Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Character Introduction

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Character introduction

※Spoiler warning
In addition, the explanation may not be right because a lot of personal interpretations are included.

【Elro Great Labyrinth Upper Layer】

Kumo/Spider (Even this, it’s the protagonist)
The variously ‘that’ spider that explanation is not needed. There’s no name yet.

Kumo’s first victim. The grand story of the frog won’t start from here.

A lot. Gross. Scary.

The first boss. Small fry now. Poor thing.


【Elro Great Labyrinth Pit~Lower Layer】

Buzz-buzz. With the special effect to Kumo. Thud!

Earth Dragon Alaba
The first despair. Like an encountering a secret dungeon monster at low level.

Greater Taratect
Spider evolution form. Huge. Strong. Absolutely.

Troublesome guys who come out in large quantities while saying “What!? You wanna fight!? I’ll beat you up!?”.

Huge Monkey
Troublesome guys who come out with the monkeys sometimes while saying “I’m troubled. You have done it in our territory. It’s wrong to do a mischief.”

Earth Dragon Kaguna
The second despair. Raise your level and come again.


【Elro Great Labyrinth Middle Layer】

The muscle-brain. It’s not can win or not, but it’s do it or not. But, pardon me from too strong guys.

Mouth is big. Taste is delicious. *slurp*.

Body is long. Taste is delicious. *slurp*.

Fire Drake
Mid-boss in the middle layer. Because it’s the mid-boss, there were not much highlights. It’s not too delicious. Too bad.

Fire Dragon Rendo.
Last boss in the middle layer. Because it’s the last boss, it’s strong. The Dragon that fought directly for the first time.


【Elro Great Labyrinth wandering】

The middle-aged man of the labyrinth guide (Basgas)
A veteran labyrinth guide. He’s actually quite strong. A cool nice guy.

Captain Knight
A noble son without the succession right. Comparatively desperate because there’s no succession right. But, because he’s a green young man, he’s ignorant about the common sense of the world.

The adventurers who are attacked by the snake
The adventurers who were about to be annihilated by the snake. After they were saved by Kumo, they kept doing propagation.

Earth Dragon Geere
Kaguna of the hardness, Geere of the speed. When they form a duo even the individual is troublesome, the troublesome-ness don’t just doubles.

Arch Taratect
Spider-type monster with the power of the Dragon class. Ridiculously strong. And yet, it sinks by the trap technique. Namu.

Earth Dragon Alaba.
Revenge. As expected, you were strong.

The middle-aged man of the magician (Ronant)
P-Please wait! Please show it more!

Summoner (Buirims)
The summoner who enslaved the Four Gods(lol). The person himself is classified as strong among the Humans, and the Four Gods(lol) should be strong usually, but the opponent was too bad. Even though he returns alive with will-power, he’s demoted to a remote place.



Lady (Seras)
The lady who was attacked by the bandits. Mother of the Vampire child. Pious Goddess believer.

Town Chief
The lady’s husband and father of the Vampire child.

The middle-aged man with bad attitude
The middle-aged man with bad attitude. The fool who sent the assassins if he’s ignored after ordering in an arrogant manner. As for the result, he was assassinated in return.

Queen Taratect
Kumo’s mother. Eaten. Such a mysterious relation.

What’s with these excellent brats. The children who cared for their useless mother gallantly.They were made to work like a carriage horse immediately after they were born. Labor Standards Act, do your work.

The Earth Dragons in the bottom layer
Confine the Demon King at the risk of their lives. Man among men.

Hero (young)
The Hero who was in the battlefield somehow. Although the muffler that was worn around the neck was made from spider’s thread, the person in question doesn’t notice it.

Earth Dragon Trio
The trio of Kaguna, Geere, and Fuito. As a result of raising the level and having come again, they were beaten up. Pitiful.


【Demon King Army】

Demon King (Ariel)
The oldest Divine Beast. Kumo’s ancestor who’s the Origin Taratect. She lives before the system construction. She feels the world crisis, and bestirs herself. Immediately after that, Kumo who should be her kin rebelled, and after many twists and turns, she class change into a pitiful Demon King.

The person in charge of practical business who moves the Demons substantially. The worldly-wise man who’s swung around by the Demon King.

The First Army Commander during the Human-Demon war. A Demon veteran who can be said that it’s not strange even if he becomes the Demon King. It’s said that he was connected to the Elves.

The Second Army Commander during the Human-Demon war. The Succubus of Balto’s childhood friend. She tries to have a connection with the Elves secretly.

The Third Army Commander during the Human-Demon war. A Demon of Giant. The moderate opposition to the war

The Fourth Army Commander during the Human-Demon war. A man with pale face. Calls Sophia as Ojou-sama.

The Fifth Army Commander during the Human-Demon war. The General who’s serious and obstinate. Pledged absolute allegiance to the Demon King.

The Sixth Army Commander during the Human-Demon war. Child-faced magician. Because he’s a Demon that have a long life, he’s older than his appearance.

