Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Elf Village Battle 11

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Elf Village Battle ⑪


Kyouya who appeared suddenly.
And, Negishi Akiko named Sophia.
Why these two people are together?
The two of them should not have an interaction particularly in the previous life.
Then, the two of them meet somewhere in the present world, and acted together.

「I am Sophia. I threw away my old name」
「It will be found out someday anyway, so isn’t it better to not be pretentious?」
「Don’t give me directions」

Former Negishi, Sophia who glares at Kyouya.
Certainly, the impression is very different in Negishi of the previous life and the present Sophia.
The previous existence that was taciturn, always looked downward, and brought on a eerie atmosphere.
The present that has an arrogant tone, faces the front properly, and has Haki.
Perhaps, if it’s not said by Kyouya, I wouldn’t know that it’s the same person.
There was no look called Rihoko in the shadow in the previous life at all.


Magic is shot towards Kyouya and Sophia.
It’s the Elves’ magic.
Both Kyouya and Sophia prevent it easily.


The man who seems to be the captain of the Elves shouts.
In response to it, the surrounding Elves start attacking all at once.

「Please wait!」

My voice doesn’t reach.
Although I wanted to say that they are not the enemy, Kyouya has declared that he came to destroy the Elves clearly.
Seeing from the Elves, he was a clear enemy.


Sophia swings her arm.
The Elves’ attacks are cleared away, and a red liquid is scattered from the arm in the surroundings.
The liquid wriggles as if it has a will, and attacks the Elves at high speed.
When I thought to stop her, it was too late, and the Elves who touched the liquid begin to melt while giving off a stench.


When I turn around to the voice, I catch sight of Hyrinth-san caught the red liquid with the shield.
The red liquid clung to Hyrinth-san’s shield, and seemed to try to cover the shield completely.
Anna and Sensei are over there.

「Stop it!」

I swing the sword at once towards Sophia.
Kyouya stopped it.

「How light. Do you seriously think that you can cut someone with such a sharp sword?」

I’m sent flying by Kyouya lightly.
It was the evidence that his offensive ability status greatly exceeds me clearly.

「Sophia. Isn’t the one who fall at the back Sensei?」
「Oh? Is it?」
「Then, it can’t be helped. I will stop it」

When Sophia snaps her finger, the red liquid withdraws from Hyrinth-san’s shield quickly.
And, the liquid scattered in the surroundings coils around Sophia’s arm, and it disappeared as if it’s being absorbed into the body.

I have neither heard nor saw such a skill before.
What is it?

「Leaving aside Sensei, how about the Half Elf there?」
「I don’t know」
「Then, there’s no problem even if I kill her」

I have wariness towards Sophia who says a dangerous thing.
I hold the sword.

「Ah, Shun has got angry. What are you going to do with it?」
「Are you saying it’s my fault? I won’t do anything. If he’s hostile, I will just smash him up to the extent that he won’t die」
「He’s more or less my friend, you know?」
「Then, try persuade him. I don’t care either」

Aside from Kyouya, Sophia is dangerous.
This composure in addition to the unknown ability.
I should think that she has a considerable strength.
In addition, my “Appraisal” didn’t work in both Kyouya and Sophia.

『Appraisal was obstructed』

I have seen the message only once.
When I used “Appraisal” on Sensei for the first time.
Sensei said that it was the Ruler authority.
In other words, it means that the two people in front are Rulers.

Because I was cautious of Sophia, I was not able to mind the surrounding state.
By a short shout, I knew that the situation changed.

At the point that I turned around, innumerable Elves attacked Hyrinth-san.
All of them are the Elves who were half melted that were defeated by Sophia some time ago.


Sophia leaks a voice.
It’s this person’s ability!?
Although Hyrinth-san wards off the swarming Elves with the shield and slashes with the sword, the effect is small.

A sword is swung down to me who was going to support him in a hurry.
Ahead of the stopped sword is the figure of Yuugo who lost the head.

Zombie:The existence like a golem that moves by the ability to manipulate corpse of living thing. As long as the body is not destroyed completely, it will continue to move』

When I appraised him, the status is not displayed and only the explanation is displayed.
Zombie, the identity of the thing that attacks us now.
It seems to be meaningless even if we smash the head because the headless Yuugo is moving calmly.
In order to stop the movement, it seems that we have to destroy the body completely.
What a troublesome ability.

I blow off the zombie of Yuugo with magic.
Katia burnt down the whole zombie of the Elves with flame on the side too.

I try to go to support Hyrinth-san.


An arrow pierced Anna’s chest deeply who treated Sensei.
The arrow that the Elf zombie shot, pierced Anna’s heart.

Anna who’s HP decreases very fast.
It’s dangerous if treatment is not given at once.
But, the Elf zombies stand in my way.
Hyrinth-san and Katia can’t move because they are obstructed by the swarming Elves.

「Get out of my way!」

I cut them down, and reach Anna.
At the same time, the fallen Anna’s HP becomes 0.

I activate the “Kindness” skill without hesitation.
I won’t let Anna become a zombie.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Taboo LV9』 has become 『Taboo LV10』》
《Conditions met. Activating the effect of Taboo. Installing》

Something flows into me who succeeded in Anna’s resurrection.


My head hurts.
My head seems to break by the excessive headache.
But, when I writhe, those flowed into my head without mercy.

Katia burns down the Elf zombies, and runs up to me.
Hyrinth-san holds the shield to protect us.

