Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – The Royal Capital Battle 1

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The royal capital battle ①

Author note: The point of view of Elder Ronant who appeared in Human-Demon Great War ②

A boring work was pressed to me.
I handle the daily magic training while looking at the night sky.
Recently, even if I repeated training, there’s no growth at all. This is probably because of my age.
If it’s like this, I will approach my life span before I reach the magic’s essence.
It’s frustrating.
How frustrating to be lack of talents.

「Teacher. Training magic control at such a time?」
「A person’s life is short. If a person values sleeping time, mastering magic is a dream within a dream」

I answer one of my apprentices who approaches from the back without turning around.

「I respect such strong passion to magic. But, there’s no magician in this world who can surpass Teacher anymore」

I laugh at my apprentice’s words.

「You don’t understand anything at all. This me is the world’s strongest? What a joke. Me who has no talents can only put efforts like this to compensate for it. I was just regretting of my lack of talents now」
「Teacher. If you say that you have no talents, then it means that we don’t have talents」
「I’m saying so. Even if you lionized that you’re a genius, after all, it’s a man’s body. There’s even the people who can reach the Gods in this world. Compared with them, man is weak」

I can’t help but to grieve like that.

「Ah. I still remembered it clearly. That divine appearance. That person who have reached the extremity of magic」

The one that comes to my mind is the existence who’s the top of magic that I saw once.
That artistic existence.
Compared with that person, I’m just a stone on the roadside.
If I’m seen by an existence equal to the God, everyone is the same.
Even if the stone on the roadside is somewhat large, a stone is only a stone.

「What’s wrong?」

When I’m in melancholic nostalgia, another apprentice comes quietly.
Then, the apprentices start talking.

「It’s Teacher’s usual disease」
「Ah. Teacher is at the age already」
「He might start to grow senile soon」
「I can hear it, fools」

I turn around, stare lightly and the two apprentices shrug their shoulder unnaturally.
Good grief, both are not lovable apprentices.

This is bad.
The magic control was disordered by that just now.
To be disordered by such thing, as expected, I’m inexperience no matter how much time passes.

「Teacher, although this might be a needless care, please don’t tell anyone about that story except us, okay?」
「I understand that much」
「Then, it’s fine. The elderly have suffered from direct damage. Even if it’s not so, there are those that lose their relatives」
「I told you that I understand it. Don’t worry needlessly」
「Or rather, isn’t Teacher also was mortally wounded? It’s mysterious that you can have such thoughts」
「Because I was conceited at that time. I was shown clearly that there’s a top on the top. At the same time, how small am I as well. I’m thankful from the bottom of my heart to meet that person」

The unrivaled magician even in the Rengzant Empire that values valor.
That’s my evaluation at that time, and the position still continues.
At that time, I was foolish.
I never doubt that I was the top of the world.
And, that lengthened nose broke by that incident.
At the same time, I knew that there’s an area where it can’t be reached with a person’s body.

「I regret that I was born as a human」
「Teacher, it’s not strange that the statement means that you support the Demons depending on how it’s grasp」
「Demons don’t have much different with Humans. It’s pitiful. The Humans and the Demons are small vessels that crushes each other. I don’t understand how small my existence is」
「Teacher, what if someone heard about it?」
「There’s no one here other than us. Besides, even if it’s heard, what can they do? Do you think that this country now has the right to judge a guest general of a foreign country」

I’m now at the royal castle of Anareich Kingdom.
The country where the inside has already crumbled by Prince Yuugo’s strategy.
The appearance as a country is still kept and it doesn’t makes the outside feels like that, but the fact is that it’s suppressed by our Rengzant.

This country is driven into the state that it can no longer function properly by the power of the unknown skill that Prince Yuugo has.
The king dies, the innocent third prince and fourth prince are labeled as terrorists who committed national treason, and the remaining first prince and second princess have been brainwashed.
The most nobles are puppets.
Although it seems that only the fourth prince escaped safely, the third prince will be executed tomorrow.
And, the engagement of Prince Yuugo and the already brainwashed second princess has been announced, and this country became Prince Yuugo’s puppet.

I’m the insurance when the safely escaped fourth prince returns to rescue the third prince.
Well, returning to here knowing that it’s a trap is unthinkable unless he’s a great idiot.
By now, he should be taking refuge in a country.
The highest possibility is the Samare Kingdom where the first princess married.
In other words, there’s no turn for me.

「This is boring」
「Isn’t it good to be peaceful?」
「That’s right. I don’t want a dangerous mission like the recent Great War」

The recent battle was considerably a large-scale one.
The Demons attacked all at once at each fort that separates the Humans and the Demons territory.
Although the battle in the fort where I was, ended when I shot the head of the Demon general, the other forts have considerable damage.
Well, I have nothing to do with such thing.
The problem is even though I killed the Demon general, my level didn’t rose.

My level is 78.
In the legend, it’s said that the Humans can evolve if the level reaches 100.
However, I will probably die because of my life span earlier than reaching level 100.
Because even I defeated an important person called the Demon General, my level didn’t rose, so I can’t expect a drastic level up from now on.

「Though I’m a little interested in the fourth prince who’s the true Hero」

Although Prince Yuugo is the new Hero announced by the church to the society, the genuine Hero is the escaped fourth prince.
Although Prince Yuugo also have inborn abnormal strength, it seems that the fourth prince is also the same.
If such fellow became the Hero, how strong did he become?
I’m interested.
Surpassing the human’s limit that I have trying to accomplish might be possible.

「I heard in the rumor that this country’s fourth prince has the power almost equal to Prince Yuugo. After all, Prince Yuugo is an existence that’s out of common sense. When I think that such aberrant existence will attack, it makes me tremble」
「Hann. Certainly, Prince Yuugo is aberrant. I will admit it. However, that is not good」
「Teacher, do you want to be beheaded?」
「What’s wrong saying that the person is not good when he’s really not good? What, you guys only have to be silent about it」
「Saying such thing, don’t you think that we are manipulated by prince’s suspicious skill?」
「Do you think that I who have “Appraisal” can’t recognize whether you are sane or not?」
「Ah, that’s right. Really, why did you raise a skill like “Appraisal” to level 10?」
「So, what part of prince that Teacher thinks that’s not good?」
「He’s not good to the extent that if I start talking, it won’t stop. If I have to say it, it’s everything」
「This old man denied everything」
「The prince can exhibit tyranny for a short time」
「Teacher, then, won’t Rengzant Empire’s future might be shut?」
「I don’t know. Although I somewhat have attachment to the country, the aim at the essence of magic is more important. If the country is ruined, it doesn’t seems bad to even retire and live quietly」
「Even if Teacher is okay with it, what about us?」
「That is something I don’t know. You should just do as you please」

The apprentices leak a grand sigh.

I gaze at the other side of the sky, and I was surprised a little.
Apparently, it seems that he’s a great idiot.

「Foolish apprentices, prepare for battle」
「The fourth prince have appeared」
「Seriously. Prepare already」

I ignore the apprentices that start preparing in a hurry, I begin to construct magic.

「Well then, show me the power of the Hero」


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