Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 170

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Changed Great Demon King to Demon Emperor.
Changed Demon Emperor back to Great Demon King.
Changed Fallen Lewdness to Decadence.

170 Demon King Ariel

This is bad.
I was careless.
I mean, I was in high spirit after unified with Mother.
Why did I forget about this person’s movement?
A big blunder.

『Origin Taratect LV139 Name Ariel
Average Offensive Ability:90021(Details)
Average Defensive Ability:89997(Details)
Average Magic Ability:87504(Details)
Average Resistance Ability:87489(Details)
Average Speed Ability:89518(Details)
「Super-speed HP Recovery LV10」 「High-speed MP Recovery LV10」 「Great MP Consumption Down LV10」 「Precise Magic Manipulation LV10」 「Magic God Act LV10」 「Magic Granting LV10」 「Magic Enchantment LV10」 「Great Offensive Magic Power LV10」 「High-speed SP Recovery LV10」 「Great SP Consumption Down LV10」 「Great Enhanced Destruction LV10」 「Great Enhanced Blunt LV10」 「Great Enhanced Slashing LV8」 「Great Enhanced Piercing LV9」 「Great Enhanced Shock LV10」 「Great Enhanced Abnormal Condition LV10」 「War God Spirit LV10」 「Vitality Granting LV10」 「Ability Granting LV10」 「Great Vitality Attack LV10」 「Divine Dragon Power LV10」 「Divine Dragon Barrier LV10」 「Deadly Poison Attack LV10」 「Strong Paralysis Attack LV10」 「Poison Synthesis LV10」 「Medicine Synthesis LV10」 「Thread Genius LV10」 「God-weaving Thread」 「Thread Manipulation LV10」 「Psychokinesis LV10」 「Throw LV10」 「Shoot LV10」 「Space Maneuver LV10」 「Cooperation LV10」 「Strategist LV10」 「Kin Domination LV10」 「Spawning LV10」 「Summon LV10」 「Concentration LV10」 「Super Thought Acceleration LV6」 「Future Vision LV6」 「Parallel Will LV4」 「High-speed Calculation LV10」 「Accuracy LV10」 「Evasion LV10」 「Great Probability Correction LV10」 「Stealth LV10」 「Concealment LV10」 「Silent LV10」 「Odorless LV10」 「Emperor」 「Appraisal LV10」 「Detection LV10」 「Sublimation」 「Heresy Magic LV10」 「Fire Magic LV8」 「Water Magic LV10」 「Water Current Magic LV5」 「Wind Magic LV10」 「Storm Magic LV10」 「Heaven Storm Magic LV10」 「Soil Magic LV10」 「Earth Magic LV10」 「Ground Fissure Magic LV10」 「Thunder Magic LV10」 「Lightning Magic LV8」 「Light Magic LV10」 「Holy Light Magic LV2」 「Shadow Magic LV10」 「Dark Magic LV10」 「Darkness Magic LV10」 「Poison Magic LV10」 「Treatment Magic LV10」 「Space Magic LV2」 「Heavy Magic LV10」 「Abyss Magic LV10」 「Great Demon King LV10」 「Dignity LV5」 「Rage LV9」 「Gluttony」 「Usurpation LV8」 「Rest LV9」 「Decadence LV4」 「Physical Nullity」 「Flame Resistance LV5」 「Water Current Nullity」 「Storm Nullity」 「Earth Nullity」 「Lightning Nullity」 「Holy Light Resistance LV8」 「Darkness Nullity」 「Heavy Nullity」 「Abnormal Condition Nullity」 「Acid Nullity」 「Great Corrosion Resistance LV7」 「Faint Nullity」 「Fear Nullity」 「Great Heresy Resistance LV6」 「Pain Nullity」 「Sense of Pain Nullity」 「Night Vision LV10」 「Thousand Miles Eye LV10」 「Great Enhanced Five Senses LV10」 「Perception Range Expansion LV10」 「Divinity Area Expansion LV3」 「Destiny LV10」 「Heaven Mana LV10」 「Heaven Motion LV10」 「Abundant Sky LV10」 「Fortitude LV10」 「Fortress LV10」 「Heaven Path LV10」 「Heaven Protection LV10」 「Idaten LV10」 「Taboo LV10」
Skill point:0
「Human Killer」 「Human Slaughterer」 「Natural Calamity of Human」 「Demon Killer」 「Demon Slaughterer」 「Natural Calamity of Demon」 「Fairy Killer」 「Fairy Slaughterer」 「Natural Calamity of Fairy」 「Monster Killer」 「Monster Slaughterer」 「Natural Calamity of Monster」 「Drake Killer」 「Drake Slaughterer」 「Natural Calamity of Drake」 「Dragon Killer」 「Dragon Slaughterer」 「Merciless」 「Gross Feeder」 「Blood Relative Eater」 「Assassin」 「Poison Technique User」 「Thread User」 「Puppeteer」 「Leading One」 「Conqueror」 「King」 「Ancient Divine Beast」 「Ruler of Gluttony」 「Demon King」』

There’s no way I can win!?
I mean, the first Appraisal was obstructed.
The result that I break through the obstruction using Wisdom-sama by force is this.
It’s impossible to win this in a frontal attack, right?

The Demon King who approaches slowly.
Although the appearance is like a human girl, the inside is a complete monster.

Like I can fight against such monster.
He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.

Transfer doesn’t activate.

「Fufu. It looks like you’re surprised. You can’t run away. The “Great Demon King” skill that I have has the effect of preventing the other party’s escape」

Is it your act!?
This is that!
「It’s impossible to escape from the Great Demon King」, it’s this, right!?
This is bad, bad, bad.

「Tch. As expected, a Ruler class, You obstructed the Appraisal, huh?」

Was I appraised?
Well, because I have set the Appraisal to be always obstructed, there’s no problem.
Because I have Wisdom-sama, I can break through that.

「Never mind. After having come this far, I only have to kill you」

What should I do?

「It’s the first time for me to be cornered until here since the system construction. You can be proud there」

The Demon King activates “Summon”.
Ten boxes appeared.
The figures of people crawl out from the boxes.
I have doubt whether it can be called as the figures of people or not.

Puppets appeared.
It’s not the lovely one that’s sold in the toy shop.
It’s the puppets for combat with a variety of armament.

My Appraisal see through the identity of the puppets.
There are small spider monsters inside the puppets.
Oi oi.
The status exceeds the Arch though.
She have such a hidden-ball play.

「Because the Queen is seized by you, it’s not usable. You’re really an outrageous monster」

I don’t want to be said by you!

「Well then, die」

The attacking puppets.
The status of each one of them exceed 10000 a little, so it’s possible to deal with them.
But, the cooperation is too good.
I receive the attack in waves by the ten of them that has no chance.
My HP reduced without being able to do anything.

Ugh, this is bad.
My HP has reduced to zero.
MP as well. If it’s this speed, it will be reduced immediately.

「With this, the finishing blow」

The Demon King activates magic.
It’s the magic that I know, but I have not seen before.
“Abyss Magic LV10” Rebellion Hell.

Countless jet-black inverted crosses rain down.
The scene that it falls slowly was rather fantastic.
But, the power is not a joke.
The inverted cross hits my body.
The part of my body disappeared.

With only one inverted cross, half of my body vanishes.
Although it’s reproduced by “Super-speed HP Recovery”, new inverted cross falls more faster than that.
The inverted cross that can’t be avoided in the air.
The symbol of destruction that rains down like snow that doesn’t affect anything at all except me.

It’s impossible to avoid and intercept it.




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