Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – The Divine Word Religion and the Goddess Religion

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The Divine Word Religion and the Goddess Religion

Author note: The Pope’s point of view.

「Then, the Nightmare perished?」
「Yes. Although the perpetrator is unidentified before, the place where the Nightmare made as its territory was blown off completely. The surroundings were searched secretly, but there was no monster that seems to be the Nightmare」
「However, it’s said that the Nightmare can use Transfer. Isn’t it early to conclude that it perished?」
「Yes. This is still an unconfirmed information, but there’s a report that there are traces that “Abyss Magic” was used in the site」
「”Abyss Magic”, huh?」
「If it receives a direct hit from the magic that’s said that it can even destroy soul and return everything to nothing, even if it’s a monster that can use Transfer, I think that evading from perishing is next to impossible」
「I understand. I don’t mind that you move with the assumption of the Nightmare has perished. And, how is the movement of the Sariera country?」
「Yes. That country is advancing the war preparations steadily. It’s the situation that the soldiers are gathered at the vicinity of the border now」
「Are they manipulated by us? Or, did they know our purpose and get manipulated? Either way, it’s convenient, huh? According to the plan, send reinforcements to the Outsu country」
「It’s already done」
「It’s good that you are fast in work」
「It’s because we can defeat the Goddess Religion which is our longtime enemy in this war」
「You are right. The God of Divine Word will be pleased. Will you also join the line of battle?」
「Yes. I want to judge the heretic who’s called the Goddess with my own hands before the God of Divine Word」
「I see. I expect from you. You may go」
「Yes. Then, excuse me」

My subordinate is sent out, and I sink my body deeply on the chair.
How funny.
The God of Divine Word should not hope for such a thing.

I look at the report.
It’s the document of the monster referred as the Nightmare that appeared suddenly in the labyrinth and repeated mysterious actions.
The first eyewitness information was when the empire investigates the abnormality in the labyrinth by the request of Outsu country.
The investigation team encounters the Nightmare, and withdraws.
After that, the empire carries out the Nightmare subjugation operation by the elite unit.
The result was miserable that almost everyone of the unit were slaughtered.
Furthermore, it emerges to the ground in the form of following the guides who ran away.
The fort protecting the Elro Great Labyrinth entrance is destroyed.

While repeating such slaughter and destruction, there are also the scenes of it saving people.
At first. it saved the adventurers who were attacked by a monster in the Great Labyrinth.
After that, it appears in the Sariera country, and save lady Seras Keren who was attacked by bandits.
It makes a nest in the Count Keren’s territory, and begin it’s actions here.
Furthermore, it exterminate the bandits in the Count Keren’s territory.
In that case, it was a serious wound that my manufacturing unit that I made them to disguised as bandits and lie hidden was annihilated.

It seems to be able to use considerably advanced “Treatment Magic”, and it deals with the treatment of the people.
From such action, the Goddess Religion says that it’s the spider messenger of the Goddess, and it begins to be worshiped as a Divine Beast-sama in the Sariera country.

From the ability of the Nightmare that’s pulled out from the confidential information of the empire, it’s presumed to be Over S.
It has multiple unknown skills, and the Appraisal was obstructed halfway.

If the information that the Appraisal was obstructed is true, it’s a serious situation.
Because it means that the born of a new Ruler, and it’s a monster.

However, the Nightmare is considered to be perished from the report that I heard just now.
The existence that uses “Abyss Magic” alone.
The only one that comes to mind is the oldest Ruler.
However, I don’t understand the reason why she moved.
The Nightmare is a spider-type monster.
So that means, wasn’t it her subordinate?
Why did she have to crush her own subordinate that has reached the Ruler?
She hid her figure all the time, and she should not have acted.
Why did she move about this time?
There’s a lot of things that I don’t understand.

The worst case, it’s possible that she will intervene in this war.
Then, it’s hopeless no matter how the people struggle.
The only one who can stop her is the Administrator.

Recently, there are too many uncertain elements.
The details of the previous Hero’s death is not understood either.
The movement of the Demons becomes active.
And yet, it’s a young boy called Julius who was newly appointed as the Hero.
The oldest Divine Beast that starts to move.
The mysterious new Ruler that was killed by the Divine Beast.

The world is confused.
Even if the information network of the church is excellent widely, there’s a limit.
What on earth is happening in the world?

「Excuse me. A visitor has come」

A voice is raised with the knocking.

「Ah, wait!?」

The door is opened before I answer, a woman who covered her head with hood enters.
Although the secretary tries to stop her in a hurry, the woman gets into the room rudely.

「It’s fine. You can withdraw」

I send a signal to the secretary, and the secretary leaves the room.

「So? What is your business, Potimas Hyphenath?」

The woman removes the hood.
A beautiful face and pointed ears can be seen from there.
It was an Elf.

「Despite this is a reunion after a long time, isn’t it cold?」
「We are not in a relationship of renewing our old friendship. If you stand before me with the main body, I may welcome you warmly」
「That’s scary」

Potimas who doesn’t show the state of being perturbed even though my killing intent is pointed at her.

「So, what are you here for? I’m busy here. I don’t have the time to care about an existence like you」
「Then, I will say it without beating about the bush. The two people who you are sheltering. I want you to hand them over to us」
「I know it that you are sheltering the children that have the mysterious skill」

I fold my arms to Potimas’s words.
Certainly, I shelter two children who have the mysterious skill 「n%I=W」, and place a person under surveillance.
Just when I became busy, the mysterious skill that appeared that’s said that the effect is unknown and I’m troubled with the treatment, but why do the Elves want them?

「The reason?」
「For us Elves, those who have this skill can’t be welcomed. Having said that, we can’t kill them. Therefore, we decided to keep them till they die.」
「Do you know the effect of the skill?」
「Nothing more than a guess」
「Can you tell me the contents?」
「I may tell you if you promise to hand over the children」

It’s unnecessary to think.

「I refuse」
「No matter what?」
「I can’t do thing that’s good for you Elves. Know that there’s no one who will give harm to the world any further」
「What a cruel remark. We only want to live peacefully」
「Which mouth is that to say such nonsense. How unpleasant. Don’t you mind that I can even execute the moving body in this place?」
「That will be a trouble. Well then, excuse me. If you change your mind, you can come anytime」
「If there’s a time when I will stand before you voluntarily, that time is the time to kill you」
「How scary」

I see off the leaving back figure of Potimas.
You Elves who make the world as your food.
Someday, I will destroy that barrier, and the Elves must be exterminated.

However, the first priority now is the Goddess Religion.
That religion is dangerous.
Because the recited legend is true.
I want to smash it somehow while I’m alive.
That is my mission as the Divine Word Religion Pope.
Even though both the Divine Word Religion and the Goddess Religion worship the same God, it’s a laughable.


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