Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Side Story 26

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For those who don’t know yet, I have changed:
Fallen Lewdness to Decadence.
Demon Emperor back to Great Demon King.

S26 The Elro Great Labyrinth capture ③

「From here on, it’s the large passage. Brace yourself」

According to Basgas-san’s guide, we set foot on the large passage in question.
I was surprised when we enter the large passage.
It’s wide.
Although I heard it from the talk, the wideness can’t be compared with the narrow passage where we pass so far.
I wonder is the width 100 meters.
The height to the ceiling seems like that, so it’s possible.
As Basgas-san says, rather than a passage, it’s like a big hall.

It’s an instant that I was dumbfounded.
I pull myself together immediately, and look around the surroundings carefully.
There’s no presence of the monster nearby.
I start moving while being relieved at it.

The large passage is wide.
But, there are considerably big rocks scattered around, and block the view.
There might be something lurking in the shadow of the rock.
I advance without dropping the pace while perceiving the presence.

When we advance for a while, Basgas-san stopped.

「What’s wrong?」
「It’s strange. There’s no monster」

Impatience that can’t be concealed is seen in Basgas-san’s words and expression.
Is this a very bad situation?

「Usually, are there more monsters?」
「Ah. It’s strange that there’s no monster at all even though we have advanced this far」

As if the time encountering the Nightmare.
I feel nervous to that mutter.

「Is there a path that can lead to a different route?」

I should think that some kind of irregular situation has occurred.
Then, we should take safety measures.

「There’s a bypath in the place a little further. Let’s change to a different route from there」

Basgas-san seems to agree to my opinion, and gives the plan immediately.
Everyone also understood something from Basgas-san’s state, so there’s no dissenting opinion.

But, the judgment was a little late.
Something is coming here.

It was a Dragon.
It’s a silhouette like a thin tyrannosaurus.
However, only the hands are strangely big, and the each of the claws emit brightness like the famous sword by skillful craftsman.

「Earth Dragon. Tch! It’s in the upper layer means that it evolved!?」

Basgas-san clicks his tongue.
Everyone prepares for combat.
I ready myself and appraise the opponent.

『Earth Dragon Ekisa LV2
Average Offensive Ability:2498(Details)
Average Defensive Ability:2455(Details)
Average Magic Ability:1298(Details)
Average Resistance Ability:2452(Details)
Average Speed Ability:3600(Details)
「Earth Dragon LV1」 「Reverse Scale LV4」 「Hard Shell LV1」 「Steel Body LV1」 「High-speed HP Recovery LV1」 「MP Recovery Speed LV1」 「MP Consumption Down LV1」 「Magic Perception LV3」 「Magic Manipulation LV3」 「Offensive Magic Power LV1」 「High-speed SP Recovery LV2」 「Great SP Consumption Down LV2」 「Earth Attack LV5」 「Enhanced Earth LV5」 「Enhanced Destruction LV7」 「Great Enhanced Slashing LV6」 「Great Enhanced Piercing LV6」 「Great Enhanced Blunt LV6」 「Space Maneuver LV3」 「Accuracy LV10」 「Evasion LV10」 「Probability Correction LV4」 「Danger Perception LV7」 「Presence Perception LV7」 「Heat Perception LV7」 「Motion Perception LV5」 「Soil Magic LV1」 「Destruction Resistance LV2」 「Slash Resistance LV5」 「Pierce Resistance LV5」 「Blunt Resistance LV6」 「Shock Resistance LV2」 「Earth Nullity」 「Thunder Resistance LV7」 「Great Abnormal Condition Resistance LV2」 「Corrosion Resistance LV1」 「Pain Nullity」 「Pain Alleviation LV4」 「Night Vision LV10」 「Visible Range Expansion LV5」 「Enhanced Vision LV5」 「Enhanced Hearing LV4」 「Enhanced Smell LV4」 「Constitution LV7」 「Magic Well LV1」 「Heaven Motion LV1」 「Abundant Sky LV1」 「Herculean Strength LV5」 「Solid LV5」 「Mage LV1」 「Amulet LV5」 「Idaten LV1」
Skill points:19500
「Monster Killer」 「Monster Slaughterer」 「Dragon」 「Conqueror」』

High status.
Especially, the speed is outstanding.

「Everyone, this guy is fast. Be careful!」

I shout.
At the same time, the Earth Dragon kicks the ground.
Hyrinth-san’s shield stopped the swung claw.


Hyrinth-san grimaces painfully.
But, thanks to Hyrinth-san, the Earth Dragon’s movement is stopped for a moment.

Basgas-san and I cut the left and right foot respectively without missing the chance.
Furthermore, the magics of Katia and Sensei explode.
Katia’s “Flame Magic” burns the face of the Earth Dragon, and Sensei’s “Wind Magic” blows off the body.

The Earth Dragon fall over while raising a cry of anguish.
But, there are not much damage.

The right foot that I cut is cut halfway.
But, the left foot that Basgas-san cut is hardly cut.
The hard defensive ability was not able to be broken through.
The Earth Dragon rises.
There’s no burn in the face even though “Flame Magic” hits the face directly.

「This is bad」

Basgas-san mutters with cold sweats.
I was breathless without knowing the hard opponent’s defensive ability unexpectedly.
I intended to cut the foot off with that blow a while ago.
But, the result is it only cut halfway.
On the contrary, I almost going to let go of my sword by the resistance more than I thought.

Magic is not so effective too.
The skill called “Reverse Scale” decreases the power of magic sharply.
Both Katia and Sensei are the magicians of the highest peak as human.
Even if it receives the both magics, the Earth Dragon remains calm.

