Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Adventurers vs Ogre

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Adventurers vs Ogre

[Subjugation Quest: Ogre, Unique Individual]
[An Ogre appeared in the forest. It’s an unique individual that has high combat ability unlike the normal Ogre species. The advance party is mostly annihilated. From the survivor’s information, it can be guessed that the Ogre has several special abilities. Estimated danger degree is B~]

A crowd looks at the request put up on the guild’s quest board.
They are the high rank adventurers who went for other quest or they didn’t participate in the subjugation because they are resting when the Ogre in question appeared.

Their purpose is only one that’s to receive the subjugation quest of the unique Ogre individual.
The revenge for their killed comrades of the same guild, the foothold to raise the rank, the money reward, and the experience points when subjugating it.
Although the reason varied, everyone aimed at the Ogre similarly.

However, the opponent is an unique individual with little information.
Moreover, the danger degree that can beat multiple adventurer parties higher than C rank completely.
The danger degree B~ means that the lowest is B and the highest is still unknown.
Therefore, the Guild Master decided to go with the strategy of gathering a lot of adventurers and subjugate it with the violence of number.
The ones who have gathered in the guild were the adventurers who have the intention to participate in the subjugation.

「Everyone, thank you for gathering here!」

The Guild Master greets in front of the gathered adventurers.

「As we know, the opponent this time is a unique individual of the Ogre! It’s considered that its status is higher than normal Ogre, and it also has unknown skills. Including that, it exceeds the normal species!」

The usually rude adventurers listens to the Guild Master’s words silently.

「There are three features that are worth mentioning!」

That was the information that the very few survived adventurers of the advance party brought back.

「First is an abnormal recovery ability! A strange recovery is done that can’t be explained with the existing skills! When you think that its body emitted light suddenly, at the next moment, the wounds seemed to disappear without leaving any trace! Moreover, it’s said that the even MP and SP is recovered! Although there was the party that cornered the Ogre, they were all killed because of this recovery!」

The adventurers begin to be noisy to the Guild Master’s words.
Among that, there was the figure of a young man biting his lips.
The hopeful young man who’s called Rukusso.
He was the survivor of the advance party.
And, in order to revenge for his comrades who were sacrificed to let him get run away, he participated in the subjugation quest to heal the wound.

「The second! The rapid rise in combat ability! Although it’s similar to the Fighting Spirit, it’s clearly different! Although the activation time is short, its status skyrockets when this is activated! Because there’s no change in appearance, deal with it by intuition!」

Although it’s a very careless correspondence, that’s also the adventurer’s fight.
Adaption to the circumstances.
That’s the basic for the adventurers, and it’s also the secrets.

「The third! The Ogre possesses the Magic Sword! Moreover, it’s two!」

The noise bigger than just now happens.
The Magic Sword with special power is a rare goods that has very few in numbers.
The Ogre has it.
The weapons that the normal Ogre uses are only tree pole and stone axe.
It was abnormal.


The noisy adventurers become silent all at once by one roar of the Guild Master.

「Guild Master. I have one question」

Among that, one man raises his hand.
The A rank adventurer, Goto.

「After subjugating the Ogre, what happens to the ownership of the Magic Swords?」

The glances focused on the Guild Master.
In those glances, there’s the desire that can’t be concealed.
It’s a kind of admiration for the adventurer to have a Magic Sword, and at the same time, it becomes pure status.

「It will be given to two people who have the greatest achievement」

A shout of joy rises.
The adventurers’ motivation rises at a dash.

「Then, depart!」

The morale is high, the experience is also high, and the number is many.
Therefore, they don’t think that they will lose.



「Oi, I never heard of this」

Goto wiped his cold sweat in the scream that breaks out in the surroundings.
The confused adventurer runs through Goto’s side, and the lower half of the body vanished.
The ground where there should have been nothing there exploded suddenly.
The adventurers are knocked down by the vortex of confusion in a blink of an eye and the number is reduced one after another by the mysterious blast attack.
It’s not even known that where the attack comes from.
Even if they run about trying to escape, they don’t know where to run away.
However, they are blown up after they ran around.
Such a picture of Hell was developed.

If there’s a reincarnated person in this place, it might be known that this is the scenery of the minefield.
The adventurers intend to run away from the mysterious attack, but in reality, they are stepping the land mine by themselves.

The mechanism is simple.
By the Illusion Weapon Creation, it’s only create the Magic Sword with the self-destruction effect and the whole flame attribute, and bury it in the ground.
The self-destruction effect is just as the name.
The attack that can bring forth a bigger destructive power than normal by exploding the energy that dwells in the Magic Sword all at once.
But on the other hand, the Magic Sword loses all the durability values if it’s used once, and breaks.

The attack from a long distance comes flying this time to the adventurers who are moving about in confusion.
The adventurer who received the direct hit has a big hole opened on the body and was blown off.
The state like even a cannonball hit directly.
However, it was a sword that came flying.

The sword that specialized in durability is put in a cylindrical container, and flies it by using the explosion of the self-destructing Magic Sword.
It was an impromptu cannon.

The land mines from the bottom and the bombardment from a distance attack the adventurers without mercy.

Goto confirms the situation, and turns back.
Goto perceived that the exploding attack didn’t happen at the back with his observing eyes.
If he retreats, the explosion attack won’t come.
Goto ran away.
It’s natural.
Because there’s no way to win.

The land mines from the bottom, and the bombardment from a distance. Then, where’s the main body?
Goto has seen the answer.
By the Clairvoyance skill.
There was the figure of the Ogre throwing away the freshly severed head of Negg who has deep friendship with Goto and also an A rank adventurer roughly.

As far as Goto remembers in Negg’s story, it’s said that the Ogre’s height is similar to the human, and it becomes bigger whenever it evolves.
The height of the Ogre that Goto saw with Clairvoyance was on size bigger than the human.
It evolves, and it has the ability to easily crush an A rank adventurer.
On top of that, the unknown skill that creates this Hell.

On this day, Goto survived, and most of the other adventurers were trampled.


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