The Seventh Army Commander during the Human-Demon war. Balto’s younger brother. He has a rude personality unlike his older brother. He doesn’t like the Demon King.

The Eighth Army Commander during the Human-Demon war. It seems that there are various problems.

The Ninth Army Commander during the Human-Demon war. A man of jet-black appearance. The identity is Administrator Gyuriedistodiez.

The Tenth Army Commander during the Human-Demon war. A girl of pure white appearance.


【S series】

The half younger sister of Shun. A genius who’s equal to Shun who’s a reincarnated person. A Brocon of a little Yandere.

Shun and Sue’s exclusive maid. Half Elf magician.

Shun and Sue’s exclusive maid. Act as a knight unlike a woman.

Shun and Sue’s biological father. Although he’s a good person who’s thick in emotion, he’s ordinary as a politician.

Son of the knight. He becomes the same group as Shun in the academy’s extracurricular activity. Pledged allegiance to Shun who’s the prince.

A magic-type teacher who don’t have much motivation. Led Shun and the others in the extracurricular activity.

The half older brother of Shun. The third prince. He cooperated with the Elves secretly.

The half older brother of Shun. The first prince. A man who has high pride. He’s obsessed to become the king.

A veteran labyrinth guide. Basgas’s son.

The labyrinth guide who retired. He returned active to guide Shun and the others. A considerably strong man among the Humans.

Earth Dragon Ekisa
The Earth Dragon that had just finished evolving. Because it had just finished evolving, it was in the upper layer.

Remnants of the Nightmare
The monsters that have the appearance of the white spider. Issue words by Telepathy. They have a strange behavior that if here doesn’t make a move on them, they won’t attack. Very powerful monsters.


【Previous Hero party】

Shun’s older brother born of the same mother. Hero. Although he has average strength as the Hero, he’s kind and had high will.

Julius’s childhood friend. The Hero party’s shield and vice-leader.

The Saint who has been dispatched to follow the Hero by the church.

A former adventurer. He’s the oldest in the Hero party, and contributes to the party by making use of the experience as a former adventurer.

A former thief. He reformed himself, and joined the Hero party. He’s well-informed about the back circumstances.


【Reincarnated People】

Yamada Shunsuke (Shun)
Real name, Shurein Zagan Anareich. The fourth prince. Born as a royalty, and brought up in a blessed environment without inconvenience. But, he inherit the Hero title with his brother, Julius’s death as a start, he’s despised by Yuugo’s scheme.

Ooshima Kanata (Katia)
Real name, Carnatia Seri Anabald. The transsexual reincarnated person who was born as the eldest daughter of the Duke house. Is Shun’s friend from the previous life, and a relation like childhood friend.

Okazaki Kanami (Firimes)
The former teacher who reincarnated into an Elf. Alias Oka-chan. After reincarnating, she makes efforts for the students.

Hasebe Yuika (Yuri)
Although she was an orphan, the rare talent was expected by the church and was protected as the Saint candidate.

Natsume Kengo (Yuugo)
Born as the prince of the empire. Has the cheat ability as a reincarnated person, and hence he becomes arrogant. Rampages to the end.

Hayashi Kouta
Dead (?)

Kogure Naofumi.
Dead (?)

Sakurasaki Issei
Dead (?)

Wakaba Hiiro
Dead (?). A person like her appears before Shun in the fight of Elf Village.

Kudo Sachi.
Chairperson. Protected in the Elf Village. Has dissatisfaction towards it.

Ogiwara Kenichi
The person in charge of cooking protected in the Elf Village. He’s actually a spy who infiltrated.

Tagawa Kunihiko (Kunihiko)
A former adventurer, and was protected in the Elf Village just recently. He and Asaka are childhood friends and they are dating in both the previous life and this world.

Kushitani Asaka (Asaka)
A former adventurer, and was protected in the Elf Village just recently. She and Kunihiko are childhood friends and they are dating in both the previous life and this world.

Sasajima Kyouya
The previous life friend of Shun and Katia. Born as a Goblin. He appears before Shun in the fight of the Elf Village suddenly.

Negishi Akiko (Sophia)
The gloomy girl who was backbite in the previous life as Rihoko. Born as a Vampire in this world. She appears before Shun in the fight of the Elf Village together with Kyouya.


【Other Key Figures】

One of the Administrators in the world. Dragon. Worldly-wise man.

One of the Administrators in the world. Goddess.

Self-proclaimed, the worst Evil God. It seemed that she was in the same classroom as the reincarnated people. She’s the ringleader who cause the reincarnated people to die, and she reincarnated them feeling the responsibility. However, she has the malice worthy of the Evil God.

The Patriarch of the Elves. Various dark stories don’t stop.

The person who settles the church. Hostile to Potimas. Taboo has reached max level.

The previous Hero and Demon King
Both are Dimension Magic users. They modified the Dimension Magic, and set an attack towards D. The aftermath of the attack explodes in the reincarnated people’s classroom, and the story begins to move.


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