant Empire.
No matter how we struggle, it’s impossible to reach the Rengzant Empire before Nii-sama’s execution.

「So, they escaped, huh?」
「Yes. That’s why, it’s impossible to kill Yuugo」

I feel shaken to Sensei’s words.

「Shun-kun, don’t tell me you intend to let Yuugo who caused this situation to live?」
「No, but」
「Shun-kun. I regret that I only deprive his skill and status at that time. If only I care for him after that, it might not become like this. However, if I kill him at that time, this kind of thing will never happen」

I shivered to the glitter of Sensei’s gloomy eyes.
Sensei is serious.
She seriously thinks of killing Yuugo.

Even I can’t forgive Yuugo.
Father was killed, Sue and many people are manipulated.
There’s no way that I can forgive him.
But, I never thought of killing him.
I can’t think of it.
Even if it becomes like this, I’m still hesitating to kill a person.

「Anyway, killing Yuugo comes after we saved Leston-kun. Let’s think of other plans」

Everyone except me accept the dangerous word “kill” obediently.
Is this because I’m strange?
I might be strange.
Even if I see objectively, what Yuugo has done so far, deserves a certain death.
And yet, it might be strange that the me who’s the victim don’t hold any killing intent.

But, after all, it’s the figure of the great Hero that comes to my mind.
That person too, it doesn’t mean that he can’t kill people.
I’m sure that he has killed a lot of Demons with his hands.
But still, in his mind, was there an evasive feeling to killing similar to me?

I shake my head.
Now I should think about rescuing Leston-niisama who’s my another older brother.

「On the night before Nii-sama’s execution, we infiltrate into the place where Nii-sama is caught and escape. I think this is the only one to avoid useless combat」

Everyone thinks to my proposal.

「It’s full of problems」

Hyrinth-san mutters.

「In what way?」
「First of all, we don’t know where Leston is caught. If we don’t know where it is, it’s useless to infiltrate」
「If that’s the case, my skill is useful」

Sensei raises her hand to Hyrinth-san’s words.

「I have a special skill for the Ruler. It has the ability to search a specific skill that a living thing has. Because I know Leston-kun’s skill composition, I’m sure that the place can be known if I use this skill」

I nod “I see”.
I understand the reason why Sensei can gather us former students in a short time.
She use the skill and search for the garbled text skill that only we have.

「Then, about the second problem, soldiers will surely be stationed around Leston. What do you plan to do with that?」
「We are strong enough to not lose to normal soldiers. Because there’s a limit to stealth, we will just have to force our way through when we are found」

I answer this time.
The members here are all powerful people among the Humans.
There’s no way that we will lose to a normal soldier.

「There’s surely a trap. What to do with it?」
「Crush all of it」

I declare it.
We have the power to that extent.
I believe so.

「Then, I will say the greatest concern. What will you do if Leston has been brainwashed?」

I can’t answer Hyrinth-san’s words immediately.
That’s also something I thought before.
Judging from Yuugo’s character, he will do the things that I hate the most.
And, that is to brainwash Leston-niisama, and when we came to save Leston-niisama, we will be attacked by him.
The more worst one is to force Leston-niisama to suicide in front of us.
If it’s only being attack, it’s settled if we can hold him down.
But, it’s difficult to stop the suicide.
Either way, in the case where Nii-sama has been brainwashed, the situation becomes severe.

「I have a plan」

But, I have a secret plan.
If possible, I don’t want to use it, but when the situation is bad, it’s not the time to keep it.

「If Nii-sama has been brainwashed, could you leave it to me?」
「And, can you do something?」

I declare.
I won’t let Yuugo make anyone do as he please anymore.

「What’s left is the rescue of the people other than Nii-sama」

Everyone frown to my words.

「Shun, that’s impossible」
「Why is it?」
「Although I don’t know how many people have been caught in this matter, I’m sure that it’s a large number of people. We don’t have the composure to escape while guarding them」
「Shun, I agree with Hyrinth-san」
「Shun, we are not gods. There are things that are possible and impossible. Even if you save everything, the damage will only enlarge」

When I try to object Katia’s words, I notice that her hands are grasped tightly.
That’s right.
Katia didn’t talk about how are her parents and the people of the Duke house at all.
From Katia’s appearance, I can somehow guess it.
But, she never say to save them.

Katia has gave up to save her parents.
I’m sure that she wants to save them.

「I understand. The one we will be rescuing this time is only Leston-niisama」

I said it with heartbroken thoughts.
Even I’m worried about what happened to Clevea after that.
I want to save Sue and the other brainwashed people.
But, that can’t be done.
I don’t have the power to do it.

「It’s favorable that Yuugo is not there. But, Shun. Use “Appraisal” frequently just in case. He returned with Transfer, so that means that he might return with Transfer. It might become a situation where someone of us has been brainwashed before we know」
「Ah. That’s right」
「Sensei. Because it’s like that, please accept Shun’s appraisal」

Katia’s sharp words.
I see, so Katia’s aim is this.

Sensei’s expression changes.

「What’s wrong? If you never did anything guilty, it should be fine to accept the appraisal. Or, is there something that must not be seen?」
「Sensei. If you don’t accept Shun’s appraisal here, I can’t take actions with you」

After Sensei kept silent for a while to Katia’s words, she nodded without power.

「Go ahead」

I activate “Appraisal” to Sensei’s words.
High status.
High level skills.
Because I have expected it, I don’t feel surprised.
And, the thing that Sensei wanted to conceal.

「Don’t worry. There’s no suspicious point in Sensei’s status」
「Is that so. If Shun says so, I will believe. Sensei, I’m sorry for doubting you」
「N-No. It’s all right」

Sensei flustered to the bowing Katia.

[What do you mean?]

I play dumb to Sensei’s question in Telepathy.

[You should understand what I mean]
[I have expected it]

That’s right.
I have expected it.
In Sensei’s skill, there’s “Taboo”.

[Shun-kun, don’t tell me, you…]

I ignore Sensei’s Telepathy on purpose.
What I have to think now is how to infiltrate into the place where Nii-sama is caught.


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