Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – The Royal Capital Battle 3

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The royal capital battle ③

Changed Charity > Mercy > Kindness

Author note: Shun’s point of view

「Ah, Shun. When did you raise such a cavalry Drake?」

We are now flying in the sky.
Riding on the Drake’s back.

「Well, this guy was not a Drake until recently, but when I form a contract with the Summon skill, it evolved before I know」

A huge white Drake that it’s still has composure even if we ride on it.
It accompanied me originally by the “Taming” skill which is the pre-evolution skill of “Summon”. It’s a monster called Peorat that’s has a figure similar to a lizard that can be found everywhere.
Even if it’s said as a monster, its size is around the size of a palm, so there’s hardly any harm.
And, it evolves into a low rank Drake before I know, and when I summon it again after I became the Hero, it has become a high rank Drake.
Moreover, it’s a rare Light Drake.

「Is it the Hero correction?」
「It should be」

Katia and Sensei say so, and I think that maybe because I became the Hero, my attendant monsters also receive the influence.
Although there are several monsters that I have contracted, all of them also have evolved.

「You cheater」
「Don’t say it in Japanese purposely」

Though I do thought that I will be told that.

「We should conceal ourselves with “Stealth” and “Camouflage” now」

Everyone erase their presences to my words.
On top of that, I activate “Camouflage”, and disappear like fusing with the darkness.
If we erase the sound with “Silent”, we shouldn’t be found from the ground as long as nothing great happens.

Even though I thought about that, I construct a magic in a hurry and shoot it around the street of the royal capital that comes into view.

「Eh? Hya!?」

A collision of two magics at a point-blank range, and an intense explosion occurs.

「We are being sniped! The opponent is a considerable magic user!」
「Impossible!? Shooting a magic accurately towards this upper sky!?」

We are flying about 1000 meters in the sky.
If it’s a normal magic, it shouldn’t be able to reach such a long distance.

I activate “Clairvoyance”, and I look for the person who used the magic just now.
The elderly person is standing grandly on top of the castle’s wall to the extent that it’s unnecessary to search.
I look at the elderly person’s magic construction.
I leaked a voice of admiration unintentionally to the height of the perfection.
It was an advanced magic construction to that extent.

「The second shot is coming」

I call for vigilance beforehand.
I grip the Drake’s bridle.

The magic that comes flying at high speed is dodge in a paper-thin difference.
Although the Drake has the “Reverse Scale” skill that has a magic attenuation effect, I can’t rely on it too much.

Now that we have already been discovered, there’s no meaning to stick with espionage action.

「I will accelerate! Hold on tight!」

I handle the bridle, and accelerate without stopping from the sky towards the ground like falling.
While avoiding and intercepting the magic shot by the elderly person.

[Ah, crap. I can’t win]
[Wha-!? Teacher!?]
[Stop it. We will retreat]

I tapped such Telepathy communication.
Although I was cautious whether it’s a trap or not for a moment, they really disappeared to somewhere with Transfer.
Surprisingly, all of the people in the castle that have great magical power disappeared too.

「Eh, end?」

I muttered disappointingly.
And I became dumbfounded for a while.

「It looks like the attack stopped」
「A-Ah. Apparently, it looks like they retreated because they can’t win」
「They withdraw too quickly. The possibility of this being a trap seems to be high」
「No, it was not such atmosphere when I tapped with Telepathy」
「Either way, let’s proceed carefully」

However, when we motivate ourselves and proceed carefully, we manage to infiltrate into the castle easily.

「Did they really retreat?」
「I think so」

This is a little let-down.
I return the Light Drake, and although it might be now, espionage action starts again.

[Sensei, where’s Leston-niisama’s present location?]
[He’s at the south spire]

We communicate with Telepathy, and advance carefully.
It’s silent in the castle to the extent that it’s eerie.
There’s not even a person.

[It’s strange]
[This is surely a trap]

We be cautious of traps, and advance carefully.
But, we easily arrive at spire where Leston-niisama’s is confined without anything happen.
The problem is there are about two presence of people beside of Nii-sama.
I activate “Clairvoyance”, and look at the state inside.

[There are two people besides Nii-sama. It’s Anna and Clevea]
[How is it?]
[They look blank. I think that they have been brainwashed]
[Understood. Shun, you said you have a plan, but can you somehow manage it even if it became 3 people?]
[I manage somehow]
[It’s possible to be attacked. So let’s make preparations for combat first]
[That’s right. I will rush in first]

The tension increases.
Hyrinth-san signaled with his hand, and rushes in.
I follow after him.

Hyrinth-san stiffens with his shield prepared.
At the same time as we rush in, the three people aim for suicide.

Hyrinth-san returns from stiffening, and tries to stop them.
But, he doesn’t make it in time.

They pierce their eyes without hesitation with the thick needle that they hold in their hand.
The needle buried deeply into the eye socket, and destroys the brain.

The defensive ability of this world even has effect on things that are regarded as soft parts in the Earth like the eyes.
The sense of touch is the same, and it becomes difficult to be damaged.
It should be like that, but the needle entered the three people’s eyes without any resistance.
Apparently, it seems that the needle has an additional effect.


Hyrinth-san throws away his sword and shield, and catches the three falling body skillfully.

「Shun! The recovery!」

Hyrinth-san should have understand it too.
That it’s already too late.
But, I follow Hyrinth-san’s words.

I know that Katia and Sensei are having a bitter expression at the back.
But, there’s no need to worry.

The needle is pulled out from the eyes, and I construct recovery magic.
A special recovery magic.

The destroyed bodies reproduce.
At the same time, the stopped heart restarts the pulse.
The souls that were about to be lost revive.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Taboo LV6』 has become 『Taboo LV9』》

The Divine Word is heard.
Even if I know that only I can hear it, my heart almost jumped out.

I knew that Sensei has “Taboo”.
Because I also have the Ruler skill.
The 「Kindness」 skill.

And, the effect is dead resurrection.
The price is whenever a person is resurrected, the level of “Taboo” rises.
That’s why, I can’t say anything about Sensei.
Because I’m also a “Taboo” holder.

I send a signal to the surprised Hyrinth-san and the others with my eyes, and we lifted the bodies of Nii-sama and the others.
And, we escaped from the castle.




「Sorry. The genuine Hero is beyond my powers, so I ran away」
「I don’t mind. By now, they should be dumbfounded witnessing the death of their precious ones. Kukuku」
「Ah. So that’s why, you made the castle empty」
「Because that Naive-chan will surely come. Although it’s a little disappointing that I can’t see his crying appearance, my real intention is the other one」
「Good grief. Even though I just return, making an elderly person to overwork」
「If you have a complaint, I can make you work forcefully, you know? The reason why I didn’t brainwash you is just because if it’s a person as strong as you, it’s harder to brainwash. Although it’s hard, it’s not impossible, you know?」
「I understand. That’s why, I’m doing my job properly」
「That’s fine. Then, let’s depart to destroy the Elf Village. Ahahahaha!」
(Good grief. Seriously, retiring might be better)


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