Although Kyouya and Sophia seem to talk about something, I can’t understand what is it because it’s impossible with the headache.

「Shun! Hold on!」

Katia gives me “Treatment Magic”.
But, it’s useless.
This is not a pain that can be relieved with treatment.

《Installation completed》

At the same time as the Divine Word’s message, someone transfers.
The person who transferred beside Kyouya and Sophia.
I know that person.

It was a white girl.
There’s no way I will forget it.
Julius-niisama’s last opponent who Hyrinth-san showed to me.

But, why didn’t I notice at that time?
No, I can agree if I see the figure.
Although it’s hard to understand, the power of the recognition obstruction is applied in that person’s surroundings.
Such magic that makes people to only have the impression of white.

I didn’t understand it to that extent in the image shown by Hyrinth-san.
But, when I actually saw the real thing, I broke through the magic of the recognition obstruction and the identity rose clearly.


That was none other than the reincarnated person who should have died, Wakaba Hiiro.
And, my consciousness was reaped by the headache, and I sank into the deep abyss.


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  1. Tyizor says:

    *silently waits for reactions

    o,o)/ I already guessed it since I read some theories about it (they were pretty convincing too)

    Now we suffer as the reveal for Taboo is delayed for ages.

  2. Gohankuten says:

    Which side story had it where they gave the descriptions of the ones that were supposedly confirmed dead? Can’t remember what exactly was described for Wakaba Hiiro who I am thinking is Kumoko.

  3. Gohankuten says:

    So since it seems likely that Kumoko is Wakaba Hiiro I went back to find the side story where the descriptions of the ones that were supposedly confirmed dead and laughed at what Kumoko was lol.

    「Next is Wakaba-san」
    「Eh? That whole school bishoujo?」
    「It’s a world loss」
    「Right. Even though she’s taciturn and expressionless, her presence is amazing」
    「She was the idol of our school after all. The point is also high that she was nonathletic unexpectedly」

    So our mahou shoujo kumoko was the school idol bishoujo lol.

    • Gohankuten says:

      Was in SS22 if people wanna find it.

    • HapUgMata says:

      i don’t think wakaba is kumoko…kumoko was a shut-in in previous life you know???and i don’t think sophia’s master(let’s just say 99% sure is kumoko and 1% for some insane plot twist) is just a measly demon king’s direct underling when she herself is also one…

      • RoflCat says:

        >「Right. Even though she’s taciturn and expressionless, her presence is amazing」

        Taciturn = hardly speak, the quiet type.

        So it’s just that she had natural beauty and people adored her.
        She herself probably didn’t want that attention.
        Alternatively, the other students formed a sort of ‘she’s everyone’s idol, nobody make a move on her’ pact and just enjoys the sight of her from the shadow so she herself never knew of her popularity.

        • Aethersprite says:

          “Well, in my previous life, I had a body that won’t gain weight no matter how many I eat so I had never tried dieting before…

          “Though I went to school normally, I lived my life mostly like a shut-in. Spending my time in school without talking to anyone and when I return home, I did nothing besides surfing the internet or playing games…

          “To put things bluntly, it was like a total stranger living in the same house. Probably because of that, it was troublesome to communicate with another person. Well, rather than life, it’s probably my own personality that I had since I was born. Therefore, I don’t even have any friends and I hardly talk even in the game’s chat.”

          So, a drop-dead gorgeous, silent beauty, and completely oblivious to being admired throughout the school. I can believe it. XD Also, this means her social position was identical in the game and in the real world, a mysterious silent type that everyone admires. The mysterious presence of a bishoujo brings fame even with an old-man game avatar?

          • Gohankuten says:

            Don’t forget to add in 「She was the idol of our school after all. The point is also high that she was nonathletic unexpectedly」which shows her lazy personality via the nonathletic comment.

          • Anonymous says:

            Wakabe Hiiro is Kumoko?
            So why is she called Kumoko?

            Did I miss something?

    • RoflCat says:

      Maou Bishoujo Kumoko \’w ‘/

      Me and a friend sorta came to that conclusion after speculating that the people who’s ‘dead’ (name disappears) might actually not be ‘dead’.

      In case of Kumoko, who ‘died’ as 2-3 years baby, it coincides with the time she reaches Admin status.

      After that just looking at the 4 names mentioned and she was the only one that fits.

      Interestingly Kyouya and Akiko are not in the 4 names mentioned, so they might be the 2 unconfirmed people.

  4. Aethersprite says:

    So, this whole time, “Rihoko” was the vampire child, and Kumoko was actually the school idol? Color me surprised!

  5. Jorc says:

    I was assuming that Wakaba was D. Back to the drawing board

  6. Explorerbean says:

    Just read all of it up to this point. Thank you for your hard work!

  7. waah~ and here i thought rihoko was Kumoto, a misconception it was.
    What a pleasant surprise! Also, I thought D was Kyouya. Now it seems he’s one of the 4, or 3 is it now (Hayashi Kouta, Kogure Naofumi, Sakurasaki Issei).

  8. Gunther says:

    So white is Wakaba Hiiro. Then who’s the Maou? A copy of Wakaba Hiiro? Or the original?

  9. The DCG says:

    Le shock! I was totally convinced Rihoko was Kumoko! Like a few others here! Wow, so cool!

  10. RSR123 says:

    wasn’t the MC’s name Kumoko? I’m so confused right now

  11. Node says:

    … Wakaba Hiiro, was that her real name? What about Kumoko, a nickname?

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