Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Empire Knights vs Ogre

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Empire knights vs Ogre

Ah, I don’t feel motivated.
After all, why must I do something like an Ogre extermination?
Does it means that an Ogre extermination is suitable for the trash who can’t even train the Hero satisfactorily that’s given by that person?
I’m angry only by remembering it.
Those mad men of the Divine Word Religion.
Even though I said that I will raise him into the strongest Hero, they took him forcibly!

The empire is also the same.
Why is the empire obeying the Divine Word Religion easily?
It should be more like a large country to correspond resolutely.
Well, the Sword Emperor of this generation is an ordinary man only with the name.
Therefore, he dreamed of the his born child’s future .

From what I heard, the prince who was born several years ago seems to be said as an inborn genius.
That means that even if he’s an ordinary man, the blood of the king flows in the Sword Emperor.
It’s unrelated to me who was sent to a remote region though.

And, the destination was the border of the Demons territory, the Dazaro fort.
Judging from my past achievements and ability, I guessed that it would be a little looser correspondence.
As expected, the story that I protected the Hero is a little unreasonable, huh?
Did the doubted Divine Word Religion withdraw from there?

「Ronant-dono! It has come into view! That’s the forest where the Ogre haunts!」

My motivation that had fallen by the knight who shouts passionately next to me, falls even more.

「Even if you don’t shout, I can see it」
「Is it so!?」

His voice is uselessly loud.
I will have an earache.

The owner of this voice is the empire knight, Nyodoz.
He’s uselessly fired up, uselessly noisy, and uselessly strong.
An oddball full of uselessness.
Although his age is close to me, we don’t have much interaction up until now because our action differs. And, because I was transferred to the remote region, we are together like this.

Nyodoz is a rising knight who’s a commoner, and he has been in this remote region all the time.
I was basically at the center of the empire, and it was about several years to meet him, but because of this useless presence, I remember his face well that the faces of the people who I meet often. He’s a guy who made me use my memory uselessly.

「If Ronant-dono’s magic and my sword technique unite, it’s exactly invincible! There’s no way we will be defeated by the brutal Ogre! Now, move!」

He raise his sword high uselessly, and tries to charge uselessly.
Good grief, don’t spend the useless time.

「Wait. I heard that the Ogre that exists on this area is a unique kind. If you charge without a plan, the loss of the soldiers will increase」
「Mm mm! It’s as Ronant-dono says! I of all people have forgotten!」

It’s not that you forgotten, but you’re not thinking of anything from the beginning.

「And so, Apprentice No.2. You have heard about the information on the Ogre properly, right?」
「Yes. I mean, Teacher. May I inquire why was I the only one who hear about it for approximately one hour even though we went to the guild together?」

I don’t want to waste time on Apprentice No.2.
If I have the time to hear the information of the Ogre, I want to put efforts to approach the essence of magic even if it’s a little.

「Um, although Teacher and the others didn’t hear it, this Ogre somehow possesses multiple special skills, and it seems to be intelligent. The effect of the special skill that’s confirmed is the sudden complete recovery. I heard that it doesn’t only recovers the wounds, but it also recovers the magical power and vitality. The next is the temporary explosive-like status rise. I heard that the continuation time is short, but it seems to use it together with the complete recovery, so it’s troublesome. And, the last one is important. It’s considered that it has the skill that can create Magic Sword」
「Magic Sword!?」
「I never heard of such a skill」
「This is also the first time that I heard of it. It’s an unconfirmed information that doesn’t leave the level of speculation. But, it seems that it’s confirmed that it possessed multiple Magic Swords」
「For an Ogre to possess Magic Sword! This shall be a match with my beloved sword!」
「Don’t hold such a strange sense of rivalry. Do you know the ability of the Ogre’s Magic Swords?」
「The ones confirmed are Thunder Magic Sword, Fire Magic Sword, and it seems that there’s a exploding Magic Sword that’s buried in the ground」
「Buried in the ground?」
「I heard that it’s buried in the ground and when it’s stepped, it seems to explode. Most of the adventurers were killed by this」

Is there a fool who used the Magic Sword like that before?
The Magic Sword is hard to produce, so it’s rare.
To make that explode, huh?
If it’s one adventurer per sword to the paid cost, it’s rather not profitable.
And yet, it executes it calmly.
I judge this to be interesting.

「Now, I’m interested in it」

I’m feeling motivated.

「It seems that when the burden exceeds a certain level, the Magic Sword buried in the ground will explode. It’s the information that the adventurers acquired desperately」
「It’s reliable to hit the ground hard with the magic of the wind, huh?」
「Isn’t it possible with Teacher’s ridiculous magical power?」
「Nonsense. It’s only that much, so you do it」
「Eeeh!? Me!?」

This young girl is the youngest daughter of a low class noble, and although she has the talent, she didn’t have anywhere to go because of her laziness and speech. So, I picked her up.
Although it’s me who did accomplish that person’s words to raise the Hero, at least, I thought that I should try and experience raising people by taking them as apprentices.
As a result, I learned a lot of things.

It was difficult to teach people and lead them more than I thought.
After all, I’m the man who was called as the genius.
Although I understood it when I try to teach, my apprentices can’t understand a lot of things that I always say casually.
I can’t understand why they can’t understand.
There’s a lot of such things, and while searching for the reason why it can’t be understood, I reached a different opinion.
Because of that, I made myself to learn while teaching the apprentices.
That person must had foresee this and told me to raise the Hero.
As expected.

「Impossible! Impossible, impossible!」
「Girl! It’s not good to decide that it’s impossible before doing it! In that case, the things that can be done will become impossible to be done!」
「Just try and do it. Don’t worry, even if you fail, it will only end with me bursts out laughing」
「Teacher, you’re the worst!」
「You’re wrong, it’s “the best”」

Well then, there are 100 empire knights led by me and Nyodoz.
How will the Ogre fight?
It’s an attraction.

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