Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Oni 1

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Oni 1 Sasajima Kyouya

I had the inflexible personality than other people from the old days.
I carry out the things that I thought that it’s right.
Although I have been said that I have pride or I have resolution in a good meaning, I think that I’m irritating when seeing from most people.

At the kindergarten, when the older children were trying to occupy the playground equipment, I fought alone and was trying to protect it.
It’s because they come later and tried to drive us away even though we were playing first.
I resisted desperately, and made an older boy cry.
After all, the fight was settled when the Onee-san who’s the nursery teacher entered to stop us.
Naturally, I was scolded.

Why I who did a right thing got scolded?
I at that time was not able to understand that.
Although I understand it now, the children who played together with me got involved and were hurt because I fought.
There was the child who had cried.

The bad one comes later, and it’s the older children who were going to seize the playground equipment by force.
That’s not wrong.
But, was it right that I fought with the children?
I still don’t have the answer.
However, I think that I understood that the right thing doesn’t necessarily become absolute rightness vaguely at this time.
I at that time only understood it vaguely.

After that, I brandished my rightness wherever possible.
Literally, brandish a fist.
I stopped bullying in the elementary school.
I turned the tables on the extortion in the junior high school.
It’s endless when I give a small example.

I didn’t particularly learn any kind of martial arts.
But, I was invincible and undefeated even though it can’t be imagine from my appearance of a low height.
I was good at moving the body as I imaged it whether I had that kind of talent or not.
Still, I might not be able to defeat an opponent who really learned martial art, I was not defeated by an amateur opponent.
That was not good.

When I graduated from the junior high school, I was isolated from all around.
I even got an unfavorable nickname, 「Imp」
I didn’t intend to do a wrong thing.
But, I think that it was not right consequentially.
Well, it might be unrelated to the rightness when I depended on the fist as the solution in the constitutional state, Japan.

At that very moment, I’m at the puberty climax.
I had a melancholia that what is rightness.
Because I was already isolated in my hometown, I take the test of the high school in a little far place.

Then, I spent my time to not stand out as much as possible.
Fortunately, the Heishin High School where I would go to has a calm school tradition, and there was no excessive thing like bullying, etc.
Although there were people who spoke ill of Negishi-san behind her back like Real Horror Child, the person herself was not harmful directly.
Rather, it might be a problem that some girls cursed Wakaba-san in an ostentatious way.
However, because Wakaba-san herself doesn’t seem to mind it, I was able to endure it.

The people who can be called a friend were made, and I was invited to the thing called online game by the two people.
Although I didn’t know much about the thing called game until then, it was fun to play with friends and I was completely absorbed in it immediately.
The things that I did in the game are the vanguard attack and blacksmith.

I make our weapons with blacksmith, and fight with the weapons that I made.
I made various kinds of weapons and changed the equipment frequently.
Although I was told to unify the weapons by Shun and Kanata who I played together, there was a new discovery to use various weapons, and it was fun.

But, there’s also unforgivable thing on the back of the fun thing after all.
Ill-mannered players.
The bulletin board that my feeling worsens when I see it.
Such evil existed.
It was not possible to be settled with a fist like in the junior high school.

I understand it.
When I become a high school student, I at least know that there’s not only right things in the world.
But still, anger boils.
I vent my anger in the game.
I persuade myself in that way.
Still, something like an unpleasant feeling remains in the depth of my heart.
I’m really inflexible.

Like that, the high school life that I spent without brandishing a fist.
If I knew that it will end quickly, would anything change?
I don’t know.
Either way, I died.
Although I don’t know the cause of my death, I can understand that I died.
Because I’m reborn.

To be honest, I was not able to accept it first.
I knew the reincarnation in the light novel that borrowed from Kanata.
When what I experienced would be the reincarnation in the corner of my head, I understood it while it’s unrealistic.
But, understanding it and consenting it are different.
Moreover, if it’s a reincarnation in a different world where it’s clearly not the Earth, it’s all the more.

Apparently, the world where I was reborn is the so-called fantasy world.
It’s the world where the Goblin appears.
Although I don’t know about the civilization level, it’s probably not so high, isn’t it?
In addition, there seems to be magic.
I witnessed the moment using the magic, and I think that it’s probably genuine magic if it’s not a trick.

The several days of me who was born thought about such a thing vaguely, and spent it.
Speaking frankly, I can’t live on if I didn’t sort the situation like every other people.
In other words, escape from reality.
But, I must accept it soon.

Simple houses can be seen in the surroundings.
It’s a small village, and the structure of the house is plain.
The villager who comes and goes there.
Well, not human though.

The body that’s lower than human.
Green skin.
Pointed ears.
Sharp cuspid.
No matter how I look at it, it’s the Goblin that appears in the game.
Here is the Goblin’s village.

And, I who was born in the Goblin’s village.
If I lower my eyes, green skin.
Ah, un.
I’m also a Goblin.


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  1. Gohankuten says:

    So Kyouya became Rou?

    • John the Gamer says:

      Basically, yes.

      On a side-note:
      I have to say that this novel is getting harder to read every passing chapter. It’s as if the words sentences are no longer being held together by logic, but instead by some spit and duct-tape that the editor grabbed from his shed or something.

      I really wish the writers of web-novels would try to write a better, more coherent story.

      • noxy the reader says:

        To me it seemed like there was more effort put into editing the main chapters, while the side story was so-and-so. Now they seem to be equally rough. I love this series, but just as you say, it’s becoming harder to understand what is happening (who is saying who, what do they mean, etc)

      • RoflCat says:

        Based on some other spoilers thus far, it might be intentional to be ‘off’ at times.

        Because the author seem to love giving ‘fake’ spoiler.

        Not spoiler that’s false or untrue, but rather the immediate connection made is wrong.

        Like how the fist chapter was about Rihoko, but then it switches to Kumoko and thus people assumed Kumoko = Rihoko until that reveal.

        Or using Oka’s assumption that name disappeared = death to make people think Kumoko is one of the 2 unconfirmed people instead of the assumed dead one.

        The thing is though, once you see the full picture it makes sense.

        For example, 205 answered why Gyuri and Kumoko who are Gods are serving as subordinate of Ariel, or why Gyuri helped with the demon human war to begin with.
        (He had to watch over Kumoko or she might explode on a whim, and due to the energy of the star being low he begrudgingly agrees to let Ariel start the human demon war)

  2. Woof says:

    gobuya!!! We need more goblin novels

  3. Kaung says:

    Guess Gyuri is Kuro then, since Kumoko is probably shiro and demon lord is demon lord lol.

  4. Charles says:

    Chapters are rough here and there, but it’s far from incomprehensible.

    I’ve been thinking for a while I might help edit something, maybe I could work on this?

    • Anonymous says:

      I want to ask this as well.
      Was this chapter translated by a machine, or what? The translation was never at a tip-top shape, which is fine, but this chapter is even worse.

      “The people who can be called a friend were made, and I was invited to the thing called online game by the two people.”
      > Called FRIENDS, I was invited to a thing called “an online game” , by these two people.

      Really, guys, do you need editors or something? I’m starting to get cancer from auto-correcting things while reading this thing.

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