Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 205

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205 The Demon King who’s accompanied by God

Now that it’s decided, strike while the iron is hot.
Let’s massacre both the Humans and the Demons.

「Wait. What are you trying to do?」

Don’t stop me, Gyurigyuri!
The paradise is waiting over there!

『Ah, she attempting to exterminate both the Humans and the Demons quickly』
「Do you think that I will allow that?」

Ah, yes.
I’m sorry.
Therefore, could you stop putting out the serious God aura?
That’s severe for me who’s a beginner God.

「Good grief. Ariel, can you really grasp this bridle?」
「Ahaha. I don’t have confidence a little」

The Demon King who puts on a serious look suddenly after laughing.

「To be frank, as for this, I’m honest to myself for good and bad. I will do the things that I want to do. I won’t do the things that I don’t want to do. If it’s the situation that my life is not concerned, I will achieve the things that I want to do by all means」
「Even if it’s extreme, huh? How troublesome」

Could you stop saying it like I’m a calamity?
I can understand the words, you know?

『Although the words can be understood, you’re a strange creature that mutual understanding is impossible』

Isn’t that harsh!?
No no.
Why the Demon King and Gyurigyuri nod strongly there?

「It can’t be helped. I will accompany her too」
「Is it okay?」
「There’s no other way. It’s only me that can stop this kind of people in this star. If she act violently as she pleases in the place that I don’t look, it’s a disaster. Because I don’t even know when she will explode, I can only watch her always」

Therefore, ah, never mind.

「Yossha! I get two Gods as subordinates!」
「I’m not a subordinate. I’m a watchdog」
「Fine, fine. However, May I make Gyurie and Kumo-chan as my subordinates for convenience?」
「I don’t mind」

I nod.

「Osshi. Then, I will explain briefly about the future plans. First, we will go to the Demons area and gather Demons」
「Do you have something that can be relied on?」
「Of course. I often contacted them after I inherit the Demon King title. For the time being, I have talked lightly to the veteran called Agna and the boy called Balto who gather the Demons now. Well, at the moment when I was going to appear in the front stage as the Demon King, someone of somewhere attacked me, so the progress stagnates」

I wonder who did such a troublesome thing.
Really, I wonder who.

「Uwa, a lot of eyes are swimming. I’m feeling bad」

As expected, let’s close my eyes usually.
Let’s do so.

「Returning to the talk, because I have said to prepare the Demons’ armaments when I come out for the time being, when the preparations are done, I guess a war with the Humans」
「Is it a thing to the extent to start a war? On the other day, thanks to this person did it grandly, the number of the dead should be able to be secured, isn’t it?」

Gyurigyuri doesn’t know, huh?
Come to think of it, the Demon King did say such a thing.

「Gyurie, the present MA area energy filling rate is only 3%」

Gyurigyuri opens his eyes wide to the words of the Demon King who has a serious look unusually.

「Even though it accumulates steadily so far and recovered to 71%, it has decreased completely. The cause is probably the previous Hero and Demon King」
「If the timing is seen, it’s like that. But, is it possible? If such a large quantity of energy is consumed, even I who lost the interference right should notice it」
『That’s if the energy is used in this star』
「Indeed. I see」
『Yes, it’s connected to the story of the reincarnated people that I told you. The previous Hero and Demon King remodel the Dimension Magic, calculate me who’s the final person in charge of the system, and set up an attack. The MA area is destroyed, and the energy is used』

Isn’t what you saying now is different from before?
Didn’t you say that the MA area is pierced when they opened the dimension?
When it’s the present way of speaking, it’s as if it’s set that they will do so beforehand.

『In all probability, they consumed the energy aiming at me intentionally. They might know that the system will continue even if I die. If things go well, they might have thought of depriving my authority. But then, their greatest miscalculation is that the System Administrator was this me. Either they thought that they can seriously kill me by such an attack or they didn’t know about me. It’s probably the latter』

This person, she call the attack that used the energy more than half as such an attack.
This seriously is not a joke.

「There’s only one person who will do such a thing」

It seems that the Demon King and Gyurigyuri know the criminal.


A terrible aura rises from Gyurigyuri’s body.

「To what extent must it rots for him to be satisfied!?」
「Moreover, he’s a Ruler. In addition, he has established the authority. If we kill him in the present state, the hole that became empty will accelerate the world collapse. If we assume that he calculated it to that extent and took actions, I have no choice but to admit that his guile works」

The two people of the anger max state.
Oh, scary scary.

「Well, that’s why, an immediate reorganizing is necessary. Fortunately, because it should be replenished to some extent by the matter said a while ago, there’s only a little delay. I will train the Demons by using the delay. And so, we will go to have a flashy decisive battle with the Humans. It’s better to have a lot of sacrifices」

To the Demon King’s freezing smile, Gyurigyuri had a difficult look and fell silence.


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    And they kill living creatures in order to restore some of that essence.
    And somehow Potimas is involved.

    But, how do they plan to actually fix it, instead of putting a bandage?
    Learn all about it, in the next episode of bisoujo god spider.

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