Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Old Man×2 vs Ogre

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The author seems to change Nyodoz to Nyudoz midway of this chapter. Might be the author’s mistake. I have no idea which one is the real one. In fact, Nyudoz is used more than Nyodoz. So, I left it as how the author wrote.

Old man×2 vs Ogre

Author note:
I will show you more and more.

I changed the Apprentice No.1 to Apprentice No.2.
No.1 is Julius in the old man.

「According to the plan, I leave it to you, Apprentice No.2」
「Seriously, I’m the one doing it? Ah, I don’t know even if I fail, okay!?」

Apprentice No.2 begins to construct magic.
Ah, that construction is the one I taught the other day.
Ah, she keeps the thickness again in the useless place and loses it.
It’s not like that.

After taking time, Apprentice No.2 completes the magic.
A mass of air struck the ground from the sky.
Storm Magic 「Sky Fall」.
It’s originally not the magic that demands for killing power, but it’s something that stops the large enemy army. It’s a wide range magic that can crush the opponent to death if the power is raised.

The magic explodes the Magic Swords buried in the ground according to the plan.
I mean, how many of it’s buried?
The ground over there is blown off wholly.
If we charge without a plan, we would have been annihilated.

「I can’t anymore….」

Apprentice No.2 falls down by the exhaustion of magical power.
Well, I guess she did well.

「Now is the chance! Whole army, charge!」

The knights charge by Nyodoz’s command.

Something is flying here.
That’s a sword?
If I see it, many swords fly and stab the ground.

「It will explode! Don’t approach!」

Although Nyodoz rouses attention, I don’t think that it’s the exploding Magic Sword.
The distance with the knights is too much.
The ground where thrown swords stabbed is more far to the side from the knights
All the swords are thrown like to make sure the knights avoid it.
Even if it explodes, there’s a distance, so there should not be much damage.
This is an attack with some different aim.
What on earth is the aim?

The swords come flying again as if answering my question.
This time, it aims at the center of the knights.

Immediately after that, a purple lightning sparked.

The thunder that spreads in all directions infringes on the knights.
Furthermore, the sword comes flying one after another like attacking a routed enemy, and the thunder roars every time.

「Oh ho! Look! Isn’t it magnificent!?」

I shout in excitement.
This is not merely exploding the Thunder Magic Swords.
The first Magic Sword that stabbed on the ground absorbs the thunder.

The Magic Swords arranged to surround the knights.
That Magic Sword probably has the ability to absorb and collect the thunder.
The thunder that normally only have an effect on a very small scale range is drawn to the Magic Sword and spreads.
Just infringe in the range of the Magic Sword.
Did it foresee this and arrange the Magic Swords?
This guy is good.

「That Magic Sword to have such ability! Splendid! Splendid! Hahaha!」
「T-Teacher, this..is..not..a..laughing..matter」
「That’s right! Those who can move! Do something about the Magic Swords stabbed on the ground!」

Ah, stop!

The voice of my heart is in vain, and the knight pulls up a sword.
Immediately after that, the Magic Sword sparks, and the thunder burnt down the knight’s body.

「There’s no way that the guy who made such an complicated trap didn’t prepare the countermeasures when the sword is pulled up」

A new sword stabbed on the nearby ground where the knight fell.

「Although it’s indeed interesting, at this rate, we will be annihilated. It can’t be helped. I guess I will put out some motivation」

Although I’m amazed at the Ogre’s ability and this operation method, at this rate, we will be killed.
Although it’s regrettable, I will be a little serious.

「Thus, go, Nyudoz」
「Mm mm!?」

I confirm the position of the Ogre with Thousand Miles Eye.
Transfer magic activate.
Nyudoz appears in front of the Ogre.

The Ogre who opened its eyes wide in surprise.
It seems that Nyudoz is also surprised, but should I say as expected? He recovers himself uselessly fast.
Nyudoz’s sword approaches the Ogre, and the Ogre stops it with the Magic Sword placed in the waist.
The rivalry and both retreat at the same time like being repelled.
And, the sword fight between Nyudoz and the Ogre began.

Although it’s impossible to appraise without naked eye, as far as I see, it’s approximately equal to Nyudoz.
Nyudoz is called as the Sword Saint with that.
Among the Humans, it’s correct that he’s the swordsman of the highest level, but he’s equal to it.
With my judgment, Nyudoz is higher in the ability of the sword.
If it’s in pure brute strength, the Ogre is higher.

However, I’m interested in the sudden power-up that’s in the report.
If Nyudoz is killed, it can be seriously a defeat.
Although the noble Nyudoz might dislikes it uselessly, let me assist him here.

Because the Ogre uses the fire and thunder attributes, it can be expected that it won’t work easily.
Then, the other attribute that excels in long distance is the light, huh?

I construct magic.
I shoot.
The advantage of the magic of the light is that the launch and the impact is almost simultaneous, and it’s easy to aim at the sniped place.
Thanks to that, Nyudoz who moves around intensely avoided it, and made only the Ogre hit the magic directly.
The magic of the light shoots through the foot of the Ogre as aimed.

「As usual, it’s not a human power」

Apprentice No.2 mutters, but I will be troubled in the future when you can’t do this much.

The Ogre received the direct hit of the magic, and its movement becomes dull.
Nyudoz doesn’t overlook the chance, and slashes at it resolutely.

The Ogre swung the sword held in the right hand, and flame gushed out from the point of the sword.
However, the raging flame doesn’t reach Nyudoz.

The sword that Nyudoz had is also a Magic Sword that was loaded with the magic of the wind.
The raging wind blocks the invasion of the flame, and disperses it.
Nyudoz crosses the flame just like that and slashes at the Ogre.
The Ogre stops the sword with the Magic Sword held in the left hand.
The thunder surges from the Magic Sword of the left hand.

Nyudoz’s body blows off.
However, he won’t die with this much.

My magic hits directly again to the Ogre who showed a chance for an instant after pushing Nyudoz aside.
This time, it’s the magic loaded with more power than a while ago.
The Ogre who has its head shot through.
Even if it’s this guy, it won’t be alive if the head is harmed.
The Ogre that inclines the body.
It throws the sword held in the hand while falling down.
Although it’s the last vain struggle, the Thunder Magic Sword hits the approaching knight’s body and takes the life.

What an unlucky knight.
However, with this, it’s the end.
But, the Ogre emits light for an instant immediate after that, and stands up.
The wound that I had shot through on the head disappeared.

Although I heard that it has the ability of complete recovery, it even recovers fatal wounds!?
This is bad.
With this, it’s like fighting against an immortal monster.
If the recovery can make it in time even when the head is shot through, that means that in order to defeat it, we must destroy it into small fragments without the time to reproduce the body.

When I began to put the outlook that I will finally lose, the Ogre turned back and ran away.
The speed is something to be amazed, and it seemed that it used the power-up ability to run away.
Why did it run away even though it recovered?
Does it means that the recovery requires some kind of condition, and it can’t be used easily?
I don’t know.
I don’t know, but I might have a narrow escape from death.


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