However, it’s not that there’s no damage at all.
It’s not an opponent that can’t be defeated.

The Earth Dragon flies up.
Although it’s wingless, it moves as if running in the air.
The aerial movement using the “Space Maneuver” skill.
The place it’s aiming at was Anna who’s in the rear.

Anna fires magic.
The fired electric shock magic doesn’t damage the Earth Dragon.
The Earth Dragon possessed the “Thunder Resistance”.
It’s too disadvantage that it already has a high magic resistance and a resistance to thunder.

Hyrinth-san enters between the attacking Earth Dragon and Anna.
The shield stops the Earth Dragon’s claw again.
The scene similar to a while ago.
But, the Earth Dragon doesn’t stop like a while ago, and it retreats immediately.

The pursuit attack can’t catch up with the speed.

「Because it has resistance to thunder, it won’t work! Soil as well! Switch to other attributes! Katia, continue with magic as main! Basgas-san use restraint with “Darkness Magic”!」

I tell the resistances of Earth Dragon.
Although it also has resistance to physical attack, this alone can’t be helped.
If Basgas-san’s physical attack can’t deal a significant damage, only I can inflict damage with physical attack in this place.

Hyrinth-san stopped the attacking Earth Dragon for the third time.
Sensei activates magic waiting for the moment.

The vortex of wind wraps up the Earth Dragon’s body.
It’s not a magic aiming at damage.
It’s the magic to restrain the opponent.
It’s a magic called Strapping Wind of the “Storm Magic”.

The Earth Dragon struggles to break out of the wind restriction.
There’s the effect of “Reverse Scale”, so it won’t last long.

Katia’s “Flame Magic” surges.
It mixes with Sensei’s wind, and a flame tornado wraps up the Earth Dragon’s body.

The Earth Dragon that raises a painful voice.
As a further pursuit, Anna fires the magic of the wind, and Basgas-san fires the magic of the dark.
Hyrinth-san use this chance to apply “Treatment Magic” on himself.
Even if the Earth Dragon’s attacks are prevented by the shield, Hyrinth-san still receives damage.

The Earth Dragon’s HP decreases rapidly.
But, the Earth Dragon blows away the flame tornado.
The shine of the breath lit in the mouth.
I advance to the front of my comrades who catch their breath.

My magic clashes with the Earth Dragon’s breath.
The magic that I activated is the magic of “Holy Light Magic LV7”.
It’s called Holy Ray that’s a quite simple and uncool name.

But, the effect is high contrary to the name.
The fired ray pushes back the Earth Dragon’s breath, and it receives damage oppositely.
The mouth is blown off, and the Earth Dragon’s body falls down slowly.
The Earth Dragon’s HP became 0.

《Experience points has reached a certain degree. Individual, Shurein Zagan Anareich LV28 has become LV29》
《Every basic ability rose》
《Level Up Bonus:Skill Proficiency was acquired》
《Skill points gained》

《Conditions met. Title 『Dragon Killer』 was acquired》
《By the effects of the title 『Dragon Killer』, skill 『Destiny LV1』 『Dragon Power LV1』 was acquired》
《『Destiny LV1』 has unified with 『Destiny LV6』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Destiny LV6』 has become 『Destiny LV7』》

Apparently, I acquired a title by defeating a Dragon.

「Dragon Killer, huh? With this, we are joined the legend」

Katia says like a joke.
Apparently, this title is not only acquired by me who deliver the final blow, but it’s acquired by all of the members who fought.

「Fuu. Although I thought what will happen at a moment, I never thought that we will achieve Dragon killing」

Basgas-san approaches the corpse of the Earth Dragon carefully.

「I will keep this guy’s corpse, but do you have any problem?」
「No. Please」

The raw material of the monster has various uses depending on the part.
If it’s a Dragon, the value is immeasurable.
If it’s Basgas-san who have the space storage tool, it’s possible to carry even a huge corpse.
The large build of the Dragon is sucked into Basgas-san’s bag.

「Is this guy the most dangerous monster in the large passage?」
「Don’t be ridiculous. Such big thing won’t be here usually. The most troublesome one in the large passage is this guy’s lower rank, the Earth Drake. This guy probably is evolved from an Earth Drake」
「Ah. Certainly, the level was low」
「Right? The reason why there’s no monster here is probably because this guy ate everything at random」

Sometimes, the monster that accumulated experiences evolves.
The level returns to 1 after evolving, and it becomes a higher rank.
And, the monster just after evolution is very belligerent because it’s hungry.
The Earth Dragon had a low level, and the SP decreased from the beginning.
It was the evidence that it hasn’t been long since evolution.

「Dragon Killer, huh? The one I fought with Julius and the others was up to Drake. It looks like a good souvenir for the other world was made」

Hyrinth-san laughs with a complex expression.

「It’s all because Hyrinth-san stopped the Earth Dragon’s attack」
「The best I can do was only to stop it. But, I guess I was able to carry out my role as the shield」
「Yes. Thanks to that, there’s no one wounded. Thank you」
「Don’t thank me. It’s my role after all. Besides, the one who delivered the final blow was you. You did well」

Hyrinth-san says so, and pats my head a little violent.

「Please stop it」

I escape from the hand while laughing.
The relaxed air flows after defeating the powerful enemy.

At that time, a chill runs.

I turn around.
My gaze crossed with that.
The eight cold eyes that look down on us from the rock.
That was the monster called the Remnants of the Nightmare